Arc Rise Fantasia Dubbed In English For U.S.

By Ishaan . March 9, 2010 . 9:05pm


IGN have got their hands on a preview build of imageepoch’s Arc Rise Fantasia, and while preview copies of the game come with the Japanese voice track on the disc, the final build will only hold an English dub licensed by publisher Ignition Entertainment.


In the past, localization has consistently been one of the areas Ignition have struggled with in their attempt to publish Japanese games in the North American market. One of the primary reasons behind this is their collaboration with localization firm Entalize, who translated Nostalgia for the DS and Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii, both of which were subpar by current localization standards.


Whether or not Entalize have been contracted for Arc Rise Fantasia is, as of now, unknown. The game is currently scheduled for a June 22nd release. It’s been a while since we covered it, so here are some screenshots from last year.


Thanks to Denpa no Sekai for the tip!

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  • vrakanox

    Just another game I feel like I’ve been waiting for forever. Someday all games are going to be released all over the world at the same time. Yeah, and maybe i’m a Chinese jet pilot.

  • Soma

    Gah! I would honestly rather have no Japanese voice track than have poor localization.
    Still, I have been looking forward to this game and it would be awesome if we could have both English and Japanese language tracks.

    • jj984jj

      Arc Rise Fantasia is made by ex-Tales developers who used the skit system from that series, there’s no way both tracks would fit on one disk without some sort of compromise or sacrifice.

  • Guest

    Game won’t sell or get advertise so I really wish XSEED would have manage to keep this title. Ignition is just terrible at localization and the switch delayed this game just like Muramasa (which didn’t get advertised, sold low to average and had a pretty bad localization). In other words Ignition is just flipping annoying as a publisher do not like and want them to stay away from any game I find interesting.

    • I can assure you Muramasa wouldn’t have sold half as well had Xseed published it. I love Xseed, but let’s be realistic here. Ignition have the backing of a large firm behind them and more marketing dollars. They got NOA to turn one of their stores into a Muramasa-themed event for the launch…that’s about as good as it gets.

      • You’d think with all that banking they could hire someone that understands Japanese, which the Muramasa localization would imply is something they don’t find valuable.

  • jj984jj

    After Muramasa’s terribly lazy localization English audio is at least a good sign I guess… Now let’s hope they contracted a good localization team like 8-4, Kajiya, or gaijinworks instead of Entalize, or at least have someone with formidable experience and a good track record taking charge of the localization.

  • Pesmerga00

    Please, Ignition don’t ruin Arc Rise Fantasia. Hire someone other than Entalize for the localization. I’ve had high hopes for this game since the development team was announced. All this publisher buy-out stuff has left me a bit nervous though.

    Here’s to hoping it turns out well. (At least they can’t screw up Mitsuda’s score.)

  • Ugh, yet an other game I’ll have to wait for an undub for….

    • bobhoskins

      Moron #3.

  • Given Entalize’s past record, it’s safe to say they’ll need grammar Nazis in its staff.

  • Guest

    English dub only, eh?

    Another one off the list. A shame really, I was looking forward to this up to this point.

    • bobhoskins

      Moron #2.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Wow, I can’t believe people are seriously going to pass on the game because it’s dub only… And furthermore, I’m surprised anyone thought that it wouldn’t be dub only.

    • I have more issue with them using a company that has either no respect or no knowledge of the Japanese language. Or is it that they don’t understand English enough to translate to it?

      Either way They’ve proven that they can’t handle translating between the 2 languages.

      So, I have more issue with Ignition publishing anything than an English dub (I have little to no issues with at least a decent dub).

      Kinda thought that when Shane Bettenhausen came on board he’d actually care enough to see to it that their localizations were good.

      • Ereek

        I can agree with this. I have an intense dislike for Ignition (the only game company I am actively boycotting) and I would be far more worried about the actual translation than the English dub.

    • Ereek

      You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Artavasdus

      I totally agree, if wishing and asking for a dual audio release is absolutely understandable (more choice is always better) boycotting the game because of the single dub track isn’t.

      I would understand this attitude if dual audio had always been the standard for jrpg localization (or if it had became so in the last years), but seeing how it is implemented almost only by NiSA and occasionaly by titles such as Valkyria Chronicles it is safe to say that it’s no standard at all, and the ones boycotting ARF should have been boycotting almost every single western jrpg release since the implementation of spoken dialogues.

      How many have boycotted Vesperia, FF13, Star Ocean TLH X360, Persona 4 etc for the lack of japanese audio? Why should ARF create such an outcry?

      • jj984jj

        Not to mention NISA and Sega have resorted to cutting corners on their localization to provide both tracks, like not dubbing all scenes originally voiced in the Japanese version of Cross Edge or Resonance of Fate.

        It’d be nice if all projects could be done like Sakura Wars V on PS2, but giving away 2 copies of a game for the price of one is never going to become the norm. If this news means that Ignition can provide the game a proper localization without cutting any corners then it’s definitely good news.

        • Ereek

          The problem is that adding the Japanese track does cost the publishers money. A lot of people seem to think it’s laziness, but it’s not. I’d bet a good amount that if they didn’t add the Japanese track the English track would be complete.

          • jj984jj

            I understand that providing the Japanese track isn’t laziness and not only does it cost money for the track, it also takes up space and more dubbing takes extra time and even more money, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to do a poor job on the localization or lazily not provide a dub at all, especially for a full retail games. Not in a consumer oriented market, I’m sure a company like Entalize doesn’t care at the end of the day if we buy the game or not but Ignition should.

    • thebanditking

      Agreed, while I can appreciate the original voice track (though the general consumer will not) I find that most of the dubs today are really good and that the “purists” make them out to be far worse then they really are.

    • I’m boycotting the underboob censorship.

      • EvilAkito

        Right on!

    • bobhoskins

      Oh, come on! It’s not *that* bad! I just counted three “undub” morons here. Trust me…it’s been worse before. :)

      The world won’t asplode. At least this time…

      • Guest

        True morons are the ones that will throw their cash at any game that hits shelves without regard to localization or dub quality. When you’ve learned enough spoken Japanese to be able to distinguish between the two dubs, then perhaps your opinion will have merit. Until then, you’re just another ignorant consumer.

        Just settle for less like you always do, without holding companies accountable for their easy-in easy-out philosophy on localizations. If a company acquires a license to bring a game over, I would expect to see them do the absolute best job they can with the game. If not, don’t touch the license. Easy as that. The only reason “purists” like us exist is because we grow tired of seeing games butchered by an inexperienced or miscast dub team.

        It’s easy to say that something isn’t bad when you don’t know any better.

        • Pichi

          My problem with most “purists” is that they condemn the voices before even hearing the cast. When a game is Japanese VA only, they instant buy regardless if the script is translated/localized well or not.

        • rock1644

          So if you know Japanese, why do you care what it happens with the English version? You don’t even have to play it.

          • Pichi

            The keyword is “spoken” Japanese. For many in the anime sub crowd, its easier to understand Japanese spoken words than reading Japanese. So they want it both ways of Japanese voice and English text.

            Don’t really like to compare in the way of both should be the same. I want localizations to have that Atlus style flavor. Not something dry/void of personality or something that came from babel fish.

          • rock1644

            So they think they understand spoken Japanese because of the English subtitles? I don’t buy that at all.

  • rinshu

    Preorder canceled already when I first heard about this. Maybe someone on the dark fringes will offer an Undub. If and when that happens I may pay for the game. Until then Ignition can suck it and WILL NOT get my hard earned dollars.

    • bobhoskins

      Moron #1.

  • thebanditking

    Well lets hope the dub and translation are better then Ignition’s last efforts. As I said before I don’t mind most dubs these days but there are some that are still not up to snuff, and this Entalize company is one of those.

  • I wonder if it’s possible to rip the audio from the Japanese release and the underboob censored models and replace them in the U.S. version? :P

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    While I also disliked the way Ignition handled the previous games in the past hopefully they will improve in time like Atlus. As for the voice track, I don’t really care if it’s dubbed or undubbed as long as the translation isn’t bad.

  • AQuatermain

    I can live with that. Anyway, Ignition Entertainment has never promised the original Japanese voices (unlike what happened with NISA and Sakura Wars on Wii).

  • plz, i dun wanna have anothher game bad localized as lux pain, i loved that game, but the worst localization ever made me cry a bit

  • Volcynika

    Well I thought we already knew this, but yeah, English dub only. If there’s ever a choice where there can be only one dub for an English localization, it needs to be English. Good to see they made the right choice.

    Though if the localization is bad, I’ll pass anyways! :p

  • epy

    Providing english dub only to a game that mostly appeals to the hardcore anime crowd. Awesome decision.

  • Aoshi00

    Nice, so I didn’t get the Jpn import in vain after all :) Got to get back to that one of these days, Wii is getting no love from me… Boo for getting rid of the underboob..

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