Konami Uses 4 Gigabit Cart For Visual Novel

By Spencer . March 19, 2010 . 8:55am

imageAs one of its selling points, Konami announced Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 3rd Story is so big it needs the elusive four gigabit Nintendo DS cartridge. Konami says their game will be the first game in Nintendo DS history to use it.


Well, maybe.


Ni no Kuni from Dark Cloud developer Level 5 was the first game to announce the four gigabit cart. The official site still says it is on target for spring, However, Level 5 hasn’t even made a murmur about it, which could mean the game was quietly delayed. Tokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side 3rd Story is slated for summer. Either way, companies will start rolling out four gigabit carts this year.

  • malek86

    Is it going to be voiced? Otherwise, I don’t see what would take so much space. Except maybe freakingly long animated scenes.

    • Animated scenes seem unlikely. Both Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love (original and Plus) and 2nd Season DS omitted the animated openings and theme songs. It’s probably tons of voice acting.

      • Totally agree. Girl’s Side 2nd was a large 2 gigabit cart. Voice acting for the whole script and non-procedurally generated backgrounds/characters are the primary use of larger cart space.

      • Why do you think animated scenes seem unlikely? I am betting on an animated OP and maybe even cutscenes. Since there weren’t using 4 gigabit cartridges for the other two games, they had no space left, is my guess… both other games (except the first version of 1) had full voice acting and fit on the cartridges with half the space, so I don’t think they need all the space just for the voices.

      • That’s be really nice. Although I do enjoy Tokimemo, my japanese isn’t good enough to be worth importing the game =( I’m so curious though.

  • Wow. Go, Konami! And yea, like malek, I’m wondering what the game has that they could possibly want a 4 gigabit cartridge for.

    • I’m guessing full voice. Both Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side: 1st Love Plus and Second Season DS had full voice. Plus, both games had this system where you could enter hirigana (I can’t remember if it used katakana too) so when the guys were talking to you, they would actually say your name.

  • Lol, thats way too much xD the DS will explode (is a joke, just in case)
    Too bad is for gals >8P

  • Bet it’s gonna cost us up the hole if it’s that expansive.

  • I don’t see how full voice acting takes up so much space.

    • mFrog

      It’s bits, not bytes, and it’s decimal K so in reality it’s only around 477 Mega Bytes. Konami takes voice quality seriously in the Tokimeki series so it’s not too hard to fill it. 128Kbps sound files would fill up the whole thing in 8.5 hours. Maybe around 6.5 hours of talking time (for 8 characters?) if graphics, system, music, and potential opening movie takes up 20%.

      • I was aware of the difference, but still 4gigaBit equals 512 Mbytes. But I see your point. Still: that’s almost 7 hours of voice acting. Hard to believe at first.

  • Aoshi00

    Dunno about the other DS games, but ASH was the first to use 2Gigabit cart right. It was filled w/ beautiful pre-rendered battle animation and FMVs that it had no room for voice acting, other than a couple of soundbites (the intro narration, yells and grunts, etc..). I heard audio takes a lot of room too.

  • Dansolo

    So? I have a 8GB memory card in my PSP and that’s 64Gbit. I have LOTS of VNs that are far bigger than 4Gbit. Also, what’s the deal with VNs on DS? Not cool.

    • Joanna

      You sound like a fanboy comparing your memory card to individual DS carts. Are you resenting the VNs on DS or something?

  • thebanditking

    What size are the normal carts? I know it all comes down to cost but Im pretty pissed knowing they have these large carts available and yet no developer uses them to improve the DS’s terrible pixelated cutscenes (Im looking at you Sands of Destruction).

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