The 4 Heroes Of Light Or Final Fantasy Gaiden Going International

By Spencer . April 8, 2010 . 10:33am

imageSquare Enix isn’t going to leave The Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden in Japan. The charmingly classic RPG is going international under a different name.


In the West, the title being tossed around is The 4 Heroes of Light with a stylized number four in the middle. This is similar to the Japanese title Hikari no 4 Senshi.


The 4 Heroes of Light was designed as a classic RPG without magic points. In battle, heroes use a charge command to store turns for powerful spells. The game also has a job-like system where characters equip crowns to change stats and abilities. Here’s a sample of those and a trailer from Tokyo Game Show.

  • malek86

    Surely this would sell better if it was named Final Fantasy? Why did they opt for a les recognizable name?

    • Code

      Yeah I kind of wondered about this too actually — Maybe Square’s feeling like the Final Fantasy name is getting over saturated? I know I kind of feel that way a little, although I imagine they’re still playing with the name.

  • Code

    rar, badass, I was hoping it would turn up eventually.

  • stealth20k

    Weres the proof of an international release? All I see is a speculation article, not an article that has proof.

    • zhemos

      If Spencer says so, it is true. All you need IMO.

    • MisterNiwa

      Sorry? Whats your problem dude?

      This Website never let us down on information.
      Go troll some other webpage that is only desperate for views. >:I

      • stealth20k

        This website is usually about as accurate as healthcare….. Until I get the official announcement from square this article is pointless.

        • MisterNiwa

          If you believe so. Then dont bother and just go. >:I

        • Why do you read Siliconera then? I wouldn’t yank your chain about something like this.

          • stealth20k

            I dont read it for game announcements without links to the company press release thats for sure…….

            Ok heres one dragon quest vi is being released in america with the sub header realms of crap….. thats about as legit……

          • stealth20k

            What in gods name are you spewing? Trinity Universe had a press release from NISA about it.

            Neptune is only being released in Japan so far as we know.

          • We reported about Trinity Universe coming to North America before the NIS press release. You even commented on it.


            And we mentioned Neptune before the news in Famitsu.


            I’m just trying to reason with you. No need to be hostile or anything.

          • zhemos

            Did you just discover this webpage last week or something? Siliconera is known for it’s legit inside info on the video game industry regarding Japanese games. So you’re not trolling? Maybe you’re just an idiot. Go away.

          • I think it’s time we told everyone about that giant dartboard of fake news we have up on the wall, Spencer…

            I told you not to aim for the FF Gaiden one this morning, didn’t I?! We should’ve gone with the Microsoft buying EA post instead. :(

          • What? No, that’s a secret! I even took the trouble to cover up that humongous thing in the back of the room so that it looked like nothing was there! =O

          • BrotherCavil

            >:< I knew this was a conspiracy all along.

            Well, too bad. My brain won't be donated to science.

          • Wait, didn’t you tell me it was EA buying Microsoft!? You liar!

        • zhemos

          Shouldn’t you be trolling the NISamerica forums stealth? Go away.

          • What I can agree with is without any proof, all of this is just speculation. Not that I don’t believe you Spencer but if people in this site believe in the information you provide then I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to believe it for the time being till there further articles about it. Stealth20k you don’t really dont need to be hostile like the trinity universe Q&A. You should’ve kept your silly opinions to yourself and stay in topic. If there isn’t what you want then just ignore the article and move onto the next one.

          • Was it gamefaqs or gbatemp I might’ve seen him before?

          • Shadow_Raskolnik

            He has also been trolling the Atlus forums, making multiple usernames and spamming the same posts.

          • GBAtemp.. but I bet he’s everwhere. :>

          • entrydenied

            He does stick around the gamefaqs board and goes around saying that game so and so will not be localised. One of the board he sticks around is for Hikario no shi senshi.


            He has this weird theory that the publishers are now moving away from localising RPGs for the DS.
            He’s on other DS rpg boards as well but too lazy to find them.

        • raymk

          Final fantasy games usually gets released down here because their sellers. I see no reason not to believe him even if he had not said anything

  • Source plz?

  • So, how’s the gameplay like? Is it somewhere like an MMO/ARPG?

    • Just the opposite actually.

      • MisterNiwa

        So its a GRPA/OMM!! :DDDDDDD

      • As in, a traditional full-party?

        • Yup, it’s a traditional turn-based game. Although, opinions on it have kind of been all over the place. I remember reading Chris Kohler’s thoughts on Wired and he had some notable issues with it, but I read the exact opposite opinions elsewhere.

          • BrotherCavil

            Isn’t that the case with virtually EVERY Final Fantasy/spinoff out there? XD

            The only like…universally loved Final Fantasy was 6.

          • Pretty much, yea! XD

    • BK0000

      This is the REAL Final Fantasy XIII!

      • entrydenied

        It’s actually quite similar to FFXIII in terms of the lack of MP and the way your party is
        Spoilers for the way characters act in the plot.

        split for the first half of the game. They join at the start and become warriors of light. Then they split into 2 or 3 parties, sometimes with guest and others alone or in twos and don’t reunite till mid-game.

        Spoiler ends.

        P.S. Does this board feature spoiler tags by any chance?

  • mach

    Okay, ignoring the troll, could you please provide a source for this, Spencer? I’m interested to know where you got the information about this impending Western release.

  • Macstorm

    I trust Spencer not to make up things like this, I guess it’s just off-putting to some not having a source. We’re spoiled with pics of trademark registrations, etc.

  • Pichi

    Glad to see it might come over. I love the art style. I wonder if they will tweak some things or perhaps add some stuff.

  • zhemos

    I’ll probably check this out when It’s released. It looks so cute. :P

  • Ereek

    Wow, so much drama in here.

    I’ll be sure to laugh when it actually is announced.

    • BrotherCavil

      It’s gonna be announced. :P You may start laughing early if you want. XD

      Spencer’s usually right about these things. But still, it really would be nice to have a source.

      • There’s usually no one more of a stickler than myself when it comes to listing sources (ahemdestructoiderhm…), but I’ll be damned if there was any one place that broke actual gaming news that I was interested in than here. Remember DeathSmiles?
        Never mind the interviews, fan Q&As, coverages and building a solid community – all on top of the articles themselves, none of that is easy to do. The least I can give back is reader loyalty, for what it’s worth.
        That said, I think I’ll go into stealth mode myself for a while!

  • jarrodand

    Awesome news. Now we just need SaGa 2 and DQVI confirmations…

    • Macstorm

      DQ6 was confirmed long ago. We just need a date for it.

      • jarrodand

        Yeah, for that I’d like more of reconfirmation. We porbably won’t hear anything until DQIX is already on shelves though.

        SaGa 2 is the one I’m more worried about. C’mon SE, rebrand it as a FF game again, I don’t care, just bring it…

        • neo_firenze

          Agreed – SaGa 2 is starting to concern me. If it makes it to a S-E Ultimate Hits version in Japan before a US announcement, I’ll be importing that. But I’d sure rather get a localized version.

          4 Heroes of Light was starting to make me nervous as well, it had been sitting there just long enough without new news to give me doubt that it would ever get a localization. But Spencer is pretty reliable about this sort of thing, so I’ll be taking this as a sign that the game will indeed get a Western release. Good news!

          S-E sure does have a lot of DS games not being ported though. I’m not too hopeful for localizations SaGa 2, Blood of Bahamut, or the Estpolis/Lufia II remake. And slightly older games like Sigma Harmonics and Front Mission 2089 (which I went ahead and imported, like FM5 before it) seem beyond hope by this point. And of the more recent stuff, Blood of Bahamut in particular seemed well suited for a US release, but apparently the sales in Japan were very disappointing. Too bad too, because I’d buy the game for the Mizuta soundtrack alone (big big FFXI music fan).

          Kinda sucks that it seems after S-E was getting to the point in the late PSX and PS2 era of it being rare to get a significant title that stayed in Japan, we’re now having a bit of a return to the practices of the 16-bit era, where a decent number of 2nd tier RPGs are getting left in Japan because they apparently aren’t deemed well suited for “Western audiences”. No disrespect to S-E’s new “Western focused” titles like Supreme Commander 2, but I’d trade that stuff and the Eidos games in a heartbeat for localizations of the more niche JRPG stuff that we’re starting to see less of.

          • It was a sad day when they didn’t release FM5 stateside. I also took the liberty of importing that after years of holding out, hoping for a release. How is 2089?

  • Kris

    Sweet, can’t wait to try this out!

  • BrotherCavil

    Alright, the obvious troll above aside, Spencer, I too would like to politely ask that you provide *some* kind of source for this news. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but this does seem sort of spontaneous.

    Also, off-topic…But I wanna display my ANGER and ANNOYANCE at ISHAAN, for BANNING my last account, dubbed JohnCasey, for no godamn reason whatsoever other than, what I’d surmise, difference in opinions…

    Yes, dude, people HAVE opinions that are different from your own. I know, pretty shocking newsflash. Is that ban-worthy, however? Hell no! I can see it banworthy if, say, hostility is displayed – like the troll above! Did I display it then? >_> Hell no!

    Am I displaying hostility NOW…? >:< Just a little bit…but I think I have a damn good reason to display the fact that I ain't happy one little bit with what you did back then.

    Now, I propose as we, ADULTS, move on and put this behind us. You're a cool dude, Ishaan, really. I like your posts. But really, man…no need to be so impulsive and totalitarian…

    • DORAMA

      • BrotherCavil

        Hush, you.

    • Trust me, I would never ban anyone for differing opinions. A lot of our best commenters have totally different opinions from us. This is something I want to clear up — in general, we dislike banning people immensely. But! We also have a responsibility to keep our community clean and weed out unproductive commenters.

      In your case, I hate to admit I really really don’t remember what the ban was for. Sadly, I’ve had to ban around…what is it…4 people…in the last month and a half alone, and had to edit tons of rude and spiteful comments. So me not remembering is nothing against you personally at all. That said, now that you’re back, we can totally put this behind us and start over. I’m glad you still like reading the site. :)

      • BrotherCavil

        It had something to do with Durarara!! and Devil Summoner. But, whatever. It’s in the past.

        And I’ll always read Siliconera. =)

        • Ohhhh. That. Okay, I remember now. That was because you started to verbally abuse someone in that thread. Just don’t do it again; we’re sensitive about that kind of thing. :P

          But that’s all behind us now. Thanks for your continued support. :)

  • Guest

    I love what I saw of this game but god damn random battles. Sorry not biting =/

    • jj984jj

      I prefer seeing enemies my-self but random battles aren’t ever going away, even Lost Odyssey had them and it was on HD hardware. Not being able to target anything in this game is pretty odd though.

      • Guest

        It a stupid design decision in this day and age. No excuse for them really. If The Last Story decides to include them I will rage.

  • mach

    Seriously, Spencer. If you’re going to post stuff like this, you need a source. This is not an undercover expose where you have to protect people’s identities.

    • Will you guys CHILL OUT

      The source is SILICONERA

      • mach

        That does not qualify as a source. Stuff like this has to come from the company or someone who works with them. Otherwise, for all we know, Siliconera could just be making it up. Yes, they’ve been right about stuff plenty of times before, but that doesn’t offer any proof that THIS story is true. When the Washington Post reports on a new movie being produced, they don’t just say “A new movie is being made”, they say where it was announced or how they found out about it. This is standard journalism.

        • BrotherCavil


          Journalism without sourcing is pretty pedestrian… Sorry, to say that. :<

          • Sorry, we don’t live up to your standards. No one is forcing you to read or comment on a “pedestrian” site. There are plenty of other video game sites out there, I hope another one suits you better :)

          • BrotherCavil

            Dude, comon. I’ve been reading this site for a pretty long time. I’m insulted you’d even say that.

            But, not only have you not provided a source, you haven’t even stated a reason why you haven’t. That’s not inspiring confidence. =/

            Besides. You’re good. I like this site. Doesn’t that mean I can be a little more honest and up-front about things?

          • BrotherCavil

            Ok….here’s a better way to put this. (also, your edit feature isn’t working)

            Think of it like…Toyota! For as long as I can remember, they’ve been pretty kickass about things! Efficient, quality vehicles, great consumer feedback, and company cooperation. They’ve set some pretty high standards for their consumers. Then came the pedals, and all the other little overlooked details.

            Same thing here, only to a lesser extent. You’ve established quite the standard and track record. Soooo…when you break out of that track record, and do something weird like this…people naturally get curious and a little bit suspicious, you know?

            Some are dicks about it…lol. And some just wanna know what’s going on. If there’s a good, super-classified reason why you can’t go into detail…then, just say that, and we’ll leave it at that. =) I’ll trust you.

          • I like how you’re so secretive about it – everyone’s reaction to it amuses me just so much. <3


  • epy

    That’s nice. With all their problems and mistaken concepts of what western audiences want, S-E will never be as horrible to their fans as Namco Bandai.

    • BrotherCavil

      Namco Bandai? :<

      What's that?

  • badmoogle

    Great news,i think i’ll love this game.

  • epiphaniesarefun

    lol so crazy. I’m a longtime reader, not much commenter, but spencer never posts anything like this until he is sure. He can’t post a source before it’s hit the general public, now can he? If you need empirical proof, just look at his track record: it’s spotless.

    bravo spencer and siliconera team and thanks!

    • BrotherCavil

      Spotless…? =/

      I dunno about that…

    • Code

      Yeah, honestly I dunno what was up with people getting all critical over this, geez.

      rar, April Fools Day was last week people.
      Source: Calender

  • I was salivating over this game long before its release, but I’ve heard lots of complaints about how the AI is incredibly stupid, the item management is poor and the distance between save points makes it frustratingly unsuitable for pick-up-and-put-down play.

    Not sure if want anymore. :( Will wait for a price announcement, and more opinions.

    • BrotherCavil

      It’s a DS game by SE. So, expect $35.

      • Shush, I can dream of $30 or less until reality backhands me… :'(

        (…$35 would still be better than their usual $40.)

  • kylehyde

    Good news to me, but just a question:
    Is confirmed that is not going to have “Final fantasy” in the title?

    Because if thats the case S-E will put the things hard for this title in the western
    Anyway, I’m happy that this title will make it to the western.

  • MrRobbyM

    Had a feeling it would. I must say…THE CHARACTER MODELS ARE SO CUTE! :D

  • BrotherCavil

    Thinking in retrospect now….this DOES make sense.

    Square Enix has NOTHING to show off this upcoming E3 other than Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and Final Fantasy XIV.

    They’ll need some sort of coinciding release that they can demo off. And what with both Sigma Harmonics and Blood of Bahamut being crap, this seems like the only logical decision.

    • jj984jj

      They’ll probably focus on Eidos this year. Deus Ex 3 will be S-E’s highlight.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Ever since first hearing about this game I’ve expected its arrival in the west, haven’t doubted it’d happen. And so, with slight fear of blowing at embers here, I don’t really feel the need for a shiny, flashing, super-duper-official source-statement. I have my good faith.

  • Clearly everyone here has forgotten stealth20k has the entire Wii library downloaded.

    (¬_¬) You speak in the presence of not a man, but perhaps a god! …definitely NOT a pirate, though.

    On the topic of this releasing: It’s about time! I’d really love to get my hands on playing this. I also enjoy the art style.

  • Raccoon

    Woah, great news! That was about time. Looking forward to this and loved everything I saw of the game! So classic, and such beautiful cities! Okay, I don’t like random encounter, but I’ll gladly accept that for a real RPG-experience, something that FFXIII couldn’t offer me one bit :-/

    Although the title makes me wonder … usually they stamp the franchise name on every product that’s distantly connected to FF.

  • jj984jj

    I’m happy it’s being localized, I wonder if any changes are being made…

  • bleach1st

    from what I played of the Japanese version of this game I’m really looking forward to it! It was great fun, even if a little basic.

  • thebanditking

    So this seems likely for a western release huh? Still don’t know if I want this though, I like the “classic” Final Fantasy games but Im not sure I want to play a game similar to FF1 through 3. I don’t hate them but because of nostalgia I forgive their short commings because they are classic. This however might be too dry from a presentation and story perspective to hold my interest.

  • i387

    Farewell, Goddess of Destiny US version..

  • i387

    Farewell, SaGa2 Goddess Of Destiny US version…

  • good

    now bring out saga 2, sigma harmmonics and lufia estopolis

  • Joanna

    A bit of a late reaction but: yes yes YES!

    Old school RPG is just what I have been waiting for. :D

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