Is Konami Seriously Thinking About Localizing Otomedius?

By Spencer . February 24, 2010 . 6:17am

imageGradius and girls acting as space ships, that sums up the concept of Otomedius. Konami released this game in arcades before porting it to the Xbox 360 under the name Otomedius G…


… in 2008.


So why did Konami file a trademark for Otomedius in the USA all of the sudden? If Konami wanted to protect the title, which honestly we can’t imagine anyone else using, they should have registered Otomedius in 2007 or earlier.


Perhaps, there is a glimmer of hope that Otomedius will be released overseas now. Something more interesting to see would be Microsoft backing up the shoot ‘em up genre in North America. While tons of shooters are released in Japan on the Xbox 360, only a few like Raiden Fighters Aces and Deathsmiles make their way overseas.

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  • Maybe the world, wasnt ready in 2008….

  • No waaay. I was just feeling the tiniest twinge of regret over how I’d probably never get to try Otomedius because it’s absolutely not worth importing a 360 for.

    If it got a cheap US release though, I’d totally pick it up! Ha ha.

  • Dark_Sage

    Do it, Konami. I dare you.

  • malek86

    I heard the game isn’t too good. Besides, I prefer vertical shooters.

    • vertical shooters waste so much hdtv real estate when theyre on consoles though.

    • Aoshi00

      I bought it and then sold it on ebay. I don’t think it was that fun compared to the other 360 shmups, the soundtrack was pretty monotonous. Too many ships, stages, music were sold as expensive DLCs for one to enjoy the game as is.

  • And not a single game was region free or made it to Europe :'(

  • maxchain

    I’ve got a nasty feeling they’d end up pulling a Beat’N Groovy on us.

  • ECM

    “all of thea sudden”

    /grammar police

    Also: while this is good news, the game is kinda meh so, really, it would be great if it’s super-cheap. (For those of us that bought it millenia ago on import, well, not so much.)

    • ECM

      I’m ticketing myself for screwing up the HTML in the previous post.

      /irony police

      • You can always edit your posts, but yeah, the irony is delicious.

  • Code

    rar, seriously do this T_T” Even if it wasn’t so hot, I’d rather have the option to try it, then no option at all.

  • nyoron

    I’ll be damned. When I bought my Japanese 360 the games I picked up with it were Deathsmiles, Otomedius, and [email protected] Twins.

    [email protected] to be localized next?!

    • Don’t jinx it!

      Actually, the same thing happened with Aoshi00. Not sure he got his 360 fixed, though.

      • Aoshi00

        lol, you didn’t read my update? Yes, the MS repair center down in Texas was generous enough to send me a used but brand new looking “Japanese” 360 for replacement + 1-month gold membership card to make up for the lost time, but the last game I played on it was Magna Carta 2 since Mushi2 was region free, and so is Espgaluda 2 now :) I’m wondering if I should import NMH.

        Personally I don’t think Otomedius was too fun, it ranks pretty low among those w/ Jpn 360s who import shmups. $30 would be pushing it, unless they include all the DLCs sold on the Jpn marketplace..

  • HPN

    Do it Konami! Do it now!!!

  • That’s just crazy enough to… fail spectacularly. But it doesn’t change the fact it would be AWESOME! I’ll gladly buy it again to support silly ideas.

  • mirumu

    If they release it for the 360 in Europe or put it out on a console without region restrictions I’ll buy it for sure. I’d have picked it up in 2008 if it wasn’t for region locking.

  • thaKingRocka

    if they put it on shelves, i’ll buy it. simple as that. don’t ask me to buy that dedicated stick/touchpad though. that ain’t happening.

  • neo_firenze

    “While tons of shooters are released in Japan on the Xbox 360, only a few like Raiden Fighters Aces and Deathsmiles make their way overseas.”

    I’m not sure I’d say “tons” of shooters are released in Japan and only a few make it overseas. 360 certainly is the top shooter system in Japan, but it’s not as if the genre is flooding the market – I bought a Japanese 360 specifically for shooters (and I don’t regret it a bit). But there have only been 11 major retail shooters released (with two more coming in April – Ketsui and Senko no Ronde Duo). Of those, 4 got/will get US releases (maybe Otomedius will make #5?), 2 are region free, and 5 are pretty sure to stay JPN only. So about half are playable on a US 360.

    Plus, all of the Japanese developed shooter releases so far have been worldwide releases (Ikaruga, Trigger Heart, R-Type Dimensions, etc.)

    The complete list:
    Senko no Ronde (released in the US as Wartech: Senko no Ronde. Also, some people even argue it’s not truly a “shooter”)
    Raiden Fighters Aces (released in the US)
    Raiden 4 (released in the US)
    Deathsmiles (to be released in the US)
    Mushihimesama Futari (Japan only, but region free)
    Espgaluda II (Japan only, but normal edition is region free)
    Otomedius (Japanese version region locked, maybe coming overseas?)
    Shikigami no Shiro III (360 version Japan only, but did get US release on Wii)
    Mamoro-Kun wa Norowarete Shimatta (Japan Only, region locked)
    Shooting Love 20XX (Japan only, region locked)
    Dodonpachi DOJ (Japan only, region locked)

    Coming soon:
    Ketsui (likely region locked, but could get a localization)
    Senko no Ronde 2 (likely to be JPN only, region locked)
    Other as-yet-unconfirmed Cave games (likely region locked, but good chance of getting localizations)

    • Code

      rar, I want Senko no Ronde: DUO so badlyy T_T’ I’m really disappointed by regional locking on the 360 T_T” Although seriously as a new 360 owner and shmup fan, thanks for the list >w<' I picked up Raiden Fighters Aces the other day actually for $13!

  • If all the Japan-only shooters get released in the US, I will then buy a 360! I sure hope this game gets released here.

    • neo_firenze

      Also, everyone should probably note that the shooter community generally agrees that Otomedius Gorgeous isn’t very good. I personally don’t hate it nearly as much as a lot of people in places like the forums, but it’s nearly impossible to deny that it’s in the lower tier of quality of any retail 360 shooter (alongside stuff like Mamoro-kun and Shooting Love 20XX – there’s a reason these are the ones that aren’t getting overseas releases).

      • Yeah wasn’t aware that the game wasn’t very good, but it still looks decent to me, and I’ll play pretty much any shooter at least once, haha.

      • Aoshi00

        I hated Otomedius and sold it (they were so cheap to use the same seiyuu to voice both the good and evil girls..), but I really enjoyed Mamoru-kun, maybe it was the kiddie design, though it could’ve used better graphics.

  • Gigan22

    Honestly, I don’t much care if it’s good or not. I’ve never been very good at shmups but I do enjoy playing them. Though that is the reason I can’t bring myself to spend the money to import Cave’s recent region-free releases. Good or not, if it does get localized I will buy it to support the localization of more niche Japanese titles. Which is the exact reason I am buying Fragile Dreams, Record of Agarest War, and Deathsmiles. It does help that I want to play these games too. :)

  • who do we bug/beg at Konami to make this happen?? I’d like to send some emails.

  • crunc

    You have to wonder why Cave makes 360 exclusive games when the 360 has been such a flop there. Does Microsoft give them some incentive to make their games exclusive? Anyway, just bring the games over to the rest of the world. Even if it’s an uber-niche market in the US and Europe, surely it will sell more copies then they do in Japan just from the greater number of 360 users to pull a niche from?

    • neo_firenze

      “You have to wonder why Cave makes 360 exclusive games when the 360 has been such a flop there.”

      Mainstream popularity in Japan compared to PS3/Wii is irrelevant. In Japan, the 360 is widely accepted among the niche audience that buys shooters.

  • OldManMonkey

    Yes please.

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