Namco Bandai Recalls Tales of Graces

By Spencer . February 23, 2010 . 2:23am

imageDozens and dozens of fans pointed out Tales of Graces is loaded with bugs. The Wii game has so many problems Namco Bandai decided to recall it.


A replacement disc fixes ten issuess such as certain enemies not appearing and screen freezes during battles. Unfortunately, getting a new disc means physically handing an old one to a delivery man in Japan, which means importers are out of luck. No date was announced for the recall.


Namco Bandai apologized for the issue in the announcement and said they will improve their quality control for future games.

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  • JeremyR

    Too bad they didn’t recall PuzzleQuest PSP (okay, a D3 game, but they own D3…)

  • Extra_Life

    …and then bring out the fixed version worldwide! Win.

  • Yeshua49

    It’s been a month since they recall the game, the new thing is now consumers can make the exchange in store ( before it was only via mail ).

  • ElTopo

    And you know this is gonna be worth money down the road as its going to be a rare thing to come by.

  • malek86

    Stuff like this is never good. Bad publicity and lots of money lost. The only good side, is that they’ll bring the updated version to the west… if they do bring it, that is.

    What the sheep is Namco doing? They haven’t got one right since forever.

    • thebanditking

      Loose money, you say? Bad decisions and bad publicity you say? Thats the Namco-Bandai way!

      This gen no company has been more of a let down to their fans then Namco, and Bandai has never been in anyones good graces. Have you seen those Gundam Unicorn Blu-ray prices? how about that Kurokami on Blu-ray is missing the JP voice track and has less episodes then the DVD. So yeah Bandai is batting a thousand.

      Namco has diluted every single one of their series to the point where I wonder how they plan to move forward. Tales is a point of frustration for fan this gen, Tekken 6 was terrible, SoulCalibur 4 was also a mess (though to be fair SoulCalibur has not been good since SC2) Time Crisis bombed, Klonoa is all but dead, Dead to Rights and Splatterhouse look about as promising as Dark Void did.

      • malek86

        I heard that some american BRs don’t have the japanese track because they don’t want japanese customers to buy it from there. You know how much this stuff costs in Japan. And now that they are both Region-A, technically it would be a lot more convenient for japanese buyers if they could just get them from overseas. The japanese market is far bigger than the US for anime anyway, so it’s more important for them to preserve their domestic sales than to keep american fans happy.

        • zhemos

          Lets screw our American fans so we can keep the 5% of smart otaku from saving money. Another spit in the face from Namdai.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Well, they are making more money off of the Japanese than they are with the North Americans/Europeans… Unless it’s some crap like Soulcalibur or Tekken, most non-Japanese don’t care that much.

        • Hraesvelgr

          That’s exactly why anime sometimes is dub only, because the Japanese refuse to give over a license for the Japanese language track. It happend with Mobile Suit Gundam because the DVDs weren’t out in Japan yet and the show got screwed in North America because of it.

    • vall03

      theres only Namco to blame, and I dont want to even rant and whine about them anymore…

  • Nice one, this will make this game take more time to come THIS MAY MEAN THEY HAVE MORE TIME FOR TALES OF VESPERIA FOR PS3

  • masuto

    Wow, really Namco Bandai? Are you that financially troubled that you can’t hire any more testers to release a great game?

  • zhemos

    Epic fail. I wonder how big of a fan backlash this will create in JPN. No company is more out of touch with their fanbase than Namdai. They’ve spit in the faces of Tales fans over in the states for years. It would be funny to see the home fans put it to ’em. :P

    Yes I am a bitter tales fan.

  • nyoron

    Guess they’ve gotten too used to the “push out the door early, patch problems later” mentality that works for the PS3/360.

    • malek86

      On that note, I don’t remember TOV360 being particularly buggy and/or receiving a patch. So yeah, they don’t screw up when they could anyway, but they screw up when it will result in a recall. GG, Namco.

  • hmmmm i just got one thing to see about this issue and that is “fail”

  • This sucks for us importers…

  • I’m surprised they didn’t call the fixed game the “international version” and trick people into buying it just for the bug fixes.

    • malek86

      This reminds me of SO3. Did they recall that one too?

      • No, actually. You had to buy the Director’s Cut to get the bug fixes…

  • pacanug

    At least Graces didn’t have a faulty gas pedal! O_o

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