SCEA Publisher Relations Vice President On Final Fantasy XIII Launch

By Spencer . March 9, 2010 . 1:30am


Immediately following a Microsoft representative’s comments, Rob Dyer from Sony Computer Entertainment America stepped on the stage and shared his thoughts about the Final Fantasy series.


“When you think about Final Fantasy it is truly synonymous with PlayStation. When you think about Final Fantasy VII it really made the PlayStation 1 a truly mass machine. Now to Final Fantasy X, it helped make hype about what the PlayStation 2 was. Today, we’re talking about Final Fantasy XIII and you know you’re getting a true Blu-ray experience on one disc,” said Rob Dyer, Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations at SCEA.


His comment was followed by loud cheers and jeers by the audience.


“So, I want to thank the Final Fantasy XIII team for making a great game. Do me a favor tonight, check out my post on the PlayStation Blog where you can find out about the exclusive content you can only get on PlayStation.”


The exclusive content Dyer is talking about are campaign codes for a secret in-game item for use in Final Fantasy XIV and a chance to be a beta tester. This is the same promotion Square Enix ran in Japan for the first print on Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Hraesvelgr

    I really doubt the FFXIV item will push more people to buy the game, but people hearing that the PS3 version looks better might.

    • thebanditking

      Well if you go off VGchartz their pre-order data showed that 70% of the FFXIII preorders were for the PS3 version. Not to mention I know alot of people who switched their pre-order (or dropped it) when they found out how the 360 version turned out. I got my english copy last Friday and the store’s owner was wondering what he was going to do with the extra copies of XIII on 360 because so many people switched last minute. There are even 360 specific websites that admit to reviewing the PS3 version. Honestly this does not surprise me at all, the demographics for each system make it fairly obvious that PS3 owners care more about Final Fantasy then 360 owners.

  • Pfft, haha! I wasn’t there, but reading this after the X-box rep’s. speech, this made my night. Cheers and jeers… jeez.
    Got to love corporate banter/slander sometimes. It perfectly reflects the fanboys to a tee.

  • Humility isn’t even in Sony’s dictionary. Blu-ray is so awesome, it makes you forget that the ps3 crashed during a fake leap year.

    • jarrodand

      Sony’s really deserved everything that’s come to them this gen. Maybe when they move past the hubris, they’ll actually move past last place?

    • thebanditking

      Everyone should forget about that, because it was seriously a non-issue, I never understood why the entire internet was so quick to explode over it. There are other devices that have had the same problem in the past, it was because of a system bios screw up. I seem to remember Zune’s and other devices having the same problem, because they all shared chips from a certain manufacturer.

    • Chow

      I find it amusing how he made a point to slip in the fact that it’s one disc on the PS3.

  • nyoron

    When you think about Final Fantasy it is truly synonymous with PlayStation.

    So how come the only FFXIII bundle in the US is a 360 bundle? And why are all the FFXIII commercials I’ve seen 360 branded only? If you didn’t know better you’d think it was an Xbox exclusive…

  • Dark_Sage

    “able to enter for a potential opportunity to become a beta tester”
    “Free lottery ticket with every purchase!”

  • i386

    Dunno what went wrong, but something definitely did for the ps3’s ff13 launch.
    Slim to none ad campaign; no LE for the game, hell, NOT EVEN A BUNDLE.
    It’s a complete marketing failure on sony’s side which can only be explained by MS gigantic pockets and the exclusive deal they must have had with SQEX. Absolutely unbelievable.

    • jarrodand

      I’d imagine Sony blew their budget on securing the Japanese exclusive already. Not really surprising that Microsoft outmaneuvered them here.

      • thebanditking

        I think outmanuvered is a bit of an extreme statement to make. The marketing has done little other then make 360 owners aware of FF13 (which from what I have seen they dont care). Other then that the 360 version has been plagued with bad press, PR screw ups and lower pre-order sales. In my opinion for all the money MS paid for FF13 to come to 360 it looks to be more of a wash then a success.

        Also what makes you think Sony spent any money “securing” Japanese exclusivity? Considering MS has to pay for there to even be a 360 version in the first place, logic would dictate that FF13 was not on 360 in Japan because MS did not want to pay for another region. Not because Sony paid for there not to be.

        • malek86

          People assume MS just paid a truckload of money to have the game, but I’m not so sure. I think Squenix decided to put it on 360 by themselves. Or maybe with a little monetary nudge by MS, but nothing as spectacular as we might think. Wada said many times the game was made for western audiences. So, especially considering how much the game has costed to develop, putting the game on only one platform would have made less sense. Sure it will be more successful on the PS3, but even if it only managed to scramble a million copies on the 360, that’s still a million more copies sold for Squenix. It will greatly outdo the conversion costs (especially because it seems they didn’t bother too much with the conversion), and also give out a nifty bit of profit.

          That’s why I don’t understand some developers’ decision not to port their games to the PS3, like the Valve case. Maybe L4D wouldn’t sell as much on the PS3 as it does on the 360, but I’m pretty sure it would still turn a nice profit, and also build a fanbase for later. Why they didn’t bother with it, is beyond me.

          • thebanditking

            Naturally there is no proof, though back at E3 2008 it was heavily implied that this was the case. Besides why decide so late in development, after 3 years of exclusive development you just up and decide to port the game to another system? Doesn’t seem too smart. Also the 360’s development process also implies that it was a last minute decision.

            Given their past behavior its not hard to imagine that they did pay for it. They paid for Tales, Star Ocean 4, the GTA content, and many of the other 3rd party timed exclusives, it was mentioned by a Japanese developer that MS is all to happy to give out money for Japanese support.

            I highly doubt that after the failures that were Project Slipheed, Infinite Undiscovery, and Last Remnant (not that they were good games mind you) and the mediocre reception SO4 got that S-E’s first priority was to give up development resources for their biggest title to port it on to a system which it likely would not perform well on.

            As for Valve, I don’t know what their story is, perhaps they just don’t have the resources for PS3 development and Gabe Newell (who is now officiall a continent) chooses to hide behind platform preference. Though its no skin off my nose, thats what I have a 360 for.

    • thebanditking

      I dont see how anything went wrong. The 360 version is selling at a much slower rate then the PS3 and the LE bundle does not even show up on top sellers lists (unless you count Amazon and even there its sitting at #50 or lower). FF13 on PS3 is the number 1 item for the system on any games page but the same can’t be said for the 360.

      This is all with no exclusive marketing and no hype. Not to mention that the marketing and TV ads were never really exclusive at all. 360 had the NBA event but after that the newer TV ads show both platforms and no longer mention the bundle . Here is the TV ads they have been running for a week now also the print ads always showed both as did the online ads, and that just NA. Europe had timed 360 TV ads but all the giant bus ads showed both as did any other advertisement.

      Despite what some may believe S-E does not want to market FF13 as a 360 title, they need the PS3 to have the title be successful. Rather S-E and MS want the 360 version to be known about so it does not bomb like S-E other 360 titles. Though with 360 pre-orderes sitting at 135k it remains to be seem how effective it turns out to be.

      • nyoron

        I was secretly hoping for a Lightning PS3 that I wouldn’t have to pay out the ass for, so I’m a little bitter.

        • thebanditking

          I understand, I too like the Lightning bundle. Though its worth saying that no PlayStation Final Fantasy has ever launched in America with a themed console bundle (FF12 had one in Japan too and it was pretty nice). Still I would only want a PS3 bundle if it was the Lightning one, as the 360’s bundle is far too lame in my opinion.

          • Really? Maybe for the core FF fan, but I was actually thinking of picking it up later this week since it’s a nice set up for a new comer like myself.

          • hadjimurad

            we get it. you love sony! nothing you can say will change that impression from your posts on this article.

  • mad55

    The 360 version is aweome as well the sony lapdog is just angry

  • Ereek

    It’s amazing how these articles bring out the worst in Siliconera posters.

    • Pesmerga00

      Yeah, I agree. Though it is pretty tame comparatively.

      FFXIII has actually managed to bring out the worst in the general gaming population as a whole. Pretty sad really. Trying to find some general info on any of the major gaming boards is a nightmare. A blog can’t even post a simple article without people hurling insults at each other. I didn’t think things were this bad last Gen.

      • To be fair, companies didn’t bait fans as much last gen either. Or rather, they didn’t need to, because the PS2 had such a huge lead over every other system, both in sales and quality. This gen, it’s all about the, “Ooh, look at our exclusive DLC / timed exclusive release / marketing agreement to make it look like a single platform game when it’s not!” etc etc.

        • Pesmerga00

          That is true. Lately companies seem to be pitting their demographic against each other. What better than a devoted employee. One that will sing praises of your machine, and denounce your rival’s. All without ever asking for a thing in return.

          Seriously, though. More often they do seem to be going out of their way to “steal” or block one another from obtaining console exclusives. I don’t remember too many “timed” exclusives last gen either. However with the current ones someone will always lose out. Even if it is a solid business practice, such tactics tend to get people riled up. Each camp tends to feel ripped off in one form or another. Whether it be content, price or an extended wait.

          I just wish that people wouldn’t take it as a personal affront. It’s simply companies trying one-up each other for a profit. The videogame industry is hardly the first to see these types of practices. Even though fanboys are in the minority, they still manage to be so vocal and obnoxious that it brings the rest of us down.

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