This Week In Sales: Sega Kicks Ass With Yakuza 4

By Ishaan . March 28, 2010 . 1:34pm


Many have questioned Sega’s decision to release Yakuza 3 in North America amidst other high-profile PlayStation 3 games like Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III. Fortunately, they tend to treat their releases a little better in Japan, as Yakuza 4 released during an otherwise empty week, and got off to a fantastic start at 383,972 units. Its closest competitor was a PSP Gundam game.


On sites like Siliconera, especially, a lot of people have been giving Sega heat for decisions like Yakuza 3’s launch window, the content cut from the game, one bad Sonic game after the other, and numerous other faults that no one’s going to deny Sega have to answer for, if only to ensure their own profitability and quality standards.


That said, I sincerely believe Sega are one of the best publishers this generation, having endorsed and funded games like Bayonetta, MadWorld, Resonance of Fate, Infinite Space, Sonic 4 and House of the Dead: Overkill. Sometimes, I wish people would be a little more reasonable and learn to appreciate all the good they’ve done for us these past two years.


In other news, welcome back to the top ten, God Eater! Close to 580,000 units and still selling every week. Not quite a Monster Hunter-level success, but a great start for a new franchise. The question is, will it be able to have an appeal of its own that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd won’t simply outdo based on brand and reputation alone?


The top-ten for the week of Mar 15th – 21st is as follows:


LW TW Title Tw sales Tot. sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Yakuza 4 383,972 New PS3 Sega
New 02. Gundam Assault Survive 90,994 New PSP Namco Bandai
01. 03. Pokémon Ranger: Tracks of Light 49,548 275,435 DS The Pokémon Company
03. 04. New Super Mario Bros. Wii 36,613 3,523,758 Wii Nintendo
02. 05. Tomodachi Collection 34,798 2,987,930 DS Nintendo
05. 06. Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2 19,545 51,219 PSP Koei
10. 07. Wii Fit Plus 19,356 1,760,659 Wii Nintendo
04. 08. What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 3D 18,466 52,386 PSP SCE
09. 09. Dragon Quest IX (Ultimate Hits) 15,228 78,038 DS Square Enix
11. 10. God Eater 15,162 579,000 PSP Namco Bandai


It’s nice to see What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 3D sticking around in the top-ten for another week. Meanwhile, God of War Collection for PS3 debuted at #13 with approximately 12,000 units sold, while Konami published THQ’s Darksiders, which debuted all the way down at #32.


And on the Spike front, Kenka Bancho 4 is still holding up pretty well, with another 10-12k units sold in the week. Spike have reason to be pleased, with over 100,000 sold fairly early in its lifespan.


Something interesting to note that I’ve been debating bringing up for a while is that Wii Sports Resort doesn’t seem to be doing quite as well as one would have expected. It hasn’t hit 2 million units yet, and for a high-profile follow-up to one of the best-selling games in Japan, you’ve got to wonder how one convinces the expanded audience to invest in a "sequel." For example, even at a far cheaper price point, Wii Fit Plus has only sold about half as much as the original.


As much as a lot of people call them clueless, the expanded audience is far harder to impress than we are when it comes to incremental improvements. As time goes on, will a significant portion of them become as savvy as we are, or are we inculcating a long-term habit of more conscious spending and increased expectations?

  • badmoogle

    Stop teasing us with Kenshan screenshots!! :(

  • Thank you, Ishaan. I also believe Sega has brought us a wealth of amazing titles, despite all the negativity people seem to display. You neglected to mention Valkyria Chronicles, though!

    • Ack! I knew I was forgetting something. Phantasy Star 0, too. :)

      • Kris

        Just picked up PS0.
        So good!

        • I used to spend every lunch break at work playing the Japanese version online back when it first released. Didn’t understand most of the text, but it didn’t matter! It was easy enough to figure out with some guides. So addicting…I hope they do more portable versions.

  • Ereek

    I agree, SEGA really have been excellent publishers this generation. The problem is in North America they have terrible scheduling. In the last 4 months alone I believe I’ve bought 4-5 games from them, yet can’t say I have bought more than 1-2 in 2009.

    Edit: Oops.

  • Love YAKUZAA

  • Artavasdus

    I too dislike the hating and extreme comments often seen on the web about Sega, but the fact that Sega is one of the most interesting publisher in this generation is exactly why fans are so angry when it waste the potential of so many good games with abysmal marketing, absurd release dates and little to none advertising.

    Resonance of Fate was released without any kind of serious promotion some days after Final Fantasy 13 , not to mention its supposedly limited print run and bad distribution, especially in Europe, turning a possibly mildly successful jrpg (tri-Ace isn’t an unknown developer in the west, after all) in an uber-niche game that will probably sell only thanks to word of mouth (the fact that I am loving RoF makes me even more bitter about this whole situation ;___; ).

    Infinite Space was released the same day as Resonance of Fate (yay for self-competition!), and if possible its distribution and advertisement were even worse, condemning yet another great game to oblivion except for its pre-existing small, niche fanbase.

    Yakuza 3… well, they practically went all the way to make sure that even this latest entry could be a flop in the west : As Ishaan said, its release in march 2010, one of the most crowded months in recent times videogames-wise, with many well-advertised heavy hitters on the hd platforms, made sure that Yakuza 3 couldn’t have some room to sell (Sega herself contributed to this situation, releasing Sega All Stars Racing at the end of february and RoF and Is in the middle of march). The whole club-cut affair sure didn’t improve the appeal of the title among its core fanbase, and (again) the lack of any serious marketing made sure that the game would be mostly unknown to the gamers who weren’t already interested in the series.

    I am surely thankful to Sega for publishing so many great games in the west (I am supporting their releases, after all), but I can’t help to think that many other publishers (except for the smaller ones or Namco :P) would handle them in a better way.

    • :( I agree with everything you said but the problem is… the cuts were much more than we were told and the fact that there were cuts weren’t said til 2 weeks before release. Beforehand everyone was under the impression it was gonna be a full product.

      I’m enjoying RoF so much to the point I didn’t bother finishing FFXIII and rented it out. Bayonetta received a lot of press but quite a bit of it was dealing with the “sex appeal” of the game. Most people are also aware of the 3rd Party Deathbed that is the Wii as well. Sega can do plenty good in Japan, that much is apparent but currently they have one guy running the entire Western Hemisphere. He’s screwing a bunch of things up and there is no denying that.

  • Xeahnort

    “What Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord? 3D” managed to stay in the chart one more week but I can’t say the same about Zettai Hero Kaizou Keikaku ;_;

  • kupomogli

    After putting time into Yakuza 3 I can honestly say I no longer care about the cut content. Sure it sucks that we didn’t get it, but we’ve got the game in English and it’s easily the best exclusive on the system. Demon’s Souls is a close second.

    Sega also brought us Valkyria Chronicles, another amazing game. Phantasy Star Portable is a good game, even though Universe is second to Online, and Phantasy Star 0 is pretty much the new PSO. We’re going to receive Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Resonance of Fate looks good.

    Things Sega needs to do. Localize Yakuza 4 for US release, port Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown to consoles, develop Phantasy Star Online HD Collection with PSO 1, 2, 3, and BB running at atleast 720p.

    As for Gundam Assault Survive. I love the Gundam Battle series, but this will be all the previous Gundam Battle suits and missions and then they’re just adding Seed and 00 suits and missions. One series that sucks, Seed, and another I haven’t seen but looks stupid, 00. I’ll pick it up one day regardless though. More maps, more missions, etc. I’m all for it.

  • Volcynika

    Sega has brought us a lot of good stuff, and I’ve bought a lot of stuff from them, aside from stuff like Yakuza 4 and that kart racing game.

    Though I do want to know what happened with that ‘rebalancing/fixing’ of World Destruction in it’s localization. :/

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