Got Any Burning Final Fantasy XIII Questions?

By Spencer . March 10, 2010 . 5:46am

imageWe’re going to sit down with Motomu Toriyama to talk about Final Fantasy XIII in a few hours. I’m guessing that *some* of you are playing [or have played] the game and might want to ask the game’s director a question.


If you do, post it in the comments. Again, no guarantees, but I’ll try to get answers for our community of Siliconerites.

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  • • The game is known to introduce the “free roaming” aspect as late as chapter 12, what was the thought behind this?

  • Ereek

    – Now that the game is released worldwide, looking back on the project, is there anything he would have added or changed? What would it be?

    – Are the fan reactions to FFXIII what he was hoping them to be?

    – What is the most important thing he has learned during his time as director of FFXIII?

    • Oh God, please ask that last question.


    • Just a heads up, but we got to your questions (even the one below) and almost everyone that posted a comment before 1PM yesterday. Look for this fan powered interview soon :)

      • Ereek

        Thanks, Spencer. I can’t wait to read it.

  • raymk

    Why doesn’t square-enix like to do DLC and will FFXIII have any?

  • Dark_Sage

    Why did you make Hope such a bitch, Sazh such a cunt, and Vanille such a retard?

      • Dark_Sage


        “Some of the fans had negative reactions to some of your characters. How did you come to the decision to make the cast so polarizing?”

        • See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? :P

          • Ereek

            I think some people seem to forget they’re not on 4Chan anymore.

          • Vino (Tim N)


  • why dont we have swimsuits costumes? namco is already on that!

  • Vanilla

    Based on FFXIII’s reception, what concepts do you think might be retained for a future FFXV and which ones scrapped?

  • Well, speaking seriously, ive always wondered, how they make sounds fit some moment/place/dungeons? do they make the music staff to make the sound first and they create the dungeons based on that or they first make the dungeons and give brief descriptions of how they want the music. Ive heard so great and perfect pieces that is hard to belive they made that with some limits stated in mind, and besides, music is not something easy to limit.
    So basically, the sound/game realtion.

    Is he the same director for FF agito and FF 13 versus? o.0 maybe that has been answered already but im just wondering, has he been working with 3 projects at the same time?

    • Vanilla

      I’ve always had these sorts of questions about animation and music in general. There is never a time where I watch Cinderella and am NOT amazed by the minute details in the orchestral score for every single tiny movement. From where does it all start? Does the music follow the animation? Does the animation follow the music? Neither?

      The same kind of awe translates over to RPG music. I’m always so wowed by some of the themes and background songs and how iconic they can be. From my understanding, Yoko Shimomura is given an outline on characters or what kind of feelings to put into her songs for KH, but how does the process work for other composers?

  • Amatsuhira

    We heard there was enough cut from the game to equal to a whole games worth of content. Why was this done, and can we get the lost content back in any form?

  • Ereek

    Oh, I thought of another one and I can’t edit my last post.

    – What led to the decision of having the game rely heavily on the Datalog? Not only does it describe scenes, but it greatly expands on them. As someone who likes to read lore in games, I loved it! The Datalog is especially helpful for those who have never read Episode 0, was it initially meant to be integrated so deeply into the story?

  • i387

    – What happened with the Japanese language DLC ?

    – Why is FF now 100% style over substance?

    – Why did Square die the very minute Sakaguchi left the building ?

  • shalashaska

    Just askem’ to answer in short and direct ways (they are never gonna answer this), why did the two versions end the way they did as all core gamers know (720p/sub HD, 1080p/bad bink Quality FMV) and if they read Digital Foundy pre-analysis about how they should port FFXIII to good results, they did the complete oposite.

    Crystal tools = Multiplataform Engine? really?

    Ask that.

  • epy

    Are we getting the japanese voices somehow?

    What additions are you planning for the International version? And don’t tell me there won’t be one.

    Will they continue to ignore the JRPG crowd in favor of appealing to the mainstream (whatever they think that is) when developing new titles?

  • You have mentioned that FFXIII was going to be the “last game of its kind for Square Enix”.
    Even the team felt a bit confused by that statement ….so, what was it implying exactly?
    What brought you to that decision?
    How does the team feel about that?
    What is the future for the main series?
    Any plans for a return of series like Parasite Eve or Bushido Blade to home consoles?
    Thank you for your time!

  • Aoshi00

    Any chance Uematsu would come back to compose the score for FF XV, other than Online 2?

    Did you regret leaving out the towns/substantial NPCs, which most fans seem to miss, and will they be back in FF XV?

    Was Episode Zero supposed to be in the game at first and cut due to budget constraint, asking the player to refer to the Xenosaga-like encyclopedia seems to be a lazy way to tell a story, not to mention breaking the pacing of the game.

    • Sorry Aoishi and Matty, I did the interview before your questions came in :(

      • Aoshi00

        doh! That’s okay… I missed this earlier and posted late anyway.. Actually another burning question of mine was the lack of force feedback throughout the whole game, I was surprised I wasn’t feeling anything even during the explosion cutscenes, I thought my Dual Shock 3 had problem or I didn’t have the settings right. Too bad :(…

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