Deathsmiles Goes Horizontal For Limited Edition

By Spencer . April 1, 2010 . 10:45am

imageAksys announced a widescreen box for their Deathsmiles limited edition. What’s inside?


A faceplate, soundtrack CD with 15 tracks, and the game for $49.99. That makes the North American limited edition cheaper than a plain game in Japan. Plus, we get the Mega Black Label downloadable content on disc for free.


No word if Deathsmiles will be sold separately for a lower price. We’ll bug Aksys about that.


Update: We asked Aksys about a standard edition and here’s the reply we got. “So far the Deathsmiles LE is the only game option available at the moment.”

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  • zhemos

    wtb bigger screen shot

  • YES. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. And I thought they’d want $60 for it, too. Awesome.
    I hope the box is as classy as the Galuda II LE box.

    Now somebody let me preorder it. I have been searching for the product page just about daily on Amazon to no avail. >:(

    Also, this auction just got ten times more hilarious:

    • Haha. Well, if they want it that badly (or not. In my experience, eBay isn’t very helpful with bid-and-dashers…).
      At least the kid can buy a copy of the game now. I would just keep it, but then again, it isn’t often that a faceplate can pay for your trip to a convention.

  • What a DEAL

    putting my money down ASAP

    this retains Japanese voice acting right?

  • Kris

    Well, I want this, but don’t have a 360. Somebody buy two copies to make up for me!

    • I don’t have a 360 and I’m buying one anyway. ‘course this will be my incentive to finally get one…

  • Hey, can you guys throw some comments on here. Feel free to discuss the June release date or the cosplay girls. I am so greatful that Spencer used my news tip this weekend :)

  • malek86

    Darn it to heck, Aksys. Tell us if this is going to be playable on european consoles. And tell us NOW.

  • Ah, nice! They used the boxart that the Japanese limited edition used :)
    I just purchased a 360 less than a week ago and started to catch up on a few games (Oneechanbara: BSS, etc.), but I’m going to drop everything once this is released.

    • On a barely related note, i just started replaying through Demon’s Crest.

  • wonder if its regionfree ._.

  • thaKingRocka

    i have zero interest in the goodies. i just want the game. i’m hoping they release the standard game at 40 or less.

  • Judo

    All I want to know right now is if it’ll work on a JP 360. =/

  • Artavasdus

    Aksys is quickly becoming the best american publisher regarding limited edition, between Death Smiles’ and Agarest’s the combo of reasonable price and ludicrously good bonus contents is just amazing. I have already bought DeathSmiles’ japanese limited edition, but I will gladly indulge in two copies of this release just for the zomgful limited contents.

    Keep it up, Aksys.

    • Code

      Agree 100% Aksys has been doing a great job >w<! In fact I don't think I can name a publisher that has put together better Limited Edition sets, for stuff = price. Also they've picked up some great games which I never thought would get release here T__T'' Now if only they would pick up Senko no Ronde DUO~! I'd be there bestest best friend foreverrr!

  • Can’t wait to buy th…oh wait. They’re not making a PS3 version because Aksys are stupid.

    • But, Aksys isn’t “making” it. Cave did and they never made a PS3 version.

      • But Aksys had the ability to add all the Record of Agarest War 360 extras to the NA PS3 version, so it’s not like Aksys don’t have the ability to do things besides translate.

        • That’s different because Compile Heart made PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Record of Agarest War. Their parent company, Idea Factory, works with all three consoles.

          Cave, on the other hand, has not released a PS3 version of any game. Developing a PS3 version would require making a new game from scratch.

          • Besides Aksys only did the translation, the work of adding the 360’s extras on the ps3 was Idea Factory’s doing (for us :D)

      • It isn’t just Cave. No standalone retail game in its entire genre has ever been released for PS3 to date. Not counting PSN, or retro games as part of compilations.

  • Gigan22

    Yay, I finally get to replace my plain white faceplate with something awesome without paying an outrageous price for a simple faceplate. Too bad I lay my 360 down instead of standing it up. Minor quibble though. Go Aksys. :)

  • nyoron

    Any word on that “full voice” DLC that was exclusive to the Japanese LE?

  • rock1644

    This is a pretty cool set for $49.99. If this was a game from companies such as Activision and Capcom, it would be at least $80.

  • Aoshi00

    Hell yes, to me just the faceplate itself is worth $50, I’m a FP junkie :)

    My wish list totally came true, I wanted 3 things and 3 things only, and they’re all here!

    1) LE cover (since I only have the regular Jpn ver)
    2) Soundtrack
    3) Faceplate

    Did Aksys read our comments here lol. Awesome deal. No regular version is needed, this is it. And the box is definitely something. And the pics on the discs, everything is so perfect…

    BTW, cheapassgamer has some really cruel April Fool joke today :(…

    • You know, the big box itself is the icing on the cake to me. I mean that thing looks massive! 50$… just unbelievable.

      • Aoshi00

        I hear ya, like Guitar Hero big. But ultimately these things just take too much space, like the Bioshock 2 CE, they had to make that huge box to hold the vinyl, and I don’t even have a turntable to play it.. OSTs and faceplates are most practical to me.

    • I guess it’s a good thing we got the regular editions for this shmup, and this shmup only, hm? I’m really excited about getting this and in turn adding this faceplate to the collection. >_>

      • Aoshi00

        I know, kind of a blessing we didn’t get the LE before, too bad I alrdy blew enough money on the voice DLC card and Black Label DLC lol… excited about the faceplate too. You know which FP wasn’t well made, the FFXIII Lightning one, the pic is kind of blurry :(… I’m waiting for the Espgaluda II Ceceri one to replace it, and now this comes along

        • I like the Espgaluda II one for sure. I didn’t even open the FFXIII one, it’s put away at the moment. I guess I got lucky with the Black Label/Voice DLC card as an extra. I still want the German Preorder DMC4 faceplate.

          • Aoshi00

            you would’ve made a buck if I bought it from you, and now you get the US ver :). I just checked out the DMC4 faceplate, you really love that game huh. I still think anime art look better than 3D models on faceplate which look like bad photoshop of the time..

  • Aoshi00

    Actually even the Jpn LE cover was good, I was hoping the US ver would use this new Platinum Collection cover but covering the whole box. Guess I shouldn’t be that greedy :)

    Usually I never get any greatest hits or platinum boxed in covers, but this actually features new art, or like Valkyria Chronicles, new cover art w/ DLC,

    Still can’t stand cover shrunken in the middle though..

    • Aoshi00

      I still thought the Bioshock 2 Uber edition was more fun :) but man, the CAG april fools joke was stupid.. I actually thought someone reported me for selling a fake FFXIII faceplate, since the print was so blurry on that thing lol.. I was half asleep in the morning you know.

    • So, it was the BDSM kit that brought you out of the internet woods! :P

      • I have been kind of quiet lately. ^.^ I guess some fancy “underwear” sounded too tempting under my pantaloons.

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