Capcom Releasing Fewer, But Larger Wii Games In 2010

By Spencer . January 8, 2010 . 11:41am


“In 2010, you won’t see as many Wii games from Capcom, but the ones we release will be much larger, event-size games,” said Chris Kramer, senior director of communications and community at Capcom to Gamasutra. “I also expect to see the market dominated more and more by Nintendo releases with fewer games from the major third parties, like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft.”


Capcom was one of the early supporters of the Wii with Zack & Wiki, which used motion control in an intuitive way. After the charming adventure game Capcom filled their Wii lineup with ports such as Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Okami, and the Resident Evil Archive series. Doesn’t sound like Capcom is going do that anymore, even though killer7 would probably be better with a Wii remote.


This year, Capcom USA will bring Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars and Monster Hunter Tri, one of Japan’s top selling games in 2009, to stores. Meanwhile in Japan, Capcom only has Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles on their plate as a Wii exclusive. Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes, which comes out in Japan in spring is for PS3 and Wii. Thanks for the reminder AQuatermain!

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  • AQuatermain

    Forgot to mention Samurai Sengoku Basara Heroes for Wii and PS3.

  • lostinblue

    I hope they finally bite the bullet and do a proper Third Person Resident Evil from the ground for it.

    • jarrodand

      I wager they (ie: cavia) will.

      • lostinblue

        Better than nothing, and it’s simply ridiculous we had to go through two stupid tests (on-rails bullcrap) to get to the real meat.

  • MadMirko

    While I’m all for 3rd parties having the balls to actually try bringing much larger, event-size games to the Wii, I tend to not like such games.

    • lostinblue

      Question is… are those games solely the ones we heard of and with the biggest of them being already out in Japan? I dunno, let’s just say as big and AAA as Monster Hunter is… it has no following on the west.

      And the Wii is also market leader on the West.

      • Mazen

        Thats the point MH3 release in the west will be big because they will create following thorough advertising and hopefully western companies style viral marketing through forums and blogs. and maybe they will buy some big reviews.
        thats what I understand from huge release and thats what MH3 need.

        • lostinblue

          I wish them luck and all that, but to be honest I can’t see it happen the way you envision it.

          It’s too Dungeon Crawly for Western tastes, at most it’ll find a niche, I can’t see it actually capturing a mainstream audience.

          And if it did, I’m inclined to say it would be on the PSP/portable console’s; the home console versions of Monster Hunter taste more hardcore than the portable ones because the portables, at least, can be pick and play, in a way a 4-player cooperative online dungeon crawler on a home console can’t possibly hope for.

          Don’t get me wrong, I like the game, I even imported Monster Hunter G with Monster Hunter 3 demo, but…

          • jarrodand

            I dunno about that, Diablo was huge here and even PSO was pretty popular (for a DC/GC game) so there’s at least some precedent.

            Nintendo putting their weight behind it will definitely help too. People said the same about stuff like Pokemon, Brain-Age and Layton (that they’re inherently unappealing to western tastes) and look at them now…

  • Interesting reading this after that flub from one of the Capcom of France heads let out earlier this week. Then Capcom of Europe came out the next day with it’s “commitment as a multi-platform developer and publisher of interactive software.”, not really appeasing Wii owners at all with that statement, haha. Well, thanks for all the ports till now! It ticked me off, mostly frustrated at how tangled this whole thing has become, but it’s out there now.Whatever, we’ll see what happens after Tvs.C and Monster Tri are released.Disappointing. I would expect this from Sega, but Capcom? Really…

    • lostinblue

      Indeed, is it that hard to accept Darkside chronicles was always gonna sell less than Umbrella Chronicles? Umbrella Chronicles sold on the promise of “being a test” and yet, when the test sold well we got another one, still onrails.I didn’t buy it, I’m saturated of on-rails games, considering they’re niche at best and they are going that trail precisely because they’re cheap to begin with, considering RE4 port sold better than either of the games and they still haven’t made a darned game using the same mechanics and with a budget for the Wii.In short; they’ve been joking around, and now they blame us for not taking them seriously.

      It sold less, so what, Umbrella Chronicles should have never ever have sold as it did to begin with; but NOW Capcom states they don’t understand the market… after flooding it with sutff we never asked for and expecting us to buy it.

      Just get on with the show, stop scratching for excuses, that’s all you guys did ever since the console launched.

      • malek86

        “Indeed, is it that hard to accept Darkside chronicles was always gonna sell less than Umbrella Chronicles? Umbrella Chronicles sold on the promise of “being a test” and yet, when the test sold well we got another one, still onrails.”On the other hand, you should have seen it coming. If a test goes well, they are going to give you another game similar to the successful test, not to a different genre. That’s usually how it works. There was no real reason to believe the success of UC would bring in a RE5 port or something. And no, I don’t count PR blabbering as a reason.Sega said they would port HOD4 if HOD2&3 sold well, but it hasn’t happened, and we got the crappy Overkill instead.If anything, Wii owners should have NOT bought the first UC, if they wanted a proper RE game. That would have sent a message of “maybe they don’t want a spinoff after all”.

        • Hmm, I enjoyed HotD4, but I think Overkill was the better way to go if that were the case.

          Actually, Capcom could have went that route with Darkside Chronicles. After playing that it seems they improved -some- things from Umbrella Chronicles, but not so much of where it was needed the most, one being pacing.
          At least they didn’t go with another “Survivor” game, they didn’t seem to get the message on that the first time around, haha.

          Well, I’m definitely part of the problem ’cause I keep buying these crappy games, feeling so indebted to the series. If it gets to that point I can totally see myself buying into “Resident Evil: The RPG Saga of Tofu”. Please, just put me out of my misery – maybe I can actually become a zombie already :P

        • lostinblue

          Well, I for one prefer Overkill to HotD4. And I never wanted a RE5 port, I want a new game, from the ground up, not something that will be compared graphically to it’s HD cousins anyway.

          • malek86

            That’s a matter of taste, I guess. I didn’t like Overkill one bit.

            Anyway, RE5 or not, my point was that if a rail shooter sells well, you’re going to get another rail shooter. Not something else.

          • lostinblue

            And if it didn’t sell we’d be classed as “it has no market” and we’d get nothing from there on.

            It’s a loosing battle, when all the developers have been taking the piss.

          • malek86

            I know it’s a difficult situation… but still, the “not buy” route is the better one, I believe.

            After all, the Wii has such a gigantic userbase that no developer can outright ignore it – they’ll either put out shovelware or good games (more easily the first one), but they won’t just ignore it. So, if you choose to “not buy”, they will probably try with something else. And eventually, they’ll get right. Maybe.

            But if you “buy”, then they’re gonna follow that same route. No reason for them to change.

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