What Is The Nintendo Zii? [Update]

By Spencer . December 14, 2009 . 10:20pm

image No, that’s not a typo. Nintendo filed a trademark for “Zii” in Japan for use with video games and other electronic devices.


Paperwork for the trademark went through on October 30, 2009 and just released in the Japanese trademark database today. Seems kind of late to protect Wii typos since the console is three years old…


Perhaps, a new Wii on the works?


Update: Wait, maybe it is a protective trademark. Nintendo registered the rights to “Zii”, Cii, Bii, and Yii back in 2007. Creative Labs is also working on a Zii of their own, a handheld stem computer running Android. Interestingly, Creative also trademarked the term Zii, but since it’s ZII and not Zii, it’s different even though the katakana is the same.





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  • Mazen

    A zelda console!! my god that would be my dream console.

  • Mazen

    Spencer Do you mean October 30, 2009?

  • kylehyde

    So michael pachter was right in something?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_XfUxXDldYMy goodness this could be the end of the world

    Talking seriously, even that the 2009 was not so good for the Wii, the 2010 looks really good for it, for that reason I think that is very soon for release another console, so i’ll bet for a new peripheral

    • Was 2009 bad for the Wii? I sure played/bought a ton of great games for it. Sure I waited for Madworld and HOTD to hit 20$ but you get the idea… don’t forget diamonds in the rough like Cursed Mountain and Excite Bots.

      • kylehyde

        I didn’t meant to say that was bad for the Wii, What I was trying to say is that the 2009 was not so good compared with the 2008 wich was really GOOD, but is true there was some great games released this year for the Wii.

      • And I was getting made fun of for buying those games. Very nice games indeed!

    • I think 2009 was a step-up in terms of third-party support, sort of. Plus, we did get Punch-out.

    • I think this was one of the best years for wii, personally. I mean, my game of the year is a wii game: “A Boy and His Blob”.

  • Doesn’t Creative already own the rights to the name Zii?


    • malek86

      Maybe not in Japan?

      • Wasn’t the whole point of the Wii name to be universal and easy to say in every language?

        It’d be silly for them to drop that and have a new console with a different name everywhere.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      Creative Zii.

  • Kuza21


  • Maybe its “Zii” like “See” – what do you think?

    • I like this idea.

      I doubt it’d be a new console, or new edition of the Wii. Going with a different name for a slightly different version would be confusing. And if it were a new console, it’d have a whole new name.

  • windyoshi


    Maxconsole posted the Wii 2 rumor on October 28th, 2009 – two days before the paperwork for the patent of “Zii” went through according to Siliconcera.

    • LOL @ Maxconsole

      Zii just sounds zilly, like a bad Chinese clone.

      But if Nintendo are gonna have a BD ROM drive and 1080p output, they might as well just start publishing for the PS3. What’s the point anymore???

      • Actually, Nintendo could one-up the PS3, which has a first-generation BD drive. Nintendo could utilize the existing technology to offer a faster, more efficient drive with the added benefit of extra capacity. There’s no reason to make games for PS3 when Nintendo can just adopt the existing technology and make their own console, if they so wish.

        Personally, I don’t care for BD or 1080p, but the technology has some good aspects, such as a lower spin speed than DVD drives, more durable discs and more capacity without a layer change (compared to DVD which has 4.5 GB per layer). A BD drive in 2010 could easily be 4 times faster than the PS3 drive without a marked increase in noise or sensitivity.

  • mriutscsheellll

    I hope this doesn’t take over the Wii too soon. With Metroid Other M, Zelda Wii, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 coming out soon, it would suck if they were all moved to the “Zii”. Although, this “Zii” probably isn’t coming out soon. Maybe they will show it a E3.

  • Soma

    Like Gerhard said, I think this may be related to like a Wii “see” peripheral (possibly a camera?).

    However, I hope it’s something Zelda related like Mazen mentioned. =3

  • if this IS the name of the next console, they already screwed it up

    • Avojavo

      Hey, people thought the “Wii” was a pretty terrible name. Although I do think that “Zii” is just pushing that front a little too far.

      While I’m at it, DSi XL makes me unhappy. XL is for t-shirts; LL is for kirby.

  • scottx3e245

    They are just trying to preserve their product against this: http://www.zii.com

  • jvdamdshdt

    If they made a new console it would be the right time but I have no hope that it would be even close to what PS3 and XBOX 360 currently provides for gamers, Nintendo would most likely try keep the price down if they actually made it.

  • n64dude

    Could be a name of the Human Form of the Master Sword, or the name of the next Zelda. “The Legend of Zelda: Ziis Awakining”? Haha

  • Saturnus

    If they registered a bunch of other rights to (letter)-ii names, it’s probably so no companies can create a game console which has a similar name. It’d be like a company coming out with the YBOX.

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