Sigma Harmonics Coda Is A Cell Phone Port

By Spencer . January 31, 2010 . 11:40pm

imageSigma Harmonics Coda, which we first discovered by searching through trademarks, is an even more compact version of Square Enix’s murder mystery game.


A mobile phone port of Think Garage’s Nintendo DS game, diced up into chapters, is now available in Japan. Basically, it’s the same story retooled for cell phones. We’ve seen a fair share of cell phone games such as Yggdra Unison and Front Mission 2089 come to the Nintendo DS. Not many games made for the DS  go the other direction.


Perhaps, Square Enix will port Sigma Harmonics Coda to the iPhone and finally give it worldwide release. That potential localization strategy could work with a bunch of other only in Japan DS games like Nanashi no Game too.


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  • I think I prefer the DS one…

  • SanityCrisis

    Hey look! Horizontal dialogue boxes!

    Can we stop using that as an excuse not to localize it now?

    • Aoshi00

      I’m pretty sure they didn’t localize the game just because it was bad. If it’s the vertical word bubbles, then no manga would be translated in Eng.

      • fisico

        No, the game was pretty good

        • bobhoskins

          Uuuh…no…? I’m…I’m fairly certain the game was a big ol’ pile o’ bear shit. =/

          “Square Enix’s murder mystery game.”

          Don’t word it like that, Spencer. You’re making the game *sound good*.

        • bobhoskins

          Uuuhhh…no? I’m pretty certain the game was a big ol’ pile of bear s**t.

          “Square Enix’s murder mystery game.”

          Aw, don’t word it like that Spencer… :( You’re making it *sound good* and all *appealing*. You’ll get people hopeful, and give them an ulcer…

        • Aoshi00

          Dunno.. card battles and random encounters in the small mansion were boring (do you ever get out of the mansion? I haven’t played past chapter 3 or 4), evidence gathering arbitrary, murder solving before bosses arbitrary.. I thought it was a disaster. Even $10 was too much for the game, it was like ET that should go into landfill.. how many times can the maid and grandma die anyway.

          • cowcow

            I liked the graphics and art style just wish I understood it

          • Aoshi00

            I like the Hamauzu soundtrack too, just thought it was wasted on the game. I don’t think the mystery makes much sense even if you understand it either, I just don’t think those puzzles are solvable w/o a guide.

      • SanityCrisis

        Darn. I hate when a game looks awesome but it sucks.

        I dunno about that second part though. Manga is one thing because your eyes move from one speech bubble to another, but I think continually reading from a vertical text box in a video game would be pretty offputting.

        But whenever I used to read posts about “why isn’t this game in English?!?”, someone would always immediately reply: “’cause the text is vertical.”, which is why I said that. =3=

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