Xenoblade Unsheathed In June

By Spencer . April 8, 2010 . 7:28am

imageNintendo set June 10 as the release date for Xenoblade, which pegs Monolith Soft’s first Wii RPG after the launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2.


The date came with descriptions of the world. Xenoblade is set on two gods Kyoshin and Kishin. It seems like you’re on the Kyoshin side, which is home to a human-like tribe called Homs. Nopon, a tribe of nomadic merchants, and the Hienter, an ancient civilization also live on the frozen god.


When Xenoblade launches it will retail for 6,800 yen ($73) – that’s 1,000 yen ($10) more than Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you missed it yesterday, here’s the latest trailer.

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  • stealth20k

    No ones going to buy this….. people are just going to use pirated wiis to get it….

    Such a blunder to make this wii exclusive….

    • Oh, like the other two console have NO piracy whatsoever. *rolleyes*

      Oh, and Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo, in case you didn’t know that.

      Come on, that’s just really stupid to say.

      • Sure, stealth’s comments about piracy and exclusivity ARE dumb, but he’s got a point. Who’s going to buy Xenoblade right after SMG 2? The latter is going to take up all the Wii spots available in Media Create (except the ones permanently reserved for Wii Sports, Wii Fit…and NSMB Wii I guess) for at least two months.

        …I’m only sorta kidding here.

        Though maybe there’s actually a lot more hype for this game in Japan than I’m aware of, and it’ll pull numbers close to Arc Rise Fantasia.

        • Actually, Galaxy 2 probably won’t do as well as you’re thinking (though probably better than Xenoblade). 3D Marios just don’t do as well in Japan. The first one barely hit a million (maybe less). Part of it in the case of Galaxy is that a ton of Japanese people suffer from motion sickness, and Galaxy has “rollercoaster” written all over it. That was a major concern they had while developing the first game. :P

          • Yeah, I know 3D Mario isn’t as popular over there. (It’s not as popular with me, either :D) But you said it yourself: SMG2 will “barely hit a million” if it sells as well as SMG1.

            A franchise juggernaut like Tales of Graces only appears to have managed around 220k, according to VGChartz (yeah, I know—but it’s the only source I’ve got) That’s slightly worse than SMG 1’s debut week alone.

            More comparable to Xenoblade is Arc Rise Fantasia, which has only sold about 50k.

          • jarrodand

            Graces had a host of issues working against it, chiefly being that it was launching a week before FFXIII and was so buggy they’ve actually had to do a full reprint. The low budget Symphonia spinoff sold just as well a year earlier, which is pretty telling as to just how troubled Graces release was (it really should have done better, and likely would have if held back for Q1 2010). Plus Tales isn’t exactly in the best shape today brand wise. I mean, Hearts did just as badly on DS (around 220k)… what’s that say about DS as an RPG selling machine exactly? Are we blaming the platform or the games here?

            I also don’t think you can really compare a game published by Marvelous to a game published by Nintendo so directly. In terms of presence, brand and support, I just don’t see many parallels between ARF and XB. Demon’s Souls doing great (180k and still selling) didn’t keep 3D Game Heroes from utterly bombing (15k). Eternal Sonata flopping (70k/50k) didn’t mean Tales of Vesperia did the same (210k/340k). Xenoblade’s really going to sink or swim on it’s own merits and handling imo. Worst case though, I still think it’ll do much better than ARF.

          • jj984jj

            I hope so, but while I’m looking forward to the game I still don’t have any faith that Nintendo will pull off making Xenoblade a success. It’ll be sad if this can’t even outsell Monolith’s own OG Saga games.

          • Gah! WTF I hit the “like” button thinking it was “reply” >:(

            @jarrodand: I’ll give you Graces’ troubled launch, and Marvelous’s inability to sell good games. But Nintendo has a bad habit of NOT supporting Wii games that aren’t part of their key franchises. S&P 2 sales were dismal. Reginleiv’s debut week sales were like ~20k, to name something that came out recently.

            As for its merits…I’m not seeing any from that trailer. Visually, the game is…unpolished, to be nice. Maybe the story and battle system are mindblowing, but I am not convinced of that being the case. (Nor do I think that would save it from debuting at ~25k and falling off the charts.) The fact that it was renamed so it could lean on the Xeno-series legacy for extra publicity says a lot about what Nintendo expects of it, IMO.

        • thebanditking

          Sadly you will likely be correct, though like Ishaan said 3D mario games don’t do that well in Japan, so I don’t think Mario is going to hinder sales but rather the Wii’s current demographic will. Tales of Graces was a buggy mess when released in Japan but no one knew that until a while after, so Why did it bomb? Especially for a flagship Tales entry Graces proved that Wii is not a good platform to launch a RPG on. I don’t think this game will change that, but I hope this and Last Story can find success given that they are coming out ofr a system that Japan actually likes.

          • jarrodand

            Graces launching a week before FFXIII doomed it. Even Sinobi and other media sales trackers have pointed that out on reflection, there was too much fanbase crossover and most held off for the bigger game.

            Is DS a good platform to launch an RPG on? If so, why did (another flagship entry) Tales of Hearts “bomb”?

      • Tokyo Guy

        If not mistaken the PS3 is basically immune to piracy because of the disc format and the sheer file size and resource commitment that would be required to do so. Case in point: Final Fantasy 13 wasn’t pirated until it came out in North America for the Xbox 360.

    • MrMee

      totally going to buy this myself. I SUPPORT game developers. Also, I do believe the developers are owned by Nintendo. So why would the do otherwise?

    • Code

      Your complaining… about the release of a game, because people like yourself will pirate it? Wow, just wow. Maybe game companies should just stop making games, for you to pirate then? Because this sounds like the point your trying to make. It’s pretty damn insulting to the developer, and even other gamers, to see such an callous, presumptuous, and disrespectful attitude towards anything within the gaming industry/community.

      • stealth20k

        I didnt say I am a pirate at all. Stop spreading false info.

        • Code

          I figure, I’ll call your bluff on that one. I think it’s pretty easy for anyone to read the context of your post below and come to the same conclusion.

          Calling you a pirate wasn’t even the point, it was about how ridiculous that statement was. I like to think in this community, there is an absolute ton of respect and consideration for developers and there projects, and that really felt like a slap in the face of that.

    • thebanditking

      I don’t believe they had much choice in it being Wii exclusive as I believe Nintendo bought Monolith long ago…..

      • jj984jj

        I don’t think Namco was exactly happy with their investment in Monolith so Nintendo bought them since they were working together, could be wrong though.

  • stealth20k

    Yeah I thought this was last story for a moment… which isnt developed by nintendo.

    However it doesnt change the fact that the wii is the most pirated system and easy to get this game for free once it comes out.

    I have every wii game ever made myself..

    • AQuatermain

      What this is not the PSP? At least this is what I had understood.

      • stealth20k

        At least with the ds you need another piece of hardware to crack it. All the wii needs is download from the computer and its hacked (like the psp but we are talking about nitnendo)

  • masuto

    Is it me or does it seem like the character in-game models look like it was made from the guy that did the character models for FFXII? They have the same eyes and nose.

    • Raccoon

      Yeah, I thought the same thing when I first saw the characters.

    • thebanditking

      They are similar but I still feel the facial/eye proportions for this game are way off compaired to FFXII. Still I am interested to see how this one turns out and ultimately sells.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Personally I’m expecting this game to be a giant flop, just like Nintendo’s recent “mature” rated game release. While I don’t see it in the bargain bin immediately, I suspect it will be something wherein it just sits in stores and then finally they start to liquidate it after a few weeks (as opposed to say, Star Ocean 4 International which was in the bin after just ONE week at one of the Softmap stores).

    RPGs just will not sell on the Wii, because the core audience abandoned the console long ago. Just look at the sales of Arc Rise Fantasia, which actually had to be released in order for the sales to aspire to the original expectation. Xenoblade is too expensive. IMHO Nintendo’s purchase of Monolith will be the death of the acquired company, just as how Microsoft’s purchase of Rare was.

    Additionally, this new PV of the game looks quite…unimpressive. The bland character models and textures. How is it that this game actually looks worse than Baten Kaitos close up? It might as well be an early-era PS2 game.

    Basically I see this game selling about 70,000 copies the first week if that, and then maybe breaking 200,000 after a month or two. I mean absolutely no one here seems to be talking about it, I haven’t seen any kind of promotional ads yet or anything else. Nintendo’s marketing in Japan has become so mainstream and unimpressive that I doubt this game will receive any kind of grand entrance. The commercials nowadays consist of “talent” (I use that word SO lightly) playing mainstream games like New Mario Wii or the DSLL hardware. That’s it. This week the Mario commercial was highlighting that you can get unlimited 1-Ups by jumping on bullet bills endlessly in this one section.

    As far as I’m concerned, Nintendo has no idea how to appeal to real gamers anymore, just casual ones. EVERYTHING it does for Japan is now aimed at girls, housewives, or the general public. Xenoblade is a game that would never have made big waves to begin with, but IMHO it would have fared much better on the Gamecube when the console had a solid “gamer” gamer userbase and they actually wanted games.

    The same really holds true for The Last Story, if you ask me. The game has all this potential production power and quality, yet because it’s on the Wii it will be instantly brushed aside. With the fall of the PS3’s price, sales of said console have skyrocketed and continue to do so for games, and Blu-Ray software as well (despite the outrageous price here of 5000yen per disc, on average).

    Anyway please don’t get me wrong. I am NOT hoping that Xenoblade (or The Last Story) will fail, rather I am quite angry that there is a good indication they WILL when they should actually be successful…

    • thebanditking

      Im sure some will want to crucify you for your points but sadly aside from all the caps lock words you make valid points. It seems Nintendo’s attempt to bring core games to the Wii was too little and too late. The console is extremely successfull sales wise but will likely never escape from the image that Nintendo initially created for it, and as a result traditional games will suffer poor sales. When Nintendo bought Monolith they were a much different company, a company who was concerned with directly competing with the PS2. They are no longer that company and I do feel Monoliths talent will ultimately be wasted and squandered, not because Nintendo wont use them properly but because the image and marketing of Nintendo’s hardware will likely alienate them.

    • jarrodand

      Well, perhaps it’s lowered expectations, but I wouldn’t exactly see ~200k as a “giant flop”. I also don’t see Xenoblade doing much if any better on any other platform, PS2 included (where Xenosaga 2-3 both also sold around 200k iirc).

      I agree with some of your points, and I think Nintendo’s recent lurch to the “hardcore” came about a year too late, and their promotion of their own “core” titles is spotty and usually misdirected, but with this game I think we need to really take everything into account. Monolith’s not a superstar developer (and really hasn’t been one since possibly Xenosaga I), Action RPGs aren’t a very popular genre (unless they’re team-hunting PSP games) and the Xeno pseudo-brand isn’t exactly a fan favorite (and blade has the most tenuous connections of any of them). I can’t imagine anyone seriously expecting more than 200k for something like this, and that’s not even factoring it’s platform…

      • jj984jj

        Not to mention 200k is definitely more than what it would’ve done on the GCN!

  • Kaishounashi

    Why do you people care so much about sales? If this game flops, is nintendo’s problem. I just want to play games, not to be an analyst of the market…

    Either way, this game looks like it’s going to be really good. I hope NoA brings him to America…

    • jarrodand

      It already on NOA’s list, albeit with no date and still under the old title (Monado).

      • Kaishounashi

        Oh, thank you. So now i can get hyped as hell for this without guilty. :)

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