Level 5 Developing Unannounced PlayStation 3 And Wii Titles

By Spencer . February 9, 2010 . 9:01am


Akihiro Hino, President of Level 5, mentioned they have unannounced PS3 and Wii titles during a company meeting / stage play. No other details were given since Hino trailed off after stating their development plans, but not before Dengeki Online recorded the quote.


White Knight Chronicles was Level 5’s first PlayStation 3 game. At Tokyo Game Show a sequel, White Knight Chronicles: Awakening of Light and Darkness was announced. In addition to that, Level 5 has at least one more PlayStation 3 project plus a Wii game. Maybe one of those is the elusive Inazuma Eleven Break, which has been confirmed for consoles but not pinned down on a specific platform.


Looks like Level 5 has a lot in store for the future. Hopefully, their newly opened Tokyo office for new enterprises and overseas business is working on licensing deals so we’ll see these games outside of Japan.

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  • Inazuma Eleven Break, Ni no Kuni for second platform, Dragon Quest X (just makes sense for Level-5 to do it at this point), and another game for Sony are all possible candidates.

    • jarrodand

      The quote was in reference to self published games, so DQX (and any Sony owned IPs) would be out. I agree they’re most likely doing DQX as well though.

      My guesses would be Inazuma Eleven Break for Wii, Nunokuni for Wii, Ushiro for PS3 and Atamania stuff for WiiWare…

  • Maybe it’s just because I’m about to finish Chrono Cross and a bit of wishful thinking but…
    Perhaps one of those unannounced titles is Chrono *insertwordhere*.
    I’ve always thought how weird it is that SE is so over-protective of the Chrono series considering the fact that no new installments(ports don’t count) have been made in over 10 years and sending Cease & Desist letters to the three biggest Chrono projects:
    Chrono Resurrection, new fan-translation & Crimson Echoes, the last two being near completion, and set to release last year, now why would they insist on doing this?
    Because a new Chrono game has been in development over the last few years of course!
    And seeing as Level 5 is one of Square-Enix’s favorite companies to outsource/develop their IPs it is within the realm of possibility.

  • It’s nice to hear there are gonna be new game announcements to look forward to but, …I’d rather like to finally hear release dates for Ushiro and Cardboard Senki.. ;_; (and news about localisation confirmation for those two soon afterwards… :>)

    • Wasn’t Carboard Senki confirmed to be localized under the name The Little Battlers?

      • I found no info regarding that, even tho it is listed at some sites with that title. All I know is, it was supposed to be released on cellphones last year / PSP this year, but the cellphone release has been pushed back to this year too and there’s no certain date for it yet. :/

        And I haven’t ever heard anything new about Ushiro ever since it got announced with that awesome trailer at the TGS 2008… if that unannounced PS3 game happens to be Ushiro, that would be awesome tho. :D

        • jarrodand

          They announced the western title (The Little Battlers) for Danboard Senki when they more fully unveiled the game at their Level-5 Vision press event last fall. We don’t know more than that though.

          Also, at the same event they mentioned Ushiro (and IE Break) weren’t shown because both had been put on hold for the time being.

    • jj984jj

      Ushiro was pushed back, but they definitely have big promotion plans for Cardboard Senki. No love for Level 5 x Studio Ghibli’s Ni no Kuni though?

      • I have no worries, that Ni no Kuni will be localised in the West. It will be. Seeing how popular the Ghibli movies are in Europe, even successful in theaters (2003 they aired Laputa in France, which is from 1986, still 900.000 ppl watched it.. 2006 they aired it in Germany and Austria too, that’s 20 years after it’s official release in Japan!) so I am really sure they’ll localise this sooner or later. I’m the most worried about Ushiro seeing no western release actually…… I want more mystery/horror/turn-based-RPGs ;_;

        • jj984jj

          I hope so.

          Regarding Ushiro though, it wasn’t at their last event and they don’t seem to be talking about it at all, they are concentrating on their big plan for Cardboard Senki. By the time Ushiro comes out in Japan maybe their plans to open an overseas office will already have happened. I’m sure they’ll localize it them-selves if that’s the case.

  • Every game Level-5 has made, i have really enjoyed (minus Rouge Glaxy) i cant wait to see what they have in store.

  • pacanug

    Dark Cloud plz

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Ushiro please D:

  • Raccoon

    Dragon. Quest. X.

  • Jeane D’Arc 2? For PS3? Please? :)

  • liamscanlan

    One of the games Level 5 may be developing may this:http://www1.ipdl.inpit.go.jp/syutsugan/TM_DETAIL_A.cgi?0&16&0&1&46&1265839730

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