Cloud Mario’s Powers Detailed

By Spencer . April 27, 2010 . 7:06pm

imageSuper Mario Galaxy 2 has at least two brand new suits: Rock Mario and Cloud Mario. The rock suit lets Mario roll over his enemies.


What exactly does Cloud Mario do? He can create a mini-staircase out of happy clouds. Cloud Mario can make up to three cloud platforms.


Mario also has a planet turned spaceship, Starship Mario, which is unlocked after completing the first level. Once you jump into Starship Mario you can fly around a map, that takes inspiration from classic Mario games. As you play through Super Mario Galaxy 2, Starship Mario gains new features and picks up inhabitants.


A Luma is one friend that follows Mario around. When a friend picks up a remote they can control the Luma in Co-Star mode. Luma can grab enemies, stun nuisances with a spin move, and pick up coins. That’s a lot more than the star shooting second player option in the previous game.

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  • JeremyR

    I was hoping he would carry a really big sword and act all emo. Different sort of Cloud, I guess.

  • ElTopo

    When did Mario become Mega Man

    • Tokyo Guy

      That could actually be taken a step further, as in “When did Mario become as unoriginal as Mega Man”…Cloud Mario? Give me a break…

      Super Mario 64 was fantastic IMHO, but since then all the 3-D Mario games have just been rehashing more of the same. Why can’t Nintendo go and make a real 2-D Mario installment akin to Super Mario World 2. New Super Mario Bros was very much a step backwards so to speak, like Super Mario Bros “The Lost Levels” 3, though of course the Wii installment had some more modern elements.

      That’s why I liked Wario Shake so much. It was a true 2D game that looked perfectly modern. Yet of course it didn’t sell…

      • ElTopo

        I thought New Super Mario Bros. Wii was classic Mario platforming, and a great title all around. It wasn’t a true 2D game, but do you really expect Nintendo to do something like that when they have this entire new market of “gamers” to sell games to?

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      Mario has had power-changing suits since Super Mario Bros. 3

      • ElTopo

        No sh*t. But its gotten to a point now where its less and less uniquely Mario.
        Cloud Mario creating platforms, where have I seen that before? Oh yeah it was a Rush suit.

        I mean it started with the Bee suit and the Spring suit, and its just gone off the edge full blown idiotic. These “power-ups” are becoming more and more gimmicky and I’m starting to wonder who this is being marketed to, especially with all this talk of the game being brought down in difficulty and the idea of the super-guide that basically plays the game for you.

        • Jaxx-Leviathan

          Less uniquely Mario…? What is uniquely Mario? You want the Frog and raccoon-suits back? I do want those back, but I don’t think any of us qualify to define what is uniquely Mario, that right goes to the developers in my opinion. I don’t want to be branded fanboy or ignorant-consumer, but I’ve been happy with most of the things Mario games have offered up ’til now and they’ll have to do something really unfitting, like I don’t know… do some Sonic-grade sh*t renderings with Mario’s games, for me to be offended. I can’t help getting annoyed everytime something is written about new suits or other features, someone has to claim it is either too weird to be Mario or it is “seen-before” unoriginal. I must admit I’m not very knowledgable in the Mega Man-department, so you might be right that some things are similar, but really it is almost impossible to make something that you can’t draw parallels to in other media.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Ooo, the two-player mode actually sounds like fun this time around. In the first one, after having somehow persuaded your friend that it is fun for him to just point at the screen, player 1 uses most of the time feeling guilty for putting player two in that boring position and trying to make them feel involved with lines like: “Wow, a lot of starbits for you here. Argh, you lost some there, let me move in position for you to grab them. Can you hit that goomba for me?” All the while your friend sends you evil eyes and grumbles curses. Anyway, I like these suits. I like the design of the Cloud suit but the Rock suit sounds like more fun.

  • capristrider

    I love mario games and my fave of all-time is SMB3 (NES).

    IMHO Mario needs a “ninja suit on skateboaed” power up or a “mecha suit with a light saber” power up. Nintendo if you are reading this, we’ll sort the royalites out later.

    Seriously can’t wait for this game to come out!

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