A Zangeki no Reginleiv Trailer With Lots Of Lost Limbs

By Spencer . December 22, 2009 . 9:03am

Nintendo’s first Wii game for Japan in 2010, Zangeki no Reginleiv, is also their first CERO D game, ever. And Zangeki no Reginleiv got that rating since it’s heavy on gore. Limbs fly when Freyja and Freyr, the two playable Norse deities, slash giants.



Sandlot, the company that made all of the Earth Defense Force games, developed Zangeki no Reginleiv. Their game makes use of MotionPlus for more accurate limb chopping. Not into motion control? Zangeki no Reginleiv supports the Classic Controller and Nintendo Wi-Fi for a four player co-op mode too.

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  • chinonozu

    Awesome, I’ve seen EDF videos numerous times so I hope I’ll get a similar experience in reginleiv.

  • nyoron

    Maybe if we’re really lucky NoA will grace us with a localization.

    • BK0000

      They won’t.

  • Saturnus

    Ooh, looks interesting. I hope NoA gives us a localization. How does the battle system work though? It looks kinda turn-based…
    This isn’t a Nintendo franchise then right?

    • It’s an action game, like EDF with swords and Norse mythology. Surprisingly, this is a Nintendo franchise, built from the ground up.

  • malek86

    So, is it on-rails or not? I can’t quite understand it from the video.

    Anyway, watch as it doesn’t come to the US, just like the two other Nintendo-published mature games of this generation (Disaster and FF4). Well, maybe this one could actually get there, if they remove the blood or something.

    • chinonozu

      look up earth defence force and you’ll get the idea.

    • Disaster is an enigma, but there are other reasons why Fatal Frame 4 wasn’t published here by Nintendo.

      I tend to believe this will come out here because it’s CERO D (Nintendo doesn’t release those games in Japan), built with Western mythology, and another MotionPlus game.

      • jj984jj

        You’d think Takt of Magic would’ve made it over being a game in a genre more suited for western tastes, but NoA hasn’t really been very logical about their localization decisions these past 2-3 years. Aside from big-hitters, I don’t think anything is “sure” to come out here anymore.

        Another Code R was even localized and not released here for some reason…

        • Kris

          I still hate NoA for that decision.

    • cowcow

      Why do people keep asking if its on rails??? What the Hell would make anyone think its on rails? I dont freakin get it. Go on Youtube and look for Global Defense Force for PS2, or Earth Defense Force for XBox 360.
      And then look up Robot Alchemic Drive for PS2, Tetsujin-28 Go for PS2, Remote Control Dandy SF for PS2 and Chou Soujuu Mecha MG for the DS.
      Sandlot makes awesome games. None of them have ever been “on rails”.

      • jj984jj

        I think 1UP posted an article that said it was on rails for some reason.

  • MadMirko

    Odin looks pretty cool.

  • Vanilla

    I’m a sucker for anything remotely related to mythos, especially Norse mythology. Something about intricate, elaborate armor completely wins me over (Valkyrie Profile, anyone?). This game looks pretty interesting to begin with.

  • vrakanox

    It looks really fun. The only thing that bugs me is all the cool looking characters that apparently won’t be playable. I guess I’ll have to make do with the little girly man diety thing hahaha.

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