The Last Story’s Lead Characters And Tiger Revealed

By Spencer . April 9, 2010 . 1:58am

imageThe latest development update about The Last Story shows concept art of the hero, heroine, and a tiger wearing a cape. “This illustration is the hero and heroine,” the director wrote.


“There is a wall between the two,” he or she continues. While the characters share heartfelt moments, something is stopping them from sharing their dreams.


The game’s producer explains the hero’s story is the core of The Last Story’s tale. However, there are other stories in The Last Story. Here’s what the director outlined:


Fear of saying your true feelings.

The mystery of a father who went missing on a boat.

The difficulty leaders experience when making a decision.

Seeing a pal turn evil.

An idiot archeologist’s prison break.


The producer explains each character has their own story and walks their own path and believes players will be able to see these character’s true feelings too.


While story is an important part of The Last Story, the director believes blending combat and the story is important. This is key to making the characters feel “human.”

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  • jj984jj

    The plot sounds about as original as the story in Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon. :

    Hopefully the gameplay is much more interesting, but so far I’m looking forward to Xenoblade more.

    • Aoshi00

      Blue Dragon didn’t have much of a story, it was a very light hearted adventure (so it fell short of my expectation being a Chrono Trigger spiritual successor in a way), but the dreams in Lost Odyssey really made me feel for the the characters, that it’s horrible being immortal living over 1000 years. I have to say I got as emotional playing Lost Odyssey as Heavy Rain, not many games are able to do that. I hope the game does flesh out the “human” aspect stated so far. A premise doesn’t need to revolutionary as long as it is told well. If a unique idea is not fleshed out it means nothing either.

      I can’t wait for this game, this will make not regret for owning a Jpn Wii (got it for Disaster Day of Crisis and Fragile lol..)

      • jj984jj

        The dreams really did nothing to make the main story any less cliche in Lost Odyssey. The characters felt completely disconnected, almost like they were talking about different people entirely in the dreams.

        • Aoshi00

          I felt differently, I thought they really enhanced the personalities of the chars, yes, I expected Kaim to be different in the different points of his life, I’m different when I’m a kid, teenager, college, now, and when I get older, so I imagine a person wouldn’t stay the same over the course of 1,000 yrs, seeing his loved ones grow old and passing away while he alone remains, witnessing kingdoms overthrown one after over the course of history (fighting for one side one day and the other the next, feeling no particular allegiance). The dream of Seth losing Sed felt especially moving, or Kaim losing his family too many times making him callous. The whole group actually felt very connected to me, compared to say, the cast of FFXIII which are all over the place and don’t feel like a tight group at all.

          At any rate, I have a feeling this would live up to being Sakaguchi’s FF14 (just like LO was FF11), Xenoblade w/ its fake title that has nothing to do w/ Xeno- I’m not so sure, also the characters look genuinely ugly in that :(, don’t see how people compare it to FFXII (Yoshida Akihiko).

          EDIT: I really liked the dreams that I bought the novel (well, I got the FFXIII Episode Zero prologue novel too…), will need to read them again someday..

          • jj984jj

            The dreams were definitely wonderful to read, but then with the main plot they used the biggest cop-out plot device to justify how overly padded it was, they made all the immortals amnesiacs. To date I still think of the main characters as 2 odd families, a drunkard, a stupid queen, and an idiotic prince. The story of the 2 families were just awkward to say the least, especially Kaim’s family. It didn’t help that his grandkids were incredibly annoying to listen to either. Then they decided to make the villain look like a complete amateur, I thought Gongora was even worse of a villain than the ones in Blue Dragon since, at the very least, something didn’t go wrong in nearly every step of their plans. Lost Odyssey started out great, but before I even got to the end of the first disk the main plot started to take strange turns, and by the time I finished the game I couldn’t believe what a lost opportunity the plot was even though I enjoyed the dreams. Xenoblade might have some odd looking character models, but I know Takahashi and Soraya Saga will provide a much more interesting story than what I’ve experienced in Mistwalker’s games, just like they did in other Xeno games. Which is why I’m so curious about the gameplay details of this game, I like Sakaguchi’s games because I know he can pull together a team and come up with some interesting game design, especially when he’s concentrating on a single game.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, I really liked the whole LO cast, in a Shadow Hearts quirky kind of way. I find them endearing and memorable, I thought Cooke and Mack were adorable, guess you either love or hate the runts, compared to say the FFXIII cast. By your logic, any character in any game could fit into a stereotyped mold.

            I thought Gongora was an awesome villain, just bad to the bone kind of like Kefka, usurping the kingdom and playing around w/ the protagonists, at least he was 10X better than Dysley in FFXIII, now that’s a boring villain. Worse than Blue Dragon? Come on Nene was a bad villain, but BD never intended to have an epic story like Chrono Trigger that I anticipated. I don’t know what Xenoblade has going for it, I guess I just hate them “copping out” w/ the title, as if they’re afraid “Monado” would not sell at all. I don’t know who’s responsible for the char design, it’s just ugly and strange, not unique, I thought no one would look worse than the old man Nier lol..

      • Wow, he keeps making it sound more and more appealing with every other post. I really, really hope the end product turns out well; our hopes and expectations tend to inflate every week.

        I like the idea of the idiot archeologist’s prison break. Also nice to see that love (?) seems to play a heavy role in the story.

        • Aoshi00

          yeah, some romance is always good. I have faith in the Gooch. The idiot archeologist would seem to provide comic relief too :)

          • malek86

            Is there any RPG without some kind of comic relief? The most serious I’ve played was the original Baroque, and even that had a couple of funny lines.

            Maybe Valkyrie Profile, but I can’t really say, since I only got two hours in.

          • cowcow

            Guess you never played Demon’s Souls

          • malek86

            Of course I did. But I was thinking of J-RPGs.

          • Kris

            Demon’s Souls is Japanese.
            I don’t remember SMT Nocturne having much comic relief, but it seems like most JRPGs do. Which isn’t inherently a bad thing.

    • Hraesvelgr

      A good plot is not necessarily “original”, but done well. Frankly, if you want originality in any plot (and not just for video games), you may as well just stick with real life. Because it’s not really going to happen.

  • MrRobbyM

    the character designs are…b-BEAUTIFUL. I’m not sure how well the Wii can portray the art but I’m liking it so far.

    • Aoshi00

      I hope the in-game graphics would do the illustration justice as well. So it really is the artist of Drakengard / Cry-On right, looks amazing, much better the Xenoblade’s weird faces, of course we still don’t know what the 3D models look like here yet, at least the design is good.

      • MrRobbyM

        Definetly much better than Xenoblade by far. Though, I have faith they can make it look good.

  • Soma

    An idiot archeologist’s prison break?
    Yes, this game is going to be good. :)

    • Excactly my thoughts!

  • thebanditking

    OK so at first glance the story seems cliche at this point almost all storylines are heavily cliched. Whats going to matter is the characters who are invloved in the story so hopefully they will standout. Still these are just at a glance plot points or themes, which does not mean that these are the entire story.

  • Yay, tiger! Yay, manly man hero instead of whimpy wuss hero! Yay, serious looking heroine with awesome boots and a sword! …hm, wait, I shouldn’t get too excited over this, I don’t really want a Wii…. hm.

  • masuto

    Please, please, take advantage of the Wii graphical capability. Lost Odyssey is a beautiful game so please please make it beautiful and not last gen quality graphics.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I’m interested in the “friend turning evil” plot, those kind of things always speaks to me (thinking of the anime KIBA). And sure it might not be very original but heck, original doesn’t spell automatic ‘good’. I think it’ll be the good kind of unoriginal. Still love the artwork. I like the guys sword, very sleek and yet brutal.

  • fallen

    I haven’t been so excited for a game since Xenosaga 3.

  • I don’t see a cape on that tiger. :P

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