Fist of the North Star Musou Has Motorcycles Mounts

By Spencer . March 3, 2010 . 10:07am

This Hokuto Musou (Fist of the North Star Musou) trailer focuses on other playable characters like Mamiya who has a body exploding kick and Jagi who drives a motorcycle in the game.


Jagi also has a pistol and bazooka. It almost seems unfair, but fighting dirty and shooting people is Jagi’s style.


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  • malek86

    Considering that Mamiya was almost completely useless in the manga, I don’t see why they put her in every game. I mean, come on. I bet even that Zed guy at the beginning was stronger than her.

  • bobhoskins

    I gotta admit. For a skin mod, it’s almost impressive.

  • Really can’t wait for this game. I’m placing my pre-order next week. This is definitely the best trailer so far though.

    It’s nice to finally see all the characters (well, there’s probably a hidden one here and there, it’s a Koei game after all, heh) though! I’m just REALLY glad they included Juuza and Ryuga. They are probably just NPCs, but it would be really awesome if they were playable.

    I’m most looking forward to playing as Kenshiro (duh), but also Toki, Rei, and Raoh. This is just going to be an epic game, I think, and Koei should certainly use some things from this title in their next DW game.

    I’m loving the destructible environments. That’s really cool in a game like this. I remember in the last trailer, they showed Kenshiro swinging around a giant stone pillar and killing guys with that, lol. Plus, he knocked some dude through a wall!

    I’ll shit a brick if this game turns out to suck like..hardcore.

    • bobhoskins

      The last 27 games sucked like…hardcore.

      So, you should probably start popping laxatives or something. Cause bricks will be shitting.

      • bricks can shit now?

        • Code

          rar, isn’t that call mortar?

        • bobhoskins

          Under certain circumstances. ;-)

      • You’re obviously joking. If anything, the fighting game from Arc System Works was awesome, despite limited character selection :P

        Also, just because something is bad for a long period of time (just saying if you WERE right) doesn’t mean it can’t turn into something good. I mean, come on..if we can have series that start out great, then turn to shit, I’m sure this game has the ability to turn shit into gold. Oh and it would be, “bricks will be shat”, not “shitting”, fyi :)

    • cowcow

      I’m hoping they take on Saint Seiya next!

      • Aoshi00

        That might work, but I thought the two PS2 games weren’t too fun (bought both at full price..), one of the modes had some musou gameplay right? Well, the image of Saint Seiya has been quite tarnished now w/ the new OVAs and new seiyuu (and now the new Lost Canvas spinoff). Vegeta (Horikawa Ryo) sounds awful in DB Kai now, he would’ve made a good Hades, guess the OVAs just came way too late…

        Still, Saint Seiya in detailed HD compared to the blocky 3D models, that would be something.. Pegasus Meteor Fist blowing goons away..

    • Aoshi00

      Wonder how much the whole set costs, the alarm clock is the bomb, “Ken, you can’t go to sleep!” Trailer looks really awesome, kind of miss Kamiya Akira as Kenshirou though..

      btw, thanks for the pointers, I got meself the superstar trophy now after 2 more tries, so now I have Lightning on both my laptop and PS3 as the wallpaper :)

  • kupomogli

    I am now very interested in this game. Not a fan of Dynasty Warriors at all, but I love the Fist of the North Star series.

    Now hopefully the storyline is actually based on the series and not based off a generic Koei created storyline.

    If it’s based on the series, it looks like it’ll be carried late into the series. Obviously won’t be based off the movie version since characters like Toki, Juda, Souther, etc, are in it.

    I’ll definitely be picking this one up.

    • cowcow

      Its based on the series (main story mode) and then there’s an original mode I think


    When will they announce this for the US?

  • heartless141

    get this game and i’ll have no regret in my existent

  • Cloud_ST

    The game looks kinda cool,but the song of the trailer was really lame,nothing beats “YOU wa SHOCK!!”.

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