There Be Goblins In Castlevania: Lord of Shadows

By Spencer . March 2, 2010 . 9:15am


Castlevania: Lord of Shadows has beings other than Dracula and his army of undead to whip. Konami released enemy renders of spiders, goblins, and lycanthropes.


That’s Gabriel Belmont above using his cross compacted whip to hit a creature. Below are pictures of more monsters and concept art from Castlevania: Lord of Shadows, which is scheduled to come out later this year.


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  • jarrodand

    Ew. :/

  • thebanditking

    Im excited to see Castlevania make a proper 3d debut but this title is not impressing me from a Castlevania standpoint. This could have been called anything. In my opinion the game is lacking the proper feel of a Castlevania, for me top notch voice actors and a hollywood orchestrated soundtrack take away from the series more then add to it.

    Where is the music? Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears? Where are the Classic monsters like the Blood Skeletons, Peeping Eye and ghouls. Where are the sub weapons and item crashes? This will no doubt be a fantastic game but Im not sure it will live up to the Castlevania name in the way series fans like my self are expecting. The previous 3d titles were bad to decent from a gamplay standpoint but from a art design, music and overall feel they were perfect. Igarashi kept the title gothic and still Japanese, Yamane wrote fantastic scores that were both fresh but fit well with the sound the series is known for, and Ms Kojima’s art work was the best mixture of 16th century goth and style.

    • JustAnotherTraveler

      I think that this game still retains a Castlevania feel at least more so than games like Portrait of Ruin. In this game, you still are going through a castle at points, it has a gothic style, its moody, it has platforming and action, you fight mythical creatures usually of a gothic/European style, and it stars a Belmont. Obviously, the transition will be a little more out there than usual, but it generally seems to be rather well fitting with the older games rather than the new ones. For example, when I see stuff about this game, I think of Super Castlevania 4 as opposed to Symphony of the Night. It seems to have the old school style.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Hm, yeah, pretty much what I was going to say. Something I’ve been wanting to know for a while as well, is Dracula even in this game? I would assume so since the main character is a Belmont, but…

    • cowcow

      As long as it kicks ass who cares

      • Moriken

        Best comment I’ve ever read about this game. Although it fits best as a reply to the people who complain because it might not have supposed to be a Castlevania title in the beginning.
        As long as the music doesn’t lie in the same levels of quality as the average modern Hollywood score, I don’t see anything wrong with the game yet, and that won’t change until I actually played it.

  • kupomogli

    The game was originally released with a trailer titling it as only Lord of Shadows. Castlevania was not in the title. It wasn’t until over a year later when the Castlevania name was tacked onto it because people stated how the weapon looked like a whip and how it looked similar to Simon Belmont’s Castlevania 2 character.

    The exact same trailer was reshown but with Castlevania Lord of Shadows.

    So being a Castlevania title was nothing more than an after thought. Hopefully there has been some major work from the original concept to where the story will be a lot different, but yeah. Just looking at nearly anything from the game it’s obvious that the Castlevania title was tacked on there for more sales.

    • fallen

      if this is anything like every other time this point has been brought up, prepare to be flamed for speaking the truth

  • BlueBlazer


    It’s so unnoriginal COME ON it’s castlevania it needs enemy desings not the normal werewolf or the shitty spiders =_=

    Where’s the Axe knight? the skeletons? the stupid vampires? GOBLINS=FAIL this is a disgrace to castlevania, at least the other 3D castlevanias stayed true to it’s roots.

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