Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s Comic Cutscenes Have Interactive X-Ray Vision

By Spencer . May 3, 2010 . 10:23pm

The striking comic book style cutscenes drawn by Ashley Wood in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker have two surprises.


1.) They have English captions in the Japanese version.


2.) This.



You can zoom in and out with the D-pad to see through Paz’s clothes. This clip is from the very beginning of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and it’s the first point where the player realizes some of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s cutscenes are interactive. Later on, the same zooming and scrolling controls are used to help Snake aim a rocket launcher.

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  • MrRobbyM

    Can I zoom in on Snake? :P

    It’s funny that it says “She’s only a child” and then you zoom i and see her undergarments. It kind of makes you feel bad about doing it.

    • 5parrowhawk

      Knowing Kojima, that was 100% intentional.

  • Aoshi00

    For this particular shot I think it’s Shinkawa’s art rather than Ashley Wood’s right? I got the MGS2 Bande Dessinee DVD before but didn’t like Ashley Wood’s animated comic at all, too simple and sketchy like initial storyboard, like the Dead Space comic segments or something.. P-A still hasn’t shipped out my copy yet (not a big deal since that gives me much needed time to concentrate on Nier)

    • Kris

      How is Nier by the way? I had no interest in it until I saw the most recent trailer for Replicant, and it looks pretty cool. I just wish we could have had the Replicant protagonist as a bonus or DLC, since I think he fits in better with the game’s art style.

      • deltazero

        Man, sucks that S-E didnt feel like releasing Replicant in the states :/. Maybe they’ll change their minds later <<… Or I'll import it after getting a PS3 (think thats more likely). Also, aoshi, how is Nier? Was considering grabbing Gestalt sometime later, but haven't really heard impressions about it much, heh.

        • Aoshi00

          The game is very fun and oozes w/ quality (pls see my comments above), RPG fans owe it to themselves to play this. To me this is infinitely more fun than FFXIII. I hope S-E could learn a lesson from Cavia on how to make a good game. Graphics might not be like FFXIII but it doesn’t need to be because story and gameplay trump everything else, also what it lacks it makes up in pure style and presentation.

          I don’t think young Nier would be available as DLC later, if you’re not fluent in Jpn, I suggest you play the Eng. Nier instead of just choosing Replicant for aesthetics. Old man Nier is a very nice char. I will play Replicant later to see which ver. I like better, I hope it wouldn’t feel too weird to replay the same game w/ a diff. char. Verdict, must-buy.

          Also, I have not done any gardening since Harvest Moon on the SNES :) Fishing is also fun, once you catch your first one that is..

          BTW, P-A just shipped my Peace walker, yay :)!

          • vagiel

            My thoughts exactly nier is not only an excellent game by its own rights but also an amalgamation of different consepts and play styles. I am afraid it is not marketed correctly though so most people think of it as god of war style even though this is much further from the truth. You have to look back to more action oriented rpgs to get nier gameplay in the 16 bit era but also add flavor and setting from some of the aforementioned titles such as ico.

          • Aoshi00

            That’s true, when the title was first announced earlier in the year (or last year), I thought there would be tough competition like Bayonetta, GoW3, or Ninety-nine Nights 2, but Nier really isn’t that kind of game at all. It really is beautiful and a piece of art like Ico though.

          • thebanditking

            How heavily is Kaine’s trans-gender bit played up in the USA release? I am l leery about picking this game up because that sort of thing is just not my taste. I have heard some good things about this game but others throw me off and the Hermaphrodite character is not helping much. Any info without being too spoiler heavy would be greatly appreciated .

          • Aoshi00

            Nah, I would never spoil people..Actually I’ve been asking the same question, when in the trailers did they ever say Kaine is a hermaphrodite? I’m 22 hrs into the game and I just saw a woman who has a foul mouth is all.. maybe I just haven’t gotten far enough and did too much side quests? I ordered Replicant, but I just saw a video on youtube, the Jpn Nier is a darned kid w/ a chicken do :( (I didn’t know he’s not starting as an adult)… I take the old man any day. Also the OST just came, the manual only has old man Nier, I really think it’s the game got Japanized instead us getting the Western version.. if that’s the case, the whole outrage was pretty unwarranted.. I think the Eng. voice acting is better too.Jpn game is good man, believe me, you have to play it :)! But I’m still not ready for that eventual messed up plot twist at the end they play up so much…

      • Aoshi00

        I was really looking forward to this game since I liked Cavia’s Drakengard, and I’m glad it turned out to be everything that I had hoped for and more. Most people on Amazon Jpn gave the game 5 stars or at least 4, for both Replicant and Gestalt ver. There are some reviews on Amazon US too and they’re all positive.

        The design looks hauntingly beautiful and stylish (atmosphoere like Ico or Colossus), excellent soundtrack, diverse and addictive gameplay (a mix of 3D action, 2D platforming or top-down view), tons of interesting sidequests and customization, good story, interesting characters, good dialogue and top notch voice acting, and we’re promised some messed up plot twist at the end too. I got the game on Sat. and I’m alrdy 15 hrs in, usually I don’t play on wekedays but I just can’t wait to do more sidequests and advance the main story, can’t believe I’m doing so much fishing and gardening.

        KMart is having Nier on sale for $44.99 this week along w/ many other games like Bayonetta and FFXIII for $29.99, check them out. I suggest people should give this game a try ASAP, for me one of the most fun RPGs in recent years (FFXIII would be like 6, and this is like 10), beats running around just fighting monsters if you ask me.

        I understand some might want the better looking hero in Replicant, but old man Nier is a very good char and really grows on you, I think the father-daughter relationship is quite touching. I ordered Replicant from P-A as well because I’m interested in the Jpn dub, not so much the alternate hero. Delta Zero, you should get the Eng. ver unless your Jpn is good, otherwise you’d be missing out on many things, so much effort has gone into every aspect of this game.

        P.S. there are some achievement/trophies that have to do w/ beating bosses under a certain number of minutes, the game only has 3 save files, so you might want to use different flash drives to save before the bosses if you want to tackle the challenges later. This game is so good, I’m thinking about the music in my mind at work and can’t wait to come home tonight and play it again :)

        P.P.S. Kaine is an awesome char, but she has a very foul mouth, in a funny sort of way, you would get an idea as soon as you turn on the game and hear the intro.

        I don’t know about not installing the game, but if you do, loading is very quick. Go pick this up!

        • O____________O only 3 SAVES???? ………….. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :/ i used 99 saves for FF13 XD !lalala
          T_T i like to save in every cut cene ! dammm ! I havent ordered it but i will soon!

          • Aoshi00

            I know… they’re so few, even Lost Odyssey had 20 and that wasn’t enough for me. I always save before important cut scenes too, I had 64 saves for the Jpn FFXIII and like 90 saves for the US ver, lol.. Nier has so much good dialog too, so the only solution is diff. flash drives.. Right now on my 360 ver. I use the HDD, system’s internal memory, memory card, and 2 flash drives, so that gives me 15 save slots lol.. Still this game encourage multiple playthroughs to see the diff. endings (4 endings), so… that would mean I need to see all 8 endings for Nier and Replicant >,<…

        • Joanna

          I’m going to have to agree with Aoshi. I watched a bit of the early playthrough and Nier’s look doesn’t bother me anymore. He really is a nice character, which is surprising given how he looks. I ended up really liking everything I saw in the playthrough… I just need to pick this game up. xD

          • Aoshi00

            Also the Eng. voice acting is really good, most likely better than the Jpn counterpart (though the Jpn ver has a good cast as well, I’ve only heard little so far), Weiss’s sarcastic wise-man British accent, and Kaine does not watch her language at all. Nier has a very cool voice as well, don’t know who his VA is.

            Kaine cussing once you pop in the disc…


            I wonder how long it would take me to finish this, there is so much to do in this game, filled w/ towns and people, so much interaction w/ everything, makes me think of the pretty background in FFXIII as plain wallpaper all the more..

  • Wait, you could do this in the demo O.o, i remember i did this

    • bugmeknot

      I thought it was announced before too, if not here, then elsewhere. Maybe Silconera were tipped off by the “American marketing machine”?

  • PersonaSama

    Like what Aoshi00 said, the cutscenes in the game were drawn by Shinkawa instead of Wood. I think KojiPro mentioned something along those lines earlier when they were first showing videos too.

  • thebanditking

    Yeah I saw this in the demo when I played it, though I hope this works for characters who are “real” women not just some pedo-rific character like PAZ…..yuck man just yuck.

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