Here’s A Batch Of Sakura Wars Screenshots From The Wii Version

By Ishaan . March 24, 2010 . 1:25am


Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love is finally out this March 30th. In the meantime, here’s your last giant batch of screenshots. These are from the Wii version of the game, which was made for the West. We’ll have more coverage around the time of Sakura Wars’s release.


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  • Been waiting so many years for a Sakura wars game to be localised, it’s slightly surreal to think it’s coming out next week. Still, after Persona 3&4 and Ar Tonelico got released in the west, it’s release isn’t a shocking as it would have been a few years ago.

    Next hope is that someone tries to convince Konami to let them localise Love Plus or Tokimeki memorial or Bandai Namco to let them release IdolMaster.

    • Cloud_ST

      Man,I would love to see what Fox News has to say about Love Plus.

      • dusk

        Actually, I don’t see what so bad about Love Plus. I’ve been playing it everyday since September last year. It’s just a dating sim game to me. Granted, I only spend 10-15 mins playing it each day, just like those types of browser games that gives you a certain amount of action points every 24 hours (Legend of Green Dragon, Erepublik etc). It’s not like playing the game means I’m an anti-social, or that I prefer 2d girls to 3d girls, or that I have communication problems with real life humans, right? I don’t see what Fox News would have to say about Love Plus unless a game player does something extreme with it, like say, marrying Rinko legally.

    • Devonian

      I second this.

    • doubleO7

      Im not really interested in Love Plus, but I’d love to see Tokimeki Memorial localized.

      Im sure some have heard about this but if you havent, theres a letter campain trying to convince Konami to bring it to the US:

  • I will be picking up the PS2 version next week.

  • When is the earliest we can see side-by-side footage with the PS2 version?

  • pressstart

    Aw… they’re not widescreen? And I hope they fix the wordwrap, it looks rather unprofessional if they didn’t:|27

    • I think it’s too late for something to be done if these screenshots are this recent. This wouldn’t be the first time, though.

    • Early build. What tipped me off (because we’ve had so many builds…) was the first screenshot; the chapter title name isn’t what we changed it to about halfway through QA.

  • Sagiitta/Cheiron’s name is inconsistent as well between the “Motivation” screen and the rest of the places.

    • Ereek

      You are aware the name-thing is purposeful, right?

      If you’re playing on the Japanese disk, her name is one thing. If you’re playing on the English-language disk, it’s another. This was to avoid the inconsistency of renamed characters and localization.

      Of course, that’s assuming they have some PS2 screens in there.

    • Yeah, I’m gonna give NISA the benefit of the doubt and hope that those two screenshots are either:
      a.) from an early build of the Wii version
      or b.) from the JP PS2 disc.

      If not…yikes.

      • Short of the worrying state of the script in these frames, somehow I doubt this is an early build.

        • Ereek

          Looks like you spoke too soon!

    • Early build. “Samurai comes in New York” is obviously not the chapter name… can’t remember what we changed it to, but… yeah, we’ve been sitting on these for a while, I guess.

      • I’ll back Nick up on this. The ZIP file had a bunch of old and new screenshots mixed together.

        • May I ask why the old frames weren’t released sooner? Was there a gag on them?

          • No no, nothing of the sort. I just didn’t weed the old ones out from the new and put them up as one big batch. It saves both us and readers time.

          • But the errors that others have spotted do give some bad impressions. A disclaimer of some kind might have saved some trouble too.

          • Agreed. Part of the reason I put them all up was also that they were in the same ZIP, marked by a date, so I assumed NISA wanted them all to go up. But perhaps in the future, a little effort toward including a disclaimer in such cases would help. :)

          • Ereek

            Not only you, but from NISA as well. This isn’t the first time NISA has released screens with typos and mistakes in them that weren’t there in the base game. I’m not quite sure why this happens.

          • The fact that they allow such mistakes to be distributed in press releases is worse than the fact that they didn’t fix them the first time.

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