Sample Metroid: Other M’s Story

By Spencer . March 2, 2010 . 5:50pm

This trailer for Metroid: Other M is quite different from the usual missile shooting and morph ball bouncing gameplay clips. There aren’t any Metroids, Samus isn’t wearing armor, and… she talks.


Nintendo and Team Ninja’s take on Metroid is heavy on story. This cinematic trailer of Samus looking out a window and reflecting on her past is a taste of what to expect in June.



Ishaan, are you frothing yet?

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  • This kind of threw me for a curve as I always pictured Samus having a Eastern or Central European accent. Don’t ask me why…

  • Soma

    I don’t think that I’m going to like this game. =/

    • cowcow

      *drop kicks you*

    • Dark_Sage

      Don’t worry. There’s always Let’s Tap for people like you.

  • ElTopo

    I’m actually really interested in this, Metroid always had a cool history, so it will be interesting to see how well expanding the narrative works in this game.

  • angkor

    Do not want.

  • i’m melting of delisiousness

    • ohhh hell i’m drunken with pleasure for this video and wine and wrote mispelled deliciousness

  • Avojavo

    I’ve read hands-on reviews from other gaming websites, and those made me think that this would be one most excellent game, but…

    … This is the worst trailer I’ve ever seen. Those with rapid talk narrators are at least trying to dump information on you; this one tells you absolutely nothing. I disagree with this trailer on an artistic standpoint.

  • ECM

    Please, God, make it stop :(

  • raymk

    sigh you people never learn to like anything new do you. I like the direction this game takes you and i like the CG art as well glad team ninja’s on board

    • ECM

      I’m sorry, but what?? What does that even mean? That because we don’t like cheesy, hackneyed, dialogue and angst for its sake means we don’t like new things? Are you really this obtuse?

      • Wait, wait. So…you LIKED the writing in Fusion? Because I thought it felt very out of place. If they can make it fit the context of the game in Other M better, I’m all for the cutscenes and whatnot.

        • ECM

          Is there something in the water on this site?! Where did I say I liked the story in Fusion? And even if I did/didn’t, wth does that have to do with what I said?? If I liked the story in Fusion (i can’t even recall it, tbh) that I have to like this because you think Fusion’s story sucked/was out of place?! Do you know what a non sequitur is??

          Clue: this movie is raw cheese, irrespective of how good/bad the story has been in past titles in the series and just because it’s potentially better than Fusion has no bearing on this situation other than it might be a slightly higher grade of cheese. (Again, I don’t really recall the story in Fusion, and I don’t honestly care, but this is just awful stuff.)

    • Soma

      I’m with ECM. This trailer was unbelievably cheesy. I’ve been trying to stay positive about Other M, but if the whole game is like this trailer, well … I’m not so sure.
      Hopefully, good game play will outweigh the cheesiness.

      • raymk

        what does it being chessy have to do with anything and you act like its the only scene in the game. Metriod games never had any real story telling sequences before and now they do. The metroid series is made by nintendo after all who makes mario and its made by japan. Does every story you enjoy have to be series

        • Soma

          First of all, it’s not like this is the only scene in the game, and in fact I mentioned in my last post “… IF the whole game is like this trailer …”
          Obviously, there’s more to the game than this. However, if the rest of the game is as over-dramatic as this trailer, then I have no interest in playing it for the story.
          Also, aside from the game title at the end of the trailer, it’s hard to tell that this even has anything to do with the Metroid series. And that worries me.

          Sure, it’s cool that they’re taking it in another direction and change in a series is usually good. But, I love the old Metroid games. Exploring the planet Samus is on, discovering new power-ups, and taking out space pirates and metroids. That’s what the game has always been about to me. Personally, I love a game that has a silent protagonist. I’m not saying that Other M is bad, I’m saying that it doesn’t appeal to me.

          Also, I don’t know what you mean by “The metroid series is made by nintendo after all who makes mario and its made by japan. Does every story you enjoy have to be series” or what that even has to do with anything.

  • fallen

    Metroid has always felt very.. out-of-this-world. Non-culture-specific. This just feels Japanese. I guess with Team Ninja at the helm, I should have been ready for this.

    However, I know the original Metroid team is involved directly for the first time since, what, Metroid 4?

    You can tell already – this is gonna be weird.

  • Aoshi00

    Looks like this Samus could fit right in the Metal Slug universe w/ her military attire :) Kind of a strange take I guess, like the Jpn anime on Halo or something, but I’m most likely going to get this game just to see what it’s about, I was never a big Metroid fan anyway, so I’m welcome to many new things.

  • Why are people complaining about a minute long cutscene? If I had to complain about something, I’d complain about the way she walks in that leaked intro movie. I feel like her body language is the most important thing when it comes to conveying personality.

    Other than that, I’m still very excited for the game. I think, despite whatever NCL do, NOA — yes, take that, I’m complimenting NOA for something — will try their best to fix it via localization, since they’re familiar with the Metroid audience.

    • bobhoskins

      Ishaan, there’s this very common species of humanoid creatures called “asshats.” It’s probably a good idea to simply ignore them, and enjoy what you want to enjoy. Otherwise, they’ll threaten to kick your ass over the internet, and give you a Hannibal Lecture over how your opinion is all wrong.

    • ZeroBlitz

      Personally, I thought it looked great and I’m suddenly much more interested in the game now. Let’s hope Team Ninja have a better writer(s) on-board than they usually do (perhaps supplied by Nintendo?).

      On a kinda related note: I know you’ve covered Dead or Alive Paradise here before but I somehow missed the article where they announced international releases.

      Not a game I could retain interest in once I’d tested out the mini-games so I’m going to pass, but seriously: a niche PSP game outside of Japan and, unlike the volleyball games, this doesn’t have the DOA fanbase to make sales. If this gets a localization and Fate/Extra doesn’t all the standard excuses would make no sense.

      • I’m really, really hoping Fate/Extra makes it over. Like you said, if DOA Freaking Volleyball makes it across and F/E doesn’t, it’s a sad, sad state of affairs…

        And yea, I think the trailer is great. I think people aren’t thinking about the implications enough, in which case they need to stop complaining until they can put things in context.

    • You know I’m a big fan of the older Metroid series as I’ve only dabbled in the 1st Person portion. This still looks very interesting and the more I read/see about M, the more I’m interested. Exciting indeed!

      • It’s alive! Good to have you back. :)

        Yea, it is exciting. I can hardly wait for more info from (hopefully) GDC and E3. The Primes were fantastic, but hey, if they want to flesh this awesome world out better, more power to them.

  • Nekobo

    Forget the story, you guys are are ignoring the true burning issue at hand: does this game have a boob jiggling feature like Sigma 2??? :p

  • eliel

    looking good sofar IT SHALL out sell Modern war fare 2…

  • anttichama

    I have never cared so much for the story of a Metroid game so to me this is irrelevant. I believe they could drop all the cinemas in this game and make it kick ass anyway. And I expect it will. :)

    Cant figure why anyone would have taken the story in Metroid games seriously. To me it was always about exploration, excellent platforming and kickass bosses.
    At best the story and dialog has been dry and boring.

  • It definitely looks interesting, not a fan of the little boy hair though.

  • pelham1233

    As long as they bring back the speedboost, I’m onboard.

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