Is Xseed Bringing Ivy The Kiwi? To North America?

By Spencer . April 30, 2010 . 5:43pm

imageJessica (or Ken?) tweeted, “XSEED is poised to announce one of our hidden titles next week. It’s sure to be a feather in our cap…” A following tweet reads, “For those guessing certain titles as our mystery announcement, you don’t really think we’d keep all our eggs in one basket, do you? ^_-"”


A third hint and a major clue notes the announcement will be featured in Nintendo Power next week. Over Facebook, Xseed keeps talking about birds too.


So, birds, eggs, and it’s a Nintendo game. My personal guess is Ivy the Kiwi?. Xseed published Namco Bandai games in the past and Ivy the Kiwi? has a feathery protagonist. Since Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka is attached to it, which means it’s big enough to be a featured story in the magazine.


Ivy the Kiwi? may surprise you too. Just check out this power play video and our hands on impressions from the Nintendo DS version.

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  • nyoron

    I’ve seen Shining Force Feather tossed around as a guess.

  • Pichi

    Either its Ivy the Kiwi or Shinning Force Feather. I’m hoping for Ivy the Kiwi a bit more as its different from the norm.

    • Justinzero

      I hope it’s both. Why settle for less?

    • thebanditking

      You just had to bring up Shining Force feather didn’t you? Here I was finally starting to forget that I wanted that brought over and now that you reminded me I will likely be disappointed when thats the game they dont announce.

  • I’m guessing Shining Force Feather, it’s developed by Flight Plan, it has the word “Feather” in the title, and it’s for the DS. Sounds “bird-like” and Nintendoish to me. I was really hoping for it to get localized when it came out originally, and I’m thinking it might finally happen!

    • symytry

      I would much prefer this to Ivy the Kiwi. Yuji Naka has dropped a long way from the days of Burning Rangers and PSO to….whatever the hell that was in the video.

  • JeremyR

    What, you mean with all the viral marketing you did for them, they didn’t clue you in ahead of time?

    • Ereek

      Just curious: Do you really believe they are viral marketing or are you just trolling?

      Ishaan already explained to you about how you’re mistaken in your previous “accusation.”

      • Hraesvelgr

        And even if it was, I don’t really understand the issue…

    • Enough with the arrogance. You could always just stop reading Siliconera.

  • If this turns out to be Shining Force Feather, then, this might become the 2nd SEGA game I might get that starts with an S that’s NOT named Sonic.

    PS: I hope this includes “Gift from the Sky”, if this is the case.

    • thebanditking

      As long as its not some creepy pedo-rific cuddle pillow case of a 16yr old I am always ready for bonus items.

      • Relax, that link is a CD/DVD bonus, mind you.

  • Zefiro Torna

    Assuming this turns out to be true, it’s actually wise of Xseed to go after this. Considering the fact that there’s already downloadable and disc builds, they can release the game however they want to….

    It’s the closest thing I’ll get to playing a New Zealand Story 2, and a Canvas Curse 2, so I’m willing to nab it however it gets released.

  • Mazen

    I hope its Shining Force Feather.

  • thebanditking

    DS version please.

  • I hope it’s Shining Force Feather, so I can keep saving my money for the Ys games XSEED’s got in the pipe.

  • Kris

    It sounds weird, but I’d actually be a bit disappointed if it was Ivy the Kiwi?. I mean, of all the Namco-Bandai published games that don’t make it to the US, why this one? If it were Shining Force Feather though, I’d be quite excited.
    Still, I’m probably getting whatever it is.

  • Tokyo Guy

    The game is a bit of a let down IMHO. It seemed like a total rip-off of Touch Kirby (for the DS) and yet, while it is such a rip-off, it’s nowhere near as creative.

  • Joanna

    I’ll be satisfied with both titles. Kiwi looks to be a fun game, and SFF is a Shining game. I’m leaning a bit more toward SFF (I’ve wanted it to be localized since I heard about it)….but realistically, I think it’s Ivy the Kiwi.

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