Mistwalker’s New Game To Be Announced Around Springtime

By Spencer . December 20, 2009 . 2:00am

image Hironobu Sakaguchi blogged, he won’t be able to discuss the game he’s working on before the year ends. He thought he could, but he can’t and apologized for the delay.


Sakaguchi says he should be able to talk about his new work around spring next year.


Last year, right around the same time, Sakaguchi said his new project was half way through a large scale project that he was putting 120% of his emotions into.

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  • badmoogle

    I’m curious whether it’s going to be multiplatform or not.

    • MadMirko

      360 / DS would be an odd combination, but stranger things have happened. :)

      • Peggle is DS/360/PS3. :P

        • MadMirko


          So Peggle was secretly developed by Mistwalker?!?!!!!!!!!!11eleven?

          Mistwalker finally redeemed! MEGATON


          • Weeeeeell…Square Enix and PopCap…and Sakaguchi being all ex-Square and…


            But no, seriously, I’m curious about this, too. I’d fully expect it to be multiplatform unless Mistwalker remain hellbent on making bad decisions for themselves. :/

          • MadMirko

            Hm, while reading through his blog, the only clue could be this:

            I can’t reveal the platform, release date or the content of the game itself, but I’m putting my full strength into this project; including 120% of my emotions.


            The control system will have a special mechanism, while overall game will have a blend of RPG-style strategy and character growth. Interesting reaction will occur corresponding to surroundings and circumstances.

            For some reason I immediately thought of Natal. He has proven that he is not afraid of progressive control methods and game mechanics, so at the very least I expect something interesting.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Hopefully it isn’t another Blue Dragon…

  • uir

    Mistwalker is a division of Microsoft that Hironobu Sakaguchi founded. So I doubt whatever is being made will be multiplatform for consoles.

    • badmoogle

      No they aren’t.Mistwalker is an independent studio that happened to have a contract with MS.
      Now that they’ve finished the deal with MS i would be very surprised if they enter in another exclusive deal.Especially since the JRPG install base on the PS3 is already increased dramatically after the exclusive release of FFXIII in Japan.

  • Kaoro

    I really hope it’s not a handheld game :-/, although I can’t imagine it being anything else. I want another Lost Odyssey, perhaps with a more exciting combat system!

    If it must be a handheld game, I hope it isn’t another Blue Dragon game…

    • Aoshi00

      I’m hoping it’s a console game and not handheld either. The only DS game from Mistwalker I liked was ASH, didn’t care about the Blue Dragon spinoffs (unless they give us a real BD2).. I would die for a Lost Odyssey sequel too.

      • Kaoro

        I got ASH on sale a while ago, although I can’t play it yet. Hoping I can soon though, never really heard much about it so it’s kind of a mysterious game to me. Very curious why nobody bothered to localize it (and Soma Bringer!).

        • Aoshi00

          Personally I had a blast w/ ASH (interesting story, chars, music, gameplay), as I rarely put ~30 hours into a portable RPG. I thought the turn based battles w/ enough strategy of troop placement on the map was fun, it had the vibe of FF and Chrono Trigger combined too. Many knocked it because of bad word of mouth, so it’s forever in the bargain bin.. I bought Soma Bringers too, but I haven’t touched it yet. I think it’s a disservice nobody is bringing ASH stateside. I would play it again if it’s localized in English. The only complaint I had was the lack of voice overs, you only get very few spoken lines, guess all those space was hogged by the pre-rendered battle scenes and FMV (which looked phenomenal for a DS game at the time btw, and still does).

  • thaKingRocka

    It seems I’m in the minority here, but I really liked Blue Dragon. It has a special place in my heart, having been the first story-based game I completed in Japanese, but I think it’s a great game regardless. It really captures the feel of the classic RPGs, packs it with charm, and adds enough of the modern efficiencies to make it feel at least somewhat evolved from the old days. Playing it made me feel like I was home from 4th grade classes on a sick day, enjoying a great SNES RPG. Honestly, I don’t care about evolution. I just want quality, and I felt BD delivered despite the boss battle theme.

    Lost Odyssey was good, but I hated the character designs, and a few of the dungeons left me scratching my head at times, wishing a damn save point would turn up so I could just go to sleep already. I was really disappointed that Inoue chose to ape the designs of Nomura, who I believe should be denied the character design position for the rest of time. Inoue is a truly gifted artist, and if they bring him on again, I want to see his creativity come through. If this next project is more in line with LO than BD, that’s cool with me, but they had best put something in there to rival those dreams. They were phenomenal.

    • Aoshi00

      I also liked the first Blue Dragon too, truly old school that makes you feel like playing old FF or DQ games. I just didn’t like how the title was diluted by the bad anime, manga, and DS spinoffs, while a true 360 sequel is way overdue.. I was slightly disappointed w/ the story as I was anticipating an epic Chrono Trigger spiritual successor, yea, didn’t know what Uematsu was doing w/ the English rock song for the boss theme, totally cheesy.. he likes to experiment w/ stuffs I guess (like stuffing Shinto-like chanting and rap in Lost Odyssey’s last boss theme).Both BD and LO are definitely some of the best next gen old school RPGs, nobody makes them like the Gooch anymore. I thought Inoue’s design was okay, not his best and didn’t translate into the games perfectly, but it was different than the usual anime-esque design so it was refreshing.

      PS. lack of save points was definitely annoying, especially w/ the old 360, which froze on me a couple of times while playing those games (that was before the new Jasper chip and disc install of course).

    • Extra_Life

      I too really enjoyed the Blue Dragon series on both 360 and DS. The 360 game felt like an updated rendition of my favourite mid-90’s games, and the DS sequel has me addicted throughout. I’d love to play the second DS game at some point.

      I’d be very interested in a sequel to the original Blue Dragon on 360 or DS, but then the same would go for Lost Odyssey, though a new IP too would be indeed be tantalising.

  • Strange… why would they have to keep a game hidden when they’ve been developing it for so long?

  • Lost Odyssey II please!!
    > Xbox360 + Project Natal
    > Create your own main character (aka Dragon Age/Oblivion)
    > Lot of DLCs (aka Fallout 3)
    > Epic story / Classic JRPG fell (FFVI/Chrono Trigger)
    > Sandbox RPG (Oblivion/Fallout 3)
    > Interactive party member (Dragon Age/Mass Effect)
    > Uematsu’s music
    > Better characters designer!!
    > Community / Social Networking (Halo Waypoint, Bioware Community, etc)

    • Kris

      Aside from the story bit, I don’t want any of that from a Lost Odyssey 2.

  • Fedos

    Why doesn’t anyone think it might be for the Wii? I hope this doesn’t come to fruition, but a while back I remember on another site I frequent someone pointed out that Mistwalker had Wii dev kits. There was a pic of it and everything, with the dev kit highlighted.

    I would actually prefer that Mistwalker remains in an exclusive relationship with Microsoft. This game is supposed to be ‘next gen’ according to Sakaguchi’s statements, and it would be nice if he ditched the Unreal Engine, built something from scratch that’s built around the 360 and its strengths, and pushed the thing for all its worth. I know that Blue Dragon had a custom designed engine, but I’d like to see what say, a Lost Odyssey II, would look like on an engine that’s built around 360 and an engine that’s made for JRPGS. I loved Blue Dragon by the way.

    I’m hoping Sakaguchi really delivers on the battle system this go around. Even turn based can still be good. Grandia 3 and Shadow Hearts: From the New World are proof of that. And Blue Dragon has an amazing battle system.

    Lastly, I’d like for this game to have a great deal more FMVs than Lost Odyssey, of which I thought was a major weakness. I also didn’t like the way discs would be completed in that game, on a whimper. Back in the PS One days, you’d complete a disc on a fantastic note. So yeah, those are my feelings on Mistwalker’s next game.

    • MadMirko

      Sure, a Wii title is entirely possible.

      Mistwalker as a whole has never been in an exclusive relationship with Microsoft, remember they did make a handful of DS games. IIRC, the 360 games were contract work for Microsoft, who have a tendency to remain exclusive to Microsoft. :)

      • Fedos

        Well yeah, that’s true. I understand what you mean. Maybe I should have rephrased my post. What I would like is for Mistwalker to be to Microsoft as Level 5 is to Sony.

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