Square Enix’s Sales And Profits Soar

By Spencer . February 8, 2010 . 12:25am


Square Enix booked big numbers during the nine month period ended on December 31, 2009. Their games division’s net sales are up 97% and operating income skyrocketed to 18,084 million yen or roughly $202.6 million dollars. That figure is up 99% compared to the same period last year.


Favorable sales of Dragon Quest IX, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, and Final Fantasy XIII lead the charge. Chrono Trigger, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and The Last Remnant were some of their lead titles for the April-December period in 2008.


Key releases in their fourth fiscal quarter include: Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (worldwide), Supreme Commander 2 (NA/EU), Final Fantasy XIII, (NA/EU), Just Cause 2 (NA/EU), Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Japan), and Dragon Quest VI (Japan).

  • JeremyR

    Boo. I hope one day they become so desperate for money they have to sell off the Ogre Battle franchise.

  • Ereek

    They should stay up in the next fiscal quarter as well, due to the North American and European FFXIII releases, but I think they’ll drop down in ’10. Other than FFXIII, I isn’t Batman 2 supposed to be coming out some time in the summer? Most of SE’s big games seem to be expended in ’09. North America gets BbS and DQIX, while Japan maybe gets The Third Birthday and possibly Agito XIII. I don’t think FFXIV and Versus XIII will be out in the ’10 fiscal year.

    Still, depending on what SE decided to do with its Eidos IPs, I think they can stop their spikes and drops of profit.

    • Batman 2 is releasing that soon? Arkham Asylum was only a few months ago…I don’t know if they could churn out another full-fledged game that improves on it in such a short span of time.

      You’re right, there’s no way Versus is making it out in time for this year. FFXIV, on the other hand, I could see releasing toward the latter part of the year. An FFV remake and Dragon Quest X could possibly make it out this year, too. Though I suspect 2011 for DQX…

    • Ack, can’t edit my comment for some reason. Just wanted to add that Thief 4 and the Tomb Raider reboot are probably coming this year, too. Man, remembering to include all these Western IPs when talking about Square takes some getting used to, haha.

      • Ereek

        It is a bit strange thinking about Eidos and SE as one! I think a lot of people still either don’t realize that SE owns Eidos or they conveniently forget. On Destructoid, there was a article about SE saying they have at least four unannounced titles, and all of the comments were complaining about how the games would be Final Fantasy rehashes. I personally think about half will be Eidos titles.

        I actually don’t know exactly when Batman 2 is releasing, but Amazon had it for June. I’ve also heard August. I can’t find the source, but I’m pretty sure it’s scheduled for an ’10 release, so maybe we can assume “late summer?”

        As for XIV, I think we’ll have to see. The fact that SE has beta signups already means they’re pretty confident in how far the game is in development. If the beta goes well we can expect it out sooner rather than later.

  • malek86

    Wait, so Last Remnant was actually successful? And what about SO4 this year?

    I can’t believe they are actually making money off those.

    • Aoshi00

      All I have to say about the Last Remnant was we were all fooled by the epic trailers, the game was less epic :(… I’m extremely surprised too it managed to break even, let alone making money, I thought it was the biggest failure for an expensive hyped up RPG. Guess that’s why the PS3 port might still be possible..

      • If it is possible for the Ps3 ill get it !hopefully it has new stuff XD i havent played it yet «« ……. im upgrading my pc now so i was hoping to get it XD !
        i played the demo once it didnt seemed that bad but it didnt seem that good either XD !

      • malek86

        Steam had it on sale for 10€ some weeks ago. I guessed it wasn’t worth it anyway, so i didn’t bother.

        And if TLR actually made money, maybe all those stories we hear about HD games needing a very high sales treshold to make money, are somewhat exagerated. Especially if you are using a middleware graphics engine, I’d guess that would drive costs down quite a bit.

        • Ereek

          Actually, for 10 I’d say it was. It’s not actually a terrible game, just an average one. The PC version is so much better than the 360 version as well.

          • malek86

            Unfortunately, it was around the half of the month, when I’m tighter on money. During that time, average games are not enough: I tend to only buy amazing games (or unknown stuff that looks interesting).

      • Hraesvelgr

        Hey, I liked Last Remnant. I think it was mostly for the similarities to the SaGa series, however.

        • Kunio_kun

          *shudders* Not a ringing endorsement for me as the only Saga games I played were Frontier 1 & 2 (to completion, no less). I still have nightmares about that fight against the fake Gustave… Could Square have been any cheaper when it comes to impossible odds? Oh wait, they were; just remembered the escape sequence after beating the first playthrough of Parasite Eve (and I thought the therapy had helped me move past that)…

          • Hraesvelgr

            That reminds me, more info on 3rd Birthday would be nice.

        • Aoshi00

          I liked it to a certain extent, the battle system really was unique and unlike most RPGs (learning curve was steep so it’s definitely not for everyone), but the 360 ver was too rough around the edges compared to the improved PC version, being sold for $40 on day one should’ve been a warning of some sort, as if they knew the game wasn’t worth $60. Sadly what I remembered most from the game was the bad stuffs, battle animation took literally forever (PC ver has fast forward), identical shops in all the cities (maybe that’s how they made a profit, but the sloppiness annoyed me a great deal), really “robotic” movement for all the characters in-game and cutscene, Rush’s chicken dash takes the cake, and his stupid line “Let’s kick some A” (A, not ass) was so memorable for the wrong reason… the towns were split into tiny rooms, and lastly the story was kind of flimsy, so…

          So it’s hard to recommend the 360 ver. to anyone. And I would like to give the game a 2nd chance if it comes to PS3, I did do many horus of sidequests but last was stuck in some boss and didn’t feel like playing anymore, fought 1 hour in a very long boss fight and died twice..

          I wonder if you would like FFXIII, to its credit it’s not a bad game, but I have problem most w/ its presentation, story pacing, etc.

          • Hraesvelgr

            I agree with you about not recommending the 360 version to anyone. As for identical shops, that’s pretty normal for SaGa games, so perhaps the team carried that idea over? I dunno, shops were pretty worthless outside of creating weapons anyway. And Rush’s “kick some A” line is awesome because it’s so lame.

            Don’t think I’d be too interested in FFXIII, though. What I’ve read about it doesn’t really appeal to me.

  • MadMirko

    Seeing how DQIX has become the best-selling 3rd party title ever, I’m not exactly surprised. Good for them, now how about bringing back some more of those Enix series?

    • malek86

      Ditto. It seems that Squenix is too much Square and not enough Enix.


    • ECM

      Um, ActRaiser, please?

  • Malek’s comment reminded me: I’d love to see some kind of a report (though it’ll never happen) on what the production budget / sales profit for The Last Remnant was like, taking into account that they had to localize and tweak Unreal Engine 3 before utilizing it.

  • kupomogli

    Being a Batman fan, I picked up Arkham Asylum on release. Amazing game. I’m glad that Square Enix is the one that bought them out when they were going bankrupt because Eidos is a company that has a lot of IPs that I really like. Being with a really large company like Square that usually releases a solid title, Eidos will probably get a good budget on their releases.

    Just Cause 2 for one is a game that I’m waiting for and looks amazing. Batman Arkham Asylum 2(tentative title,) is one I’m going to pick up regardless due to being a Batman fan and how great that game was.

    As for an IP we haven’t heard anything about in quite awhile, how about Legacy of Kain? Legacy of Kain has really never failed to impress me, so I want another one, but after Defiance where can they really go?

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