30% Of Kodansha Manga Adapted Into Apps Rejected By iTunes

By Ishaan . May 8, 2010 . 1:14pm


Masaaki Hagino, president of Voyager, an e-book development company, revealed to the ZD Net Japan website in an interview that 30% of Kodansha manga adapted by his company into apps for iTunes is rejected for censorship reasons. Hagino provides an example by explaining that even a scene where a character is bleeding excessively from a disease — as opposed to violence — is labeled “excessive cruelty.”


Citing the specific example of Hataraki Man, he stated: “Basically all manga with [office ladies] as main characters have bathing scenes. They can’t be shown taking showers. Not even baths — they’re still topless.” In the case of Hataraki Man, one of the chapters of the manga was rejected because a scene exposed the breasts of the main character during a massage.


Lending further credibility to Hagino’s claim was a tweet by Yoshitoshi ABe, manga-ka of Serial Experiments Lain, who revealed one of his works was rejected due to this image.

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  • pacanug

    I do like their devices, but Steve Jobs=Hu Jintao.

  • nyobzoo

    that’s pretty lame

  • bleeding excessively from a disease — as opposed to violence — is labeled “excessive cruelty.” – Its sad when we’re more accepting of violence in games/media than we are more real issues.

  • Steve Jobs needs to retire.

  • chaosalfa

    From which work of Yoshitoshi ABe is the picture in the tweet?

    • That’s Hataraki Man by Moyoco Anno.

    • Oh, wait. In the tweet. Sorry, I’m not sure of that one.

  • TyeTheCzar

    Thank You, Apple. This reconfirms my decision about not buying anything from you guys. Oh, and you lost even more respect because of how much you like to lick and suck the Media Watchdog Nazi’s feet.

  • LOL It’s ridiculous! A gay friend has some of those Gay apps, they show a LOT inside those and are still available just because are “Social Network” apps? baka bakashi :/ Apple is just retarded or what?

  • Apple and its censorship = Walmart of digital distribution.

    • This. And I’m really, really hoping that the day when Apple’s control over the market causes media to be censored even outside their little walled garden (as has happened with Walmart) never comes…

  • Man, and to think fart apps pass because they’re soooo hilarious…
    *grumbles, disappointedly*

  • wtf is wrong with companies, i learnt about how to make babies at 13 years old, but now 8 years old kids already know, and they even curse more than me!

    • Joanna

      lol. your post made my day!
      If they really really want to censor, they should make users input personal information upon buying a iphone/ipod/ipad and based on that information bar them from accessing things that are above their age level. But of course, these companies take the easy way out…

  • Jirin

    I think with the closure of Lala, Apple has officially become more evil than Microsoft.

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