Why Does Itagaki Always Wear Sunglasses?

By Spencer . March 15, 2010 . 1:45am

image Dead or Alive developer, Tomonobu Itagaki is almost always pictured wearing sunglasses and usually with a leather jacket. Why?


“I think it’s because before I became a game developer, I wanted to be a pro gambler of mahjong,” Itagaki reminisced during a programmer cross talk. “If you let someone read your eyes, you may lose many chances to win. So I came to wearing sunglasses outside.”


Believe it or not, Itagaki doesn’t always wear sunglasses either. In the same Valhalla Game Studios discussion he says, “I thought it would be best to wear what I usually do in the office.” If these photos are any indication, a normal day is sans sunglasses and leather jacket. That look is just for press photos, apparently.

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  • JeremyR

    That’s actually the same reason Tony LaRussa wears sunglasses all the time. (Not the gambling bit, but the reading the eyes thing).

  • malek86

    I’m getting Akagi vibes.

    • Mazen

      Since you talked about Akagi I recommend to everyone to watch its spiritual sequel Kaiji one of the smartest most amazing shows ever.

  • Sometimes I get the impression that Itagaki is one of those eccentric character stereotypes straight out of an anime.

    Edit: You know what. It just occurred to me that he’d make for an awesome competing prosecutor in the next Ace Attorney game. He’s got the competitive streak, the eccentric personality, the over-the-top fashion sense. It’s perfect.

  • CrisSpiegel

    –Quick! Take off his glasses or else we will lose!
    –Do you think he can possibly make a Rising Sun?
    –Against all odds, the mystical sun rose!
    –Oh, we are doomed!

    Itagaki saves Japan.

  • thebanditking

    So basically he wears them because he wants too look cooler then he actually is, and to attempt to hide a bit of his personality. Not surprising, given human nature I would imagine the #1 reason most people wear sunglasses is because they think it makes them look cool (rather then block out the sun).

    • Tokyo Guy

      So he claims, yet while wandering around Tokyo you might be surprised to see the strong connection between people with severe skin problems and sunglasses. Especially teenage girls with severe cystic acne and TONS of makeup on wearing these huge sunglasses covering most of their face.

      And there is some old man “talent” who is super popular on TV here (though don’t ask me why) who is ALWAYS wearing sunglasses. On TV, in interviews, in photos, etc. He has lazy eye and thus apparently wears them because…he wants to hide his eye problem. Yet in the end (at least to this foreigner) he comes across looking like a complete joke. All the more so because he doesn’t exactly look “cool” to begin with and thus the glasses hardly add to his image.

  • DOA mahjong. I wonder why he never made it happen? Regardless..


    • What does my electrician have to do with this?

  • Chow

    Who does he think he is? Horatio Caine?

  • dieubussy

    How disappointing. I thought he was simply a masochist who suffered from nyctophobia.

  • ndjn3979

    I know this is all in spirit of fun, but this is hardly news, lol. Old trivia.

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