Sony Japan Confirms Retail Leaks

By Spencer . January 7, 2010 . 4:14am

image Shadow of the Colossus budget re-print? It’s happening and God of War Trilogy exists too. Both of these items were leaked by retailers and officially announced today.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan sent out a list of PlayStation the Best budget games. Rise from Lair is due in February. PSP owners gets Samurai Warriors: State of War, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, and Tenchu: Shadow Assassins. SCEJ is also re-releasing the “best” version of Shadow of Colossus for 1,800 yen ($20) on February 4.


Sony also set March 25 as the release date for God of War III in Japan and announced God of War Trilogy, a limited edition package with God of War III and God of War Collection which Capcom, not Sony, is publishing in Japan. Still no official word about the other big retail rumor, Gran Turismo 5’s release date which multiple online shops reported on the same day as the God of War III leak.

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  • MisterNiwa

    I want Shadow Of Collossus Rearranged Version in 720p HD with Trophies and Ico aswell. >:(

    • I don’t know about 720p HD (I really don’t!), but I remember talk, or rumors rather, about Colossus being brought to the PS3. It seems that’s still a pipe dream, but I can only imagine what that would look like, partly because I haven’t played the original.

      It would be nice if we got a chance to play the complete version of ICO, too.

      • Chow

        There wasn’t any talk about it. It was that the director of the games, when commenting about the God of War HD conversions said that it’d be interesting to do. He never said anything about doing it.

        The release of this budget version, if anything, probably solidifies that it won’t happen any time soon.

        • Yeah, I meant “internet talk”, but I had also remembered someone talking about the possibility of it and it seemed like there was good chance to see it happen amongst the hopefuls.

          Not now, though, I guess! That’s alright, this just gives me a chance/excuse to play it on the PS2 now. Someday…

        • cowcow

          God Damn it! >_<

    • malek86

      I want Shadow of the Colossus Rearranged Version with a framerate count that actually goes above 20fps.

      • Hmm… I must have gotten a different copy of the game then you. Mine looked perfectly fine.

  • nintentonitis

    This news definitely made my day, thanks Sony beybe ^_^.

  • Soma

    Shadow of the Colossus at 720p would be awesome!
    Since setting up my PS3 I haven’t touched my PS2, so being able to play this game again would make me smile.
    Also, as an aside, can’t wait for The Last Guardian. o_o
    It’s going to be AMAZING.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Ironically, it’s the opposite for me. I haven’t touched my PS3 much since getting it and I’d rather replay PS2 games than most PS3 games. PS3 might get more love, but most of the exclusives don’t interest me (last one I played was VC, I think) and multiplatform games are bought for PC/360 on my end. Do want Heavy Rain, though.

      • Soma

        It’s not that I don’t want to play games on my PS2, it’s just that I don’t have the space to set it up anywhere.
        If there was a way for me to have ALL of my consoles hooked up to my TV without any clutter, I’d do it.

        • This is the main reason I wouldn’t have bought my PS3 if it didn’t contain PS2 compatibility, luckily I bought a 60gb PS3. But! If the 60gb didn’t exist, I’d pass on the PS3.

  • TsirhcSusej

    Why would Capcom publish a Sony-made game!?!?

    • JeremyR

      Apparently because the different regions of Sony hate each other’s games.

      Really. I mean, look at SCEA – out of the many games SCEJ has published or developed, they’ve basically ignored all their RPGs except Kingdom of Paradise and Jeanne d’Arc. Most were picked up by other companies, but a few are just stuck over there (including the sequel to Kingdom of Paradise).

      Similarly, SCEA never put out the GPS or camera for the PSP in the US.

      And I guess Sony of Japan returns the favor with a lot of SCEA/SCEE’s games.

      Personally, I think that is one of Sony’s big problems. They are so compartmentalized. If they worked better together, things would be a lot better for everyone.

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