This Is EspGaluda II For iPhone, Seriously!

By Spencer . March 31, 2010 . 3:28pm

Maniac shooter developer Cave is creating an iPhone version of EspGaluda II. No, this isn’t an early April Fool’s joke.


The producer dropped us a line and sent over this trailer of their EspGaluda II app. Amazingly, EspGaluda II is fluid even when the screen is riddled with bullets. The iPhone version has a new scoring mode called awakening pulse where bullets you touch are converted into points. Look for EspGaluda II on the iPhone app store this spring with Japanese and English text.



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  • If Cave starts releasing a bunch of iphone games then I’ll have to “cave” and buy an ipod touch.

    • Uhm same here. Seriously. I’m a Cave WHORE.

      Not to mention Chaos Ring!

    • Why do that when you could buy a J360 and get versions of their games that aren’t dumbed down to fit on mobile devices…for far less than it’d cost to own an iPhone for a year? O_o;

      • I’d get a Japanese 360 if it weren’t for the factor of it eventually dying on me, and leaving me with thousands of dollars wasted on a system I can’t get fixed, due to the Japanese warranty not being covered in the US.

        And I’d never get an iPhone, hell I don’t even own a regular old cellphone, haha.

        • Ohhh, you said iPod touch. durr hurr, my reading comprehension are stellar. That’s way more sane.

          While I can understand your trepidation (I don’t own a J360 myself…kinda holding out for a “slim” version haha) many people have gotten theirs fixed in the US. The forums have quite a few success stories.
          It’s Europe where the answer has universally been “no”, most likely because of the voltage difference.

          • Ah really, now? Well that’s quite interesting! And changes everything! But yeah, I too am holding off buying a 360 until a smaller model is announced(Here’s hopin’ it’s this year, eh?).

          • Aoshi00

            I can attest to that. My Jpn 360 failed when 3yrs was almost up last winter, and to my pleasant surprise the Texas service center sent me an almost like-new Jpn 360 replacement :) I just asked them nicely.

    • Only if they release a proper D-pad controller… this game is going to be impossible to play with touch controls…

  • I was thinking of getting an ipod touch but then again the Iphone processes games much faster and more smoothly. I was on the fence for an iphone already but im waiting till the next iphone (4g) comes out this year before i INVEST into that. Soo many apppppss

    • Iphone processes games much faster and more smoothly.


      that’s not what I was told.

      • really? thats what i heard from friends and even seen video comparisons online for games. What did you hear??? im worried now hah

        • It probably really depends on the generation of the iPhone compared to the generation of the iPod Touch. I own a regular 8gig iPhone 3G which is better than a first generation iPod Touch, but not better than an iPhone 3GS or a 3rd generation iPod Touch.

          • huh i even asked one of the apple reps if the newer itouch processed games faster than the original did or if was comparable to the iphone 3gs but she had no clue.
            does the itouch (3rd generation) play all the games the iphone can?


            I don’t know if ALL games play on ALL models… but I’m pretty sure each game specifically says what models they support. i.e. their are some games made specifically for the 3GS that can’t be played on a regular 3G because 3G doesn’t have the compass/direction detection that the 3GS has.

          • wow thanks for that info. Love wiki.

            So if i get a itouch 3g i should essentially be able to play all the current games on the apple store? (minus games that uses constant connection through cellular)

            I dont want to miss out on games like this one, street fighter, or any square enix games

  • And this is done WITHOUT lag?

    I’m hearing something as simple as Plants vs. Zombies lags to hell.

    • speedstersonic

      Because it was a lackluster port probably. No good port/game should lag on any system/device.

  • About time. For a company propped up by cellphone games it sure took ’em long enough to jump in. Now do Android next.

  • Code

    rarr, I’m not all that keen on the notion of playing shmups using touch based input, which says a lot since I love my DS — but but I find when you have to use screen controls it’s a little too prone to accidentally block your screen with your own hands/stylus etc.

  • Aoshi00

    The vertical ipod screen is nice and all, but doesn’t this really strain your eyes, I mean bullet hell on a movie bus or train? I guess it’s still better than Ketsui on the DS, which I heard run very smoothly. I’m satisfied w/ just the 360 ver though since I really don’t play too much on the road.

    • Not all portable games were meant to be played in public transit.

      • Aoshi00

        I realize that, I mostly play my DS at home too since I always fall asleep on train/bus these days.

        I meant a shmup on a portable is pretty straining to one’s eyes as it is right? Since it’s supposed to be played in the arcades, or is it just me. I’m glad Deathsmiles II is in full 16:9 this time on my 46″.

        I guess the price point would be pretty good for ipod games, compared to $80 (Ketsui DS was like $90, which was out of the question for me)… so dang hard to get the achievement on this game..

        • $90?!! Daaaamn, I wish I’d bought a copy of Ketsui DS to hawk on eBay now…

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t know how much the DS ver. is in demand though now that the 360 ver is coming out. Good thing I didn’t get it on the DS for that price, before nobody knew it was dropped by 5pb or not. I’m wondering if I should get LE, think the soundtrack is worth it?

          • Well, one disc is a Ketsui AST and one disc is the DOJ BLEX AST. I know you own BLEX, so did you like the arranged tracks from that game? I haven’t heard them.

            I honestly don’t know if it’s worth it! I adore the Ketsui OST so I’d probably like the AST, but I’m cheap, don’t own a J360, don’t really care that much about this game and think it has a decent chance of localization, so…

            …If I decided to get it though, I’d have to try ordering from AmiAmi ( because $120+ from P-A and NCS is too much. With AmiAmi’s half-off EMS special (or slow air mail) I estimate the LE would be $100 or less shipped, which is a more acceptable price.

          • Aoshi00

            yea, I mean the guidebook comes w/ the regular edition pre-order too. So it really does come w/ the arranged soundtrack of DOJ huh, I guess that might be worth it. I haven’t played or heard the music from Ketsui, I assume it’s as good as DOJ. I alrdy pre-ordered from NSCX, it was $117 total, I’m just wondering if I should save the money and get regular from P-A w/ $5 coupon, I guess I’m waiting to see what art is on the slipcase, I like Inoue Junya’s art a lot. Still, that’s a $50 diff..I just checked out the AmiAmi link, it doesn’t have this up for order yet? they’re definitely jacking up the price for these shmup’s LE.. I ended up getting Espgaluda2 faceplate on ebay for $50 though, but bought the regular region-free game, the LE cover looked worse anyway..EDIT: I know where to click to order now, I kept hitting the “pre-order button”, but the link is actually the text… but I’ve been quite satisfied w/ NCSX’s prompt update, and one-day UPS shipping since I’m right next to them. AmiAmi is pretty reliable right? I don’t see how much they charge for EMS before submitting the order I know you said it’s half off now.. but there’s also the foreign exchange fee.. maybe I’ll just stick w/ NCSX..

  • shion16


  • fallen

    What? I’m sorry, WHAT? WHY can’t Cave release its control-precision-necessary bullet hell shmups on platforms with PRECISE controls??

    (this is where i would insert some of those 2ch ascii cats looking back and forth frantically, if only i were so awesome)

    • They did release a port of this game for 360…did you miss that?

      Cave actually knocks out a lot of mediocre cellphone games and “ports” every year. Actually, this isn’t even the first mobile version of ESPGaluda II, though it does certainly seem like it’ll be the closest to the original. The news is only notable because the app will be available on a non-Japanese phone and in English.

      • fallen

        fallen: “platforms with PRECISE controls”
        honorless: “360”
        does not compute

        granted, i could buy an arcade stick, yeah, and will eventually justify it financially. but i would love to not have to.

        • Aoshi00

          I thought the 360 controller’s analog stick felt very precise and comfortable (at least better than a Duak Shock 3 or remote/GC/classic pro), I could play fine w/ that or the HRAP EX-SE, it was sold on Amazon for around $80 several months ago.

  • Kris

    DAY ONE.

  • thaKingRocka

    if i ever update my ipod or grab an iphone, this will be my first purchase. nice to see cave really embracing other markets.

  • I like the idea of putting niche genres on iPhone. :)

  • crunc

    I will be downloading this. Looking forward to it. If they get the controls right this could be quite fun and I like what I see in the video – it appears you control at the bottom of the screen with a sort of virtual trackpad. That could do the trick, though I’m not entirely sure that’s how this works.

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