Rumour: DS2 Screens Closer Together, Reveal At E3

By Ishaan . March 14, 2010 . 10:24am


Rpad TV did a little asking around at GDC to see what they could dig up on the DS2. What they managed to squeeze out of certain third-party developers was that, while DS2 will retain the dual screen format, both screens will be bigger and much closer to each other, essentially giving off the illusion of a single large screen.


Allegedly, development kits for the DS are similar in architecture to those of the Gamecube, despite prior rumours of the device being powered by an nVidia Tegra chip. An accelerometer is all but confirmed at this point, considering Nintendo president Satoru Iwata himself has hinted at it.


And finally, the general consensus seems to be that the DS2 is scheduled for a reveal at E3 this year. Developers working on games for the platform hope to have them ready for release by the end of the year, should Nintendo choose to launch it in this fall.


The bigger question is, what kind of software and capabilities will the device have built into it? We know Netflix are considering streaming to the DS. But then you have internal Nintendo-developed software like Tomodachi Collection, which would make complete sense to include with a DS2 as a fun social networking application.


Mockup image sourced from Gizmodo.

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  • Great… now do I buy a DSi XL or wait for the DS2? Blargh!

    • symytry

      I’m no the wait wagon. The only reason at this point to purchase the XL is if the successor isnt’ backwards compatible. Given Nintendo’s track for BC, I doubt that will be the case. You’ll want to keep an older DS for GBA games, if you’ve got nothing else to play them on however.

    • Dark_Sage

      Please let this be a joke post.

      • Please explain how this could be viewed as a joke. Sure the “Blargh” was mildly amusing, but the jist of the post is pretty to the point.

    • For what it’s worth, I’m waiting. But for you, since the appeal of the XL is the larger screens, it might be worth getting it, since then you’d have access to a library of games you wouldn’t otherwise be very interested in.

      • Well, it’s just that for all we know, the DS2 screens will be the same size as the XL. That’s really my only dilemma.

      • Chow

        I truly don’t know what I’d be doing about the NDS2. I do know that the NDS Lite is good enough for everything NDS-related for me. That being said, I wonder if the first generation NDS2 will seem really good at first until the Lite revision comes out that completely blows it away, and that is what I’m worried about.

        I do find myself not playing that many portable systems lately anyway, so I guess I’m very likely to be waiting this out.

        • I’m the exact opposite…most of my gaming is done on portables, haha. I really want a DS2…or rather, I want a new DS that makes developers “reboot” their development mindset, just like every new hardware generation does. Especially in the case of RPGs, this could be really beneficial. :)

          (I wonder if that made any sense…?)

        • ElTopo

          Considering Nintendos direction with the design of the lite/dsi/and XL you can bet the model is going to be similar. Again if you want to wait another two years for a possible revision you can go right ahead, but really you should be able to more then get your moneys worth in 2-3 years worth of life before the next revision comes out.

    • ElTopo

      I wouldnt be surprised if we dont see a DS2 release until end of 10, or next year, so 6 months to 1 year with your DS XL could be fine with you, and then could just become your standard go to for your DS library. Depends on how much your willing to spend in a one year time period. Im going to wait for the DS2

    • thebanditking

      Unless you really have the $190 to blow, then wait. Personally I bought a DSi as they are cheaper and the screens are big enough for what I expect from a Nintendo handheld. Also early reports of games looking very pixelated on the DSi XL have scared me off. Games like Professor Layton and Zelda Spirit tracks look fine, but other games are said to not hold up as well (especially older titles). I suspect that despite the same screen resolution the XL’s size increase just makes decent/bad sprite and texture work look more noticible.

  • Very interesting! Though with Nintendo’s constant hardware revisions, I’d probably wait for DS2.5 XLi AlphaZero MAX. Then again… I still use an O.G. DS Phat and I’m glad I do… I’d rather play GBA games on my DS than have a crappy camera in my portable game system. :P

    • ElTopo

      Yeah I guess if you want to wait another good 2-5 years for the updates to start rolling in go for it.

    • leave it to Nintendo to remake and barely update their hardware.. and people will love them! …people are just encourging this horriable trend by buying everything and anything they make, so nintendo knows they dont even have to try anymore.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Wasn’t that the whole thing with the Wii though? That’s it’s only marginally better than a Gamecube, just with a motion sensor gimmick?

  • It looks slick and simple, I like it already. Can’t say I’m ready to grab one just yet, though, even it were to be planned to be released next year.

    “both screens will be bigger and much closer to each other, essentially giving off the illusion of a single large screen.”
    Now, that’s a welcoming update. You just have to make dang sure you don’t let it slip out of your hands and break it in two. All the other DS systems were pretty resilient to short falls. This looks to be definitely not the case here.
    I just wonder what’s that under the dpad there.

    • That’s just a mock-up from many years ago. No one knows what the system really looks like. :P

      • Oh, well, it looks nice! Can only imagine what it would look like if it ever comes out, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it more-or-less like that.

  • Rare needs to put Dk64 on the DS2 to finally create the Rare DK GC platformer we never had… though it’s a remake, but it’s close enough. :P

    And get Nintendo to allow them to finally release Donkey Kong Racing to the world on it.

    Sonic Adventure DX and 2 Battle would make very ideal DS2 ports ala Mario 64 DS.

    Same with Sunshine, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s a launch title.

    The DS2 needs a thumbstick of sorts for proper analog control.

    • Or Mario Paint. Still can’t figure why it hasn’t shown up on the DS by now.
      Sure, there’s Flipnote and Art Academy, but they could have done something new with Mario Paint, too, right?

      • I believe WarioWare: D.I.Y. is the spiritual successor to that in some ways. :)

  • Oh noes. Someone likes something different from me! Surely they must be a retard lololol! :o

    • Dark_Sage

      “Slightly bigger screens! Truly worth $190!”

    • bobhoskins

      That was…pompous.

    • Justinzero

      I have really bad eyes, and playing on the small DS screen is a tough ordeal some days. I preordered a DSiXL, because those “slightly larger” screens really appeal to me. Ether way, if the new DS2 is announced, it will be a long while before it hits shelves. More than enough time to decide if I even want to sink money into purchasing it. If there is one thing I’ve learned from DS marketing, is that there is always something better around the corner :D

  • ndjn3979

    DS2? Didn’t they just release LL or something? Didn’t know Nintendo would be such a money milker. Reminds me of the various music “Hero” games….won’t be getting my wallet!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Mario called, he wants to know where you’ve been all these years. He said Link wants to know, too.

    • ElTopo

      Yeah thats why it wasnt marketed at you, just seems like nintendo trying one last hurrah to milk the DS platform to anyone that might not have jumped on, like old people. Its the new “Now you can see it!” model for the 65+ crowd

  • JeremyR

    I once met a guy that worked as a janitor at an Air Force base that he saw aliens stored in a freezer there.

    That’s actually true, but about as credible as this story. Would heavily NDAed developers tell someone from a blog I’ve never heard of all this stuff, even off the record?

    • You’d be surprised. There are bars at GDC. People drink. A lot, in some cases. NDAs mean nothing in there. :P

  • Saturnus

    oh hey nintendo!

    seriously, what was the purpose of buying a DSi? ugh I feel like such a moron for buying it. :/ ‘Let’s release 2 revisions to the DS and then release a much more superior version sometime after! lololmonies!’

    I don’t care if this thing can play super HD blu-ray games, give me a massage and cook me dinner. I’m never buying this…Ever. Everevereverevereverever.

    -boycotts nintendo indefinitely starting 5:34pm March 14th 2010-

    • Serge73

      The DS has been out for 5+ years now. What did you expect?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Hey, if they make a handheld that can play “super HD blu-ray games”, I’d buy it… provided it didn’t cost more than a PS3. Hate to see the battery life on that thing, though.

    • kupomogli

      Nintendo: Screwing loyal fans since 2004. I used to really like Nintendo even though came to like Sony a lot more due to two amazing systems in a row(in my opinion it’s four now with the Go being the first failure if you can’t it as a seperate system.)

      Nintendo screwed both GBA and Gamecube owners by completely dropping support as soon as the next gen systems came out(GBA got some support, but overall Nintendo moved on to the DS.)

      • Hraesvelgr

        The only thing that has been good about Sony’s consoles thus far is games, because the hardware was pretty much always garbage. PSX had that crap where you had to turn the thing upside down just to get it to play and PS2 had DRE issues for some time. PS3 has been okay in this regard up to this point.

        PSP is kind of a “meh” deal, because a lot of its games are ports… but ports of good games. Still pales in comparison to the DS though, outside of audio/visual quality. However, I feel like Nintendo has really dropped the ball for years outside of their handhelds. I bought a Gamecube (for less than $100) to play Tales of Symphonia, Fire Emblem and not much else.

        • ElTopo

          lol I never had a single problem with any of my Sony consoles, from PSX(original and slim), PS2 (phat), and PS3.

          • Consider yourself lucky. People think the RROD is a high percentage rate… those original PSX systems were bad man… upside down… sideways… I had to put mine at a 45 degree angle upside down for it to read discs… heh.

        • thebanditking

          Nothing bad to report here either. I bought a PSX in 96 and it never failed me once (later replaced with a PSone). My Launch PS2 was fine as well untill I replaced it with one of the quieter Phat models (the one with the yellow + on the box). PSP wise I have 3 of them and they all work perfectly. My launch PS3 still runs fine even though I did buy a PS3 slim to replace it.

        • malek86

          I have to agree there. I’ve had to buy three PS2s in my life, because the drive always broke at some point. Cheap materials, I guess? Also, my PS3 stopped reading discs last month, although I heard this problem is only frequent in 40Gb models. Oh well, at least this time it broke soon enough to still be under warranty. PSP on the other hand, it works just fine. But I guess I never heard of any problem with handhelds in general. Of course, Microsoft hasn’t been any better with the 360, and even my Xbox’s drive left me after just three years of service. I guess I’m just unlucky with disc drives. Maybe I stress them too much.

          As for Nintendo, all their stuff works just fine. Now if only they didn’t release so many upgrades in so little time.

    • ElTopo

      They did that with the GBA line too? DS platform was released in 2004, its now 2010 and the success is being *announced*, probably for a late holiday release or next year. Why are you complaining? Do you not remember the micro being released AS the DS was coming out? If anything your getting almost 2 years out of a product and some 3000 titles in the library to enjoy, which will all go on sale once the DS2 is released. So whats the problem?

      • Saturnus

        Oh yes, because they have done this garbage before I should be forgiving and should fork thousands of dollars for 5 more versions of the DS! YAY!

        Uh, no. I had the original DS since launch, and held out on buying the lite because I didn’t really need a upgrade. Fast forward sometime and my DS isn’t in the best shape and a sleek new design with DSiWare is released, so of course I figure it’s time to upgrade now. Had I know that Nintendo would do this and begin with the DS2, I wouldn’t have bothered buying a DSi. The worlds greatest waste of money (Actually, that goes to the DSlite, DSi is in second place).

        The only GBA I owned was the original, and while the back light of the 2nd version would have been nice, I survived and didn’t end up buying the exact same product except it’s 50% smaller and has brighter screens! -eyeroll- I just feel silly for falling for it this time. Really, if they were planning the DS2 all along, why screw me over with another revision?

        They better create the most amazing handheld console ever with the DS2 to get my attention. I’ve had it with ‘BIGGER SCREENS! WEIGHS X% LESS! COSTS 2 TIMES AS MUCH!’

        • ElTopo

          You waited a good 5 years to upgrade though, the DS platform is just old. You dont need to buy every upgrade they put out, they are made to persuade other buyers who havent jumped on yet. GBA line I had an original GBA and never bought a SP. I skipped the DSphat because I didnt like the design, and picked up a DSlite around when Pokemon DP came out.

          Gamers seem to very fickle when these things come up, and I think its only because these last two upgrades have been so close together. You bought the PS2 slim of the DS line, it was the final upgrade in a platform thats been out for nearly 6 years with 3000 titles on it, how long did you think it would last? Espceially with how underpowered the DS is already, its time for a new handheld, and its looking like its going to be pretty awesome.

  • eliel


  • thebanditking

    If true it goes without saying that this is bad business on their part. Defend it if you want because its “Nintendo” or by saying “but DS is 6 years old” but it does little to change the things. The fact that Nintendo is pushing DSi/DSi XL and charging $190 for it to boot, with little indication that the next real handheld is right around the corner is just not good PR. All those who get suckered in are going to be pretty mad if their brand new device is now obsolete. Especially with yet another new Pokemon announcemnt coming.

    Though I would bet more on “around TGS” then at E3. I don’t think Iwata and co. want to risk a ho-hum showing from “Da Reginator” and Cammie “I don’t know or care what Im talkin about” Dunaway.

  • “Rumour” eh? Ishaan, are you British?

    Or do most European countries employ Commonwealth spelling when using English?

    Serious Q BTW.

    • Saturnus

      Or Canadian. <_<

  • Seeing how I am content with just one version of the DS, I’ll just wait for the DS2, instead of getting another version of the DS.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I have to agree with those people saying TGS 2010 rather than E3, though should the DS2 be unveiled at the latter instead, it wouldn’t be surprising.

    Considering that the DSLL isn’t even out overseas yet, it would be just plain stupid for the company to announce new hardware at E3 in May when the XL just released in North America 5 months prior. On the other hand, for the market here in Japan it doesn’t matter because the LL came out last year. (Why it is Nintendo couldn’t do a worldwide release is beyond me considering that seemingly none of the major electronics stores actually sold out of the LL when it released).

    As for little change for a “new” product, sounds right to me. I mean look at the company’s portable history: it’s just been hardware upgrades to the same old product. GB to GBC, GBC to GBA. Even the DS is little more than a Gameboy Advance with a touch screen when push comes to shove.

    My guess is that the DS2 might have screens of-or close to-the size of the LL, because after the release of the LL, no one in their right mind is going to want to look at tiny images again. (Though size is always a counterargument, the LL is huge).

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