Hideki Kamiya Discusses Motivation Behind Bayonetta

By Ishaan . March 3, 2010 . 8:48am


It’s always interesting to hear developers talk about their motivations for creating different kinds of products. Some designers have such amazing range, one really tends to wonder how they manage to switch between the mindsets you’d need to approach each game with. For instance, Hideki Kamiya designed both Bayonetta and Okami.


In a post from January recently translated on the English Platinum Games blog, he explains that, while Okami was designed to be loved by everyone, Bayonetta was more of a game that appealed to him, personally.


With Okami, we aimed to make something that would be widely loved; however, making something in the manner we made Bayonetta is making something that really has to “agree” with you. Personally, I’m someone who doesn’t get motivated if I don’t think something is fun, and Bayonetta is something that people actively choose. Like with food, when one forgoes sweet curry, instead picking Thai red curry (which I was actually addicted to recently and was eating every day). For people like that, who can’t get enough of that “je ne sais quoi”-flavor1, I hope you keep supporting us in the future.


1. Something with a flavour that’s unique or hard to describe accurately.


Kamiya also talks about the differences between the western and Japanese games press. He elaborates that one of the editors from Future Publishing interviewed him for the European Bayonetta strategy guide, and he found their questions to be very deep. He went on to say that he felt interviews with the Japanese press felt less stimulating, due to their tendency to censor and edit interviews — even before they are scanned by PR, surprisingly — more than required, to the point where they feel "mild."


There’s also a mockup of a Bayonetta body pillow (come on, you knew this was coming) at the post, so even if just for that, head on over to check it out.

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  • Code

    rar, well the shape of her body doesn’t agree with me T_T I tried the demo and the game play was fun enough, but I just mentally couldn’t get over the hurdle of her bizarre proportions. I think I might have a touch of OCD, because after it was pointed out I just can’t stop seeing it — just like Chun-li’s thumb and hands in SF4 T_T” I can’t un-see it.

    • endaround

      Just imagine her as a CLAMP character rendered in 3D.

      • bobhoskins

        That only applies to dudes… T_T

    • badmoogle

      I LOVED her bizarre proportions!
      I guess i’m kinky.:p

      • Code

        Am I shallow for preferring women with head’s proportionate to there body T_T?

    • Aoshi00

      I was pretty bothered by Chun-Li’s gaint buddha palms in SF4, but Bayonetta really looks great in action despite being incredibly tall, and sexy as hell. Actually once you beat the game and unlock her other outfits, she looks more proportionate like in her gym shorts and race queen outfit. She looks the weirdest in her white nun robe in the cemetary, kind of like a stick figure, but she looks great the rest of the game.

      I have to respect Kamiya’s taste, a girl has to have some meat on her bum :)

  • thebanditking

    I still have yet to play this. The PS3 version was so terrible that I just can’t justify spending money on it. I would have picked this up for 360 but the controller is carpal tunnel inducing for action games for me.

    • Aoshi00

      I guess the DualShock3 btns would feel better for an action game, but I really had no problem using the 360’s for Bayonetta. I prefer the 360 controller being more sturdy and having a more sensitive joystick for most games, for DS3 I’m always afraid of wearing it out, it feels like the middle part would twist if you just exert a little more force.

      But man, you HAVE to play this game, it’s stylish and fun from beginning to end, Great music, action, quirky story, etc. I wasn’t even a fan of Devil May Cry or God of War. Too bad the PS3 port was poorly done. Speaking of which, where the heck is my Bayonetta soundtrack from P-A.. I guess technically I didn’t even need to buy it because galleries and jukebox will be unlocked once you beat the game.. but I loved all the Fly Me to the Moon remixes.

      • Man my darn Soundtrack is still on backorder too. :

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