The Last Story Is A Wii RPG From Mistwalker

By Spencer . January 29, 2010 . 4:00am

imageAt last, we know what The Last Story is. It’s a Nintendo published RPG being developed by Mistwalker and might be the “large scale project” Hironobu Sakaguchi has been hinting at for months.


All we have right now is a logo. A logo that brings back memories of classic Final Fantasy logos. More information about The Last Story should circulate in March when columns appear on the main site.


The Last Story is scheduled for release sometime this year in Japan. Nintendo filed trademarks for the title in North America and Europe, perhaps a sign that The Last Story will be released outside of Japan.

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  • All right, we suck. No one saw this coming…except for just one of our commenters I think. Who was it? Come forward and claim your Internets, my friend.

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      I believe that would be me, right? I won the bet!

  • Kaoro

    Can’t wait to see it!

    What worries me is that Nintendo might not bother bringing it over like with ASH. And the Wii isn’t region free :-/.

    • MadMirko

      Out of the box? No, it isn’t.

      Can a trained chimp make it region free? Yes, if it mastered the technique of copying files to a SD card. Free, simple, safe, awesome.

    • There’s no way in hell this isn’t coming over. It’s an entire game presumably funded by them, and it’s a much larger project than Another Code: R was.

  • malek86

    Cool, so it seems Mistwalker can work for companies other than MS.By the way, it’s not just the logo. “Final Fantasy”… “The Last Story”…it’s pretty much the same, if you ask me.

    • And that character on the logo looks like Lightning and Serah mashed-up ,including all the petals!Not that it bothers me because I have a feeling this will be better than FFXIII, and many others for that matter.

      • Aoshi00

        I thought she looks like Aisha from ASH the most. Yep, this would definitely be better than FFXIII, good job on the title Gooch, sticking it to S-E :)

  • Soma

    You had me at new Mistwalker RPG. =)
    It will be interesting to see what it will be like on the Wii. Honestly, haven’t played a Wii game in months.

  • gar3

    Like many here I was hoping the Wii would be the true leader in low-cost third-party software development and it is, just not in the way I or many others wanted, heh. The best thing about the Wii is that it allows a “safer” area to develop a game for, production cost-wise, versus the competition. Many of the more niche developers from generations past have disappeared or are close to extinction in the console realm due to the high cost of HD development on the 360 and PS3. I truly hope Mistwalker finds some traction here on the Wii before they too disappear :-( But, as long as console manufacturers like Nintendo and Microsoft are footing the bill I guess they’re safe, heh.

  • jarrodand

    I wonder who the co-developer is? Artoon? Feelplus? Cavia? Maybe a Nintendo associated team, like Genius Sonority or Monolith?

    • Monolith are on Xenoblade. Assuming they’re making the best use of their resources, Genius Sonority are working probably on a console Pokémon (aside from that book/game for the DS). I doubt it’s an internal Nintendo team, too.

      • jarrodand

        Um… uh… Brownie Brown (lol)?

        But yeah, I’d lean towards one of the AQi teams (Artoon, feelplus, cavia) all of whom have Wii experience. Or maybe tri-Crescendo, or even Racjin again?

        • Who were Racjin again?

          • I think they developed some Naruto games…

          • jarrodand

            They did ASH. Before you laugh though, they also did support work for Sega on the Wii versions of Mario & Sonic.

          • I thought you said “before you laugh.” :P

          • jarrodand

            lol! I hit the reply limit!

            And yeah, Mario & Sonic doesn’t exactly inspire confidence itself, but at least it proves Racjin can make a nice looking Wii game. ASH looked like a Famicom game outside the CG battles. :/

          • Shh, don’t speak ill of ASH in here; Aoshi00’s lurking about somewhere…he’ll have your head. But yea, Mario & Sonic does look decent, judging by videos.

            I guess time will tell who the developer is. Feelplus took on a more “ambitious” project, I feel, in the form of Lost Odyssey, and they’ve shown they can execute a more…complex vision…than Artoon. But then, Artoon have a relationship with Nintendo since they developed Span Smasher…

            Yea, this is getting us nowhere. XD

          • jj984jj

            More importantly, they also worked on Wizardry PS2 and SaGa 2 DS. I hope it’s not Racjin though.

          • Aoshi00

            you read my mind Ishaan, who DARE speaks ill of ASH, it was a great game, lol. So what the sprites were like SNES, the game was fun from beginning to end, haven’t played a classic like that since Chrono Trigger. Yes, I compared that to Chrono Trigger, similarities to the old FFs, time traveling, what more do you want :P.

            I know you wouldn’t let me down, my trusty black Wii…

          • I’m so envious of you right now. What do you think of this developer business, having played both BD and Lost Odyssey? Haha, man that music on the website…

          • Aoshi00

            I hope Mistwalker is doing this w/ Feel Plus, since they did the more serious Lost Odyssey (and Shadow Hearts right?). Artoon’s style seems more cartoonish from Blinx and Blue Dragon, which are adorable, but this feels more epic. BTW, I’m still waiting for BD2, none of those DS spinoffs tarnishing the brand. I hope Uematsu and Minaba Hideo (FF9, ASH) are on board as well. I’m not a huge fan of Shimomura, since Kingdom Hearts isn’t really my thing.Can’t wait for this to come (as he said the game is in the last stage) ASAP to wash away the bad taste of FFXIII (ironically I’m also getting the US ver. in March….), the Gooch hasn’t really let me down when it comes to old school RPGs, other than some recent portable outings which he might not even be heavily involved.

  • mFrog

    Recent JRPGs: Last Remnant, Last Ranker, End of Eternity, The Last Story…
    Will they ever end naming reminding of Final Fantasy? :D

    • Just because a name implies the end of something doesn’t mean its because of FF, and you forgot Star Ocean: The Last Hope.The difference is that this one is made by Mistwalker.

      Now that I think about it, the first final Fantasy should have been called The Last Hope :D.

      • neo_firenze

        Eh, I kinda agree that this one is particularly blatant. Last Story… Final Fantasy. How is this not a weak attempt to evoke Final Fantasy comparison? What’s next – The Concluding Drama? Penultimate Tale? And how would you do a sequel to THAT one ;)Not to mention, wow, is The Last Story the most boring name you could think up? Doesn’t have that snappy alliteration of Final Fantasy, or the evocative word “Fantasy” pointing at themes in the game. Just the two most mundane, boring words for the two themes. It’s like they went a special thesaurus designed to give you only the most generic words.That being said, I’m totally on board with the game regardless of boring name. I’d be excited if it was called Strawberry Water Buffalo Adventures.

        • fallen

          “Penultimate Tale”… hilarious!

  • Vanilla

    That is one pretty logo.

  • badmoogle

    Nice logo art.i’ll be keeping an eye on this.

  • MrMee

    Honestly, I was hoping for Blue Dragon 2 to be announced, but this is even more exciting!. Between this, Monado (please be titled Xenoblade in U.S.), Fragile Dreams, and Arc Rise Fantasia we have a few RPGs to look forward to on the Wii.

  • BK0000

    I’m not getting too interested in it yet. Odds are that Nintendo won’t release it here.

  • Based on this morning’s news, I might have to consider picking up a Wii eventually. This sounds nice.

    • *points Nick to Atelier Judie post*

      If you have time to play games, you have time to localize. Now go!

      • Vino (Tim N)

        How much power does Nick have over these kinds of things?

        • Honestly, I’m not sure. I just like bothering him every now and then. :P

  • The music has totally encaptured me, I just *can’t* look away from the teaser page…

  • kylehyde

    is really impresive the hype that this game is garnering without countdowns and without previous announces.

  • Ah, darn it, I was hoping the Last Story would be the Last Window. Well I’ll still keep up my hopes for that!

  • masamunecyrus

    I KNOW I’ve seen the art style on The Last Story’s website, before. Something about that girl from the side, kind of leaning backwards with her head up, and then the shape of her face with the nose that kind of swoops out. It reminds me almost of Howl’s Moving Castle or Nausicaa, but I know it’s not Hayao Miyazaki… Anyone want to take a stab at who the artist might be?

    • Aoshi00

      I think the logo looks like it’s by Minaba Hideo (FF9’s art direction and ASH’s char design), I wish it would be him, I love that guy, very unique.

  • Did Shimomura’s name came up to anyone’s mind while listening to the background music?
    Curious thing is that the same happened with the song on Xenoblade’s trailer (or maybe I’m just hearing too much of her work lately).

  • thaKingRocka

    on the wii? of course i have all the systems, but this is still disappointing. at least it won’t run on the unreal engine.

    i was very happy with blue dragon on 360, and i hope that this game features blue skies and green grass as well. that logo implies a much more subdued palette and melancholic themes, but i’ll keep my fingers crossed for sunny visuals and characterization.

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