Nippon Ichi Takes A Huge Hit In Operating Profit

By Spencer . February 5, 2010 . 5:22pm

image Nippon Ichi posted results for the first nine months of this fiscal year and things aren’t looking good. The Gifu based company reports there was a 97.5% decrease in operating profits (i.e. sales minus production costs, not including any investments, and before tax) in their consumer goods business compared to their last fiscal period. This figure does not account for arcade or mobile sales.


This fiscal year, the period between April 2009 and March 31, 2010, Nippon Ichi introduced new titles like Princess Antiphona and A Witch’s Tale in Japan. In North America… we’ll let’s just look at everything to get a better idea what’s going on.


Here’s a chart of all the retail games Nippon Ichi and their North American subsidiary published in the past two fiscal years. Games marked with an asterisk are slated for release before March 31, 2010.


Last Fiscal Year

(April 2008 – March 2009)


Disgaea DS (DS)

Jigsaw World (DS)

Infinite Loop (PSP)

Hayarigami 2 Portable (PSP)

Rhapsody (DS)

Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? (PSP)

The Conveni DS (DS)

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again (Wii)

Musou Tourou (PSP)

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP)


North America

Mana Khemia (PS2)

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (PS3)

Rhapsody (DS)

Disgaea (DS)

Ar Tonelico II (PS2)

Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? (PSP)

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance (PSP)

This Fiscal Year

(April 2009 – March 2010)


A Witch’s Tale (DS)

Hayarigami DS (DS)

Maruhan Pachinko & Pachislot (DS)

Hayarigami 2 DS (DS)

Hayarigami 3 (PSP)

Amagoushi no Yakata Portable (PSP)

Disgaea 3 Raspberyl Append Disc (PS3)

Princess Antiphona (PSP)

Disgaea Infinite (PSP)

La Pucelle: Ragnarok (PSP)

Naraku no Shiro Portable (PSP)

Last Rebellion (PS3)

Classic Dungeon* (PSP)

Koori no Bohyou (PSP)

Prinny 2: The Great Pantsu War* (PSP)

Absolute Modding Hero Project* (PSP)


North America

Puchi Puchi Virus (DS)

Cross Edge (PS3)

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman (PSP)

Phantom Brave: We Meet Again (Wii)

Mana Khemia II (PS2)

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP)

A Witch’s Tale (DS)

Atelier Annie (DS)

Last Rebellion (PS3)*

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love* (Wii, PS2)

Badman 2* (PSP)


Nippon Ichi published more games in both regions in fiscal year 2010, but compared to their last fiscal year there was less Disgaea and way more Hayarigami.


Special thanks and a basket of Prinnies to Marcus for sending us the tip.

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  • That stinks… I did my part in helping their fiscals :P

    I’ve bought: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (PS3), Rhapsody (DS), Disgaea (DS), Cross Edge (PS3), Phantom Brave: We Meet Again (Wii) & Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days (PSP)

    Have on pre-order: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love* (PS2) & Badman 2* (PSP)

  • I just bought Phantom Brave Wii, and I’m loving the music so far and the picture is mighty crisp and colorful on my HDTV! Anyone else get a Little Mermaid vibe from the main island’s theme? XD

    NI, for the hell of it, why not do the obvious and get Disgaea 1 onto the Wii in the same way you did PB? Get System Prisma on it, they did PB Wii and Disgaea DS, kinda an obvious thing to do am I right?

    Hell that’s more obvious than anything they could possibly put on the Wii as of now. :/

    • Nippon Ichi is not allowed to ever publish another port of Disgaia 1 ever again, per the Geneva Convention.

    • nyoron

      My god no, the last thing anyone needs is another port of Disgaea 1.

    • jarrodand

      I think the only way they could get away with another Disgaea 1 port is if they did both Disgaea 1 & 2 in a single release. That might not be a bad move for Wii/360 actually, then they could follow with Disgaea 3 ports.

      I’m pretty sure we’ll see a PSP Disgaea 3 port though now that I think about…

      • I’d love that! Especially since PB Wii was like $40, D1&2 for $50 is a steal in comparison.

        What gave them the idea they could charge $40 for an old PS2 game with a bit of new content is really weird to me. :/ It was even worse in Japan if I recall.

    • Joanna

      I’m still waiting for the DS port of Disgaea 2.

  • Ereek

    I think it’s important to know that they did make a profit, despite being a small amount. It’s better than posting a loss.

    Though my personal hope is that this doesn’t mean anything bad for NISA, as they’re North America’s only way to get some of the more exotic GUST titles. That and then Nick would be out of the job.

    • I’m surprised I haven’t heard him comment on the subject, to be honest.

      If you look at it in terms of a production perspective, this was the risk year to get a lot of titles to a lot of consumers.

      If you look at what most gamers are saying, they’re basically pinning it to ‘multiple rehashes of everything Disgaea-related’ when it’s not necessarily the case.

      You’ll know something is up if they don’t go up next year in their numbers. Or until someone from NIS says otherwise.

    • Thanks for the kind words in this thread, haha.

      NIS seems to be doing okay, but looking at the releases, I can see what’s going on. Things will turn around in the ’10 fiscal year… at least for NISA, since we deal with more than just NIS titles. We’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up =)

  • Slashlen

    Ouch. They still broke even, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s not like they’re bleeding money yet, although Last Rebellion will probably take care of that.

    • Very tempted to pre-order Last Rebellion from RosenQueen (for the double-sided poster) based on recent impressions and gameplay videos. The soundtrack so far seems impressive, yet the battles look more complicated than ever w/huge lists of commands and whatnot. But anyway, this is all to support NIS(A).

      • Slashlen

        I didn’t mean that as a knock against the quality of the game, but I heard it got killed in Japan(3k sales 1st week), and I don’t see a game like that making it up in the west.

        • Ereek

          3D Dot game Heroes did terrible in Japan in the first week, too.

          Still, I’m also in agreement. While I do think it will do slightly better in the west than in Japan, I also think that it won’t do very well. That’s a bit sad because if Nick is to be trusted (and we all love Nick) it was a game primarily made with the west in mind. The Japanese version even has English-only voice work.

        • Even Phantom Brave Wii did slightly better didn’t it? I’ll have to double check.

          Edit: Apparently not, it did 2,300 1st week.

  • Code

    rarr, this is sad T_T” I love you Nippon Ichi but even I have to agree it wasn’t your strongest year. I did my best to support you!

  • badmoogle

    Hmm,i can’t say i’m their biggest fan but at least i’ve bought a couple of their games in the past (Atelier series and Phantom Brave PS2) and one recently (Ar Tonelico 2.)
    I haven’t decided about Last Rebellion yet…i need more info.:p

  • kupomogli

    I bought Prinny Can I Really Be the Hero. I’ll be picking up Prinny 2 and Badman 2.

    If Prinny wasn’t the only quality release we’ve seen from this company in awhile and Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman wasn’t a PSN only release, they would have seen more of my money.

    Sorry, but most of their games following the terrible La Pucelle gameplay standard is a reason I won’t pick another tactical RPG they release. Also not really a fan of the earlier released Gust games, so haven’t picked any up lately.

    • Ereek

      “Only quality release?”

      What is Atelier Annie, then? I’d actually argue that is the best title they released in this fiscal year. It’s also completely different from the previous Atelier games released in North America. You may want to at least give it a chance.

      Edit: Just because you didn’t enjoy a game series doesn’t automatically make it not “quality.” I didn’t like GTAIV, instead preferring earlier games, but I can still say the game definitely is quality. Perhaps you should have worded it as “If they released more games I enjoyed. . .”

      • Not to speak for him, but I think he meant in terms of NIS, the developer. I’m only assuming since AA was by Gust.

        • Ereek

          Well he said he “isn’t really a fan of earlier Gust games.” That’s where I was getting that from.

          • kupomogli

            Your right I haven’t played Atelier Annie, but the earlier released games I have. Just got tired of their games. The Gust games are definitely better than NIS’ own though.

            The statement you made about quality, I guess you could say that about Gust games because they do have a decent creation system. However, La Pucelle, Disgaea, Disgaea 2, Phantom Brave, etc, are anything but quality. Sorry, but these games don’t deserve any of the praise they get. I’d rank them just above Eternal Eyes and Hoshigami in the gameplay department. Storyline is pretty good for a single playthrough due to the humor.

    • Playing NIS chronologically, La Pacelle felt like a step backwards in the battle mechanics. Maybe it’s just me since I’m not most seasoned RPG player, but the battles felt uneven and took way longer than they should. Not only that, the leveling system itself took ages, too. The monsters didn’t feel properly equipped, either, but I may just be nitpicking on that.
      Overall, the game was enjoyable outside of the battles. The Eringas were what really kept me going.

      • Yuan

        Well, you can say La Pucelle is the ancestor of Disgaea…

        • Ereek

          This is true. La Pucelle is an older game than Disgaea. It’s just that La Pucelle was released after Disgaea in North America.

        • True, but I was referring how the battle system in Marl Kingdom/Rhapsody went from being entirely in the player’s favor (yes, it was geared towards a much younger audience, but even they had to have breezed through this game thanks to the consistent and organized leveling) to La Pucelle’s cluster of battle mechanics that seemed half-baked and just slows to a crawl at certain points. That’s how it was for me, at least.
          Yeah, comparing the two that way is apple and oranges, it’s just when you break it down and look at the “evolution” of NIS’ trademark battle systems, LP just leaves me scratching my head as to what they were trying to do.

  • Trotmeister

    Disgaea 4, 5 and 6 announcements incoming.

  • Kris

    This makes me really sad, I hope that everything works out okay for them. :(

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Hm, too bad they didn’t make a whopper of a profit, but they’ll be back I’m sure. It’s hard times for the whole market anyway, been hearing about low sales, profit losses and general bleak news in the gaming world a lot lately. But business is a rollercoaster, gotta expect times like these.

  • malek86

    Right now, middle-sized publishers have it rough. Things are going somewhat better for smaller studios and for giant corporations.

    Oh well, maybe next year things will be better for everyone.

  • raymk

    Thats terrible news but i don’t think its the end of the world for them yet. The economy is making things hard for gamers as well because everybody can’t buy the games like they used to do to job loss and pay cuts :(

  • supermarius

    well i bought thre of their games this year and last year. Do you part, people! I wanna see the la pucelle psp games make it to the us.

  • Slashlen

    Their stock took a beating today. Down about 20%.

    • LastFootnote

      Yeah. Looks like it’s time to buy!

      I guess I’m not really that worried about Nippon Ichi. For one thing, they’re still in the black, which is more than I can say for a lot of companies. For another, all this hullabaloo is over the financials for the first nine months of their fiscal year. If my understanding is correct, Profit = Income – Costs. So if they spent a lot of money in the first nine months of the fiscal year developing their biggest titles and those titles won’t go on sale until the last three months of this fiscal year, then it makes sense that their financials would look bad after those first nine months

      I’d very much like to see the their financials on April 1st, once Zettai Hero and Prinny 2 have been released. I bet they’ll paint a rosier picture.

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