Across Age To “Rekindle The Golden 16-Bit Era” On iPhone

By Ishaan . February 9, 2010 . 11:20am

Tsumuji, Darksiders, 3D Dot Game Heroes… there have been a fair few games that have, one way or another, drawn inspiration from the Zelda franchise in the last few months. Action RPG Across Age from Japanese developer EXE-Create seems to be the next in line.


Across Age’s in-game art style and overall design is an attempt to "rekindle the golden 16-bit era." It even involves time-travel. Unlike Zelda, however, you can play as two characters, both of whom you’ll need to switch between, in order to get through the game’s puzzles. One is a swordsman named Ales and the other is a magician, Ceska. FDG Entertainment, the game’s co-publisher, says Across Age has fifteen hours of playtime including anime cutscenes.


Across Age has been submitted for approval to iTunes, and is expected to appear on the App Store "very soon" for $6.99.


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  • malek86

    So now we’ve gone from rekindling the 8-bit era (Megaman 9, Castlevania Rebirth) to rekindling the 16-bit era?

    Well, I can’t complain. For some reason, I really don’t like NES graphics. 4-bit is one thing, as it has the whole “minimalism” thing going for it. 16-bit is detailed enough to stand on its own merits. But 8-bit is somewhat in the middle: not quite minimalist enough, and not quite detailed enough.

    For example, I never liked the way the first Super Mario or Zelda looked. Characters had no outlines but the backgrounds did. It felt kinda weird. You either have no outlines at all (Atari) or you have them everywhere (SNES).

  • jarrodand

    Want! They should do a DSiWare port so I can actually use buttons though…

    • ECM

      “Rekindle”?? Jesus, if i hadn’t looked more closely I’d assume this *is* A Link to the Past.

      Also, Jarrod, do you post over at VGC by any chance?

      • jarrodand

        Yes, and yes.

  • This looks great BUT… the 16-bit era was in my basement, on my couch, in front of my TV. Not on some dumb trendy phone.

    Port it to the DS or PSP, heck even the PC, and I’ll consider this.

  • i like how apple is trying to revolutionize playing games without traditional buttons, yet developers are still clinging to virtual d-pads and buttons. and now, i’m playing a game where i can’t feel my buttons and my giant thumbs are covering 1/5 of the screen….

    • Yeah, I find that some of the best iphone games are ports of existing PC flash games that didn’t require controls in the first place: diner dash-types, bejeweled-types, and seek-and-finds. Games you can play with one hand while the other supports the iphone itself.

      These types of games, that need d-pads and buttons, are just easier to deal with on the DS or even the PSP than with the slippy grip iphone. When I do play games like this, the joypad type controls aren’t as responsive and tend to take my character exactly where I didn’t want it to go.

  • wharcraff

    This looks great. I can see other RPG developers using the implementation ‘Across Age’ uses for it controls to bring more of its ilk to the masses.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I just got a Ipod Touch (iphone coming soon too!), so I might consider this. It has leveling up too I see.
    Maybe a site will review it and let me know how it is. If it has awesome music like the ol Zelda’s did. Then maybe, just maybe.

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