Check Out NISA’s Persona -Trinity Soul- And Toradora! Premium Boxsets

By Ishaan . May 1, 2010 . 11:03am

NIS America recently alerted us (thanks, Nao) to some Persona -Trinity Soul- and Toradora! media updates on their press site. Included were pictures of the premium edition covers for each release, both of which you can check out below.





In case you missed it the first time around, here are details on both premium edition boxes, including price, content and release date. Both DVDs are currently in the process of being printed.

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  • doubleO7

    While I have little to no interest in Toradora I wanted to buy Persona (I’m a huge fan of the games) but I’m not sure if I’m willing to shell out $50 for a sub-only show. I prefer dubs, and have trouble reading subtitles (usually because they go too fast, and I have to pause or rewind often, which isnt entertaining like anime should be, its just annoying), although I’m not against buying sub-only anime (I have Aria, which is one of my favorite series), but, in my opinion, even thiugh its a “premium edition” and comes with bonus stuff, $50 still seems a bit steep for a sub-only release.

    • cmurph666

      I agree actually. I see no reason why not to include an English vocal track.

      • Pichi

        NISA is probably testing the waters. It costs extra bucks to make an English track, and depending on how their anime sells, they might add one for future releases.

      • doubleO7

        Hopefully they’ll go back and dub this and Toradora somewhere down the line if they sells pretty well, like what Sentai Filmworks is doing for Clannad, Blue Drop, Ghost Hound, Legends of the Dark King, and Tears to Tiara, which were released sub-only first but are getting rereleased with dubs.

    • SeventhEvening

      You might not want to buy Persona -Trinity Soul- because it’s fairly awful and blatantly contradicts things from the game.

      And if you have that many problems with subs, you might want to work on your reading, or watch more subbed shows to grow more accustom to it. I’ve never heard of anyone needing to rewind or pause something to read a subtitle often, and an anti-sub-only stance means you’ll miss out on a considerable number of fantastic foreign films.

      • Pichi

        That’s not an easy task for people who have reading problems and other physical difficulties. People need to remember that this isn’t a perfect world where everyone is born “normal.” Just because you have never heard of a case, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

        No different than if a book didn’t offer audio tapes or braille for those who are blind/can’t read very well. One shouldn’t suffer just to “entertain,” as that no longer becomes entertainment. Which makes one puts their money on other means of entertainment that can satisfy their needs.

        • SeventhEvening

          I suppose that’s true. I’m used to encountering normal people who whine about reading while watching something or prefer dubs because they’re lazy, which is a very sad stance to take. I didn’t consider the possibility of the poster having some kind of disability. I just saw the words “prefer dubs” and “annoying” which sounded more like someone who just didn’t like reading rather than a person who couldn’t.

          My sincere apologies if I offended someone.

          • doubleO7

            Well, I dont have any disabilities, its just that sometimes if theres a long line of text or some obscure japanese term, I dont quite finish reading the line or get stuck trying to figure out how to pronounce it, then the text changes. And another reason is that I’d rather be paying attention to whats actually happening on the screen than the line of text at the bottom. For example, if i’m focusing more on what the characters are actually doing on-screen, I might miss a line of text.

            Have you ever tried watching Ikki Tousen subtitled? Its pretty hard to read the text AND watch the bouncing boobs and panty shots at the same time, without missing the other:P
            Or if a show has nice character designs and/or beautiful art, it distracts me from the text…

            And while I did say “prefer dubs” and “annoying”, I also said that I wasnt against buying sub-only DVDs (I even pointed out Aria as an example), just that i’d rather watch something dubbed, if given the option.

          • SeventhEvening

            Actually, I haven’t tried watching Ikkitousen subtitled, although I have heard it’s quite difficult to deal with for many reasons, haha.

            When I was younger I didn’t like reading subs and kept missing things because I was focused art or whatever, but I got frustrated with the fact that there are only about a dozen english VAs, so I started watching more subbed things. Now I don’t even realize I’m reading text at all.

          • Pichi

            Its alright, sorry if I came to harsh. Just that I feel so left behind when talks like this happen because the thought is barely brought up.

          • SeventhEvening

            I was somewhat out of line anyway. I’ve encountered one fansub group who had spaced their subtitles out specifically so that deaf people could tell who is speaking if they aren’t facing the camera, and I thought that was pretty interesting, but other than that, I haven’t thought of it because I don’t encounter it often.

          • Pichi

            That’s great to hear! I like groups helping others like that. I hope more of that has happened.

            Can’t remember what game it was, but there were some fans who couldn’t read the font of a game well, and someone managed to fix it release a patch to help them better so that they can enjoy the game more. Every little bit goes a long way.

  • Although this is a steal compared to Ghost Hound’s release (sub only, $50 despite it is the entire series… eh, dont feel like forking out that much) I probably wont pick this up either. Im only vaguely interested in the artbook, not even the anime. -.-;

  • Guest

    They really messed up the Persona characters eyes….they are so far apart. Bad art for a bad anime I guess it fits.
    The box for Toradora! is clean and simple I like it.

    • FHOIW

      Bad anime? P:TS was epic.

      • Slashlen

        Epic fail, right? :P

        Just kidding, but most of the talk I hear about it is pretty negative.

        • SeventhEvening

          I thought it was awful. It might have been alright if I had never played the games, but it just kind of rapes the Persona Mythology.

        • FHOIW

          Yeah, I think the reason many people didn’t like it was due to the quite confusing story, but apart from that, the music, animation and characters were cool as hell.

    • Persona was great, it was more serious hat 90% of anime is truth, so you cant expect the expectable here

  • malek86

    Isn’t the box for Toradora a bit too… generic? Doesn’t really catch the eye.

  • They should at least asked for a new original art for toradora, ive seen that art lots of times D:

  • Badly wish this was for sale on Amazon. Will not purchase anything from that Rosen Queen site.

  • BrotherCavil

    NISA’s anime department is gonna crash and burn in less than a year.

    Shitty anime (Persona TS) + overpriced + lack of a dub = Kutner + defibrillators.

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