No Technique Points? No Problem In Keroro RPG

By Spencer . March 4, 2010 . 3:58pm

imageLike Tales of Hearts before it, Keroro RPG: The Knight, Warrior, and Legendary Pirate drops technique points, a staple in most Tales games.


A chain capacity meter replaces the TP stat. See the number 5 in the screenshot? That’s the CC meter. It drops after each attack, a point for a basic hit or three if you do a special move like Gengetsuga where Keroro temporarily transforms into a samurai.


Each attack fills up the blazing rise meter, the blue bar underneath the HP meter. When the BR meter is full you can press L and activate a mode where you can attack relentlessly without worrying about your CC meter.


I tried a demo of Keroro RPG’s system and aside from the lack of TP it feels just like a Tales game. Seeing Keroro leap into the air for a multi-hit spinning sword slash called F-hornet is pretty amusing too. This frog can fight. You can switch to Keroro’s allies by opening the menu and pressing L to change characters. Kululu acts like a magic user armed with cure spells and magic missiles which he can fire out of a DS-like device.

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  • holyPaladin

    I think CC used in ToD remake?

    • jj984jj

      Yes, Team Destiny games (Destiny PS2, Hearts, and Graces) all use Chain Capacity.

      This is the first game not from them to do so.

  • denpanosekai

    Dude, where’d you get that demo?

    • Spencer

      Japan’s Nintendo Channel. It’s been up for a few days now.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Hell yes, CC system. It is superior to TP, imo.

  • Excel-2012

    I’m angry that I won’t ever be able to play this for two reasons:

    1. I can’t read.
    2. I’ve never played a Tales game.

  • bugmeknot

    How does the CC meter recharge? Are you limited to just 5 basic attacks or 2 basic attacks and 1 special move per battle?

    I guess “blazing rise” is a replacement for “overlimit”, does it also negate the temporary stun effect each time you get hit?

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