Acquire Cuts Tuition For Class Of Heroes 2G

By Spencer . May 10, 2010 . 10:47am

imageIn a rare move, Acquire announced a pre-release price drop for Class of Heroes 2G. The PSP to PlayStation 3 port will retail for 5,229 yen ($56) instead of 6,279 yen ($67).


Why? Acquire says its to celebrate passing the 150,000 sales milestone for the Class of Heroes series and it’s their fifteenth anniversary. Class of Heroes 2G’s price is now on par with the launch price of Class of Heroes 2.


Class of Heroes 2G has more character customization options, more dungeon abilities, and NPCs that join your party. The Blu-ray version will crawl into retailers in Japan on July 15.

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  • cowcow

    still looks unworthy of being a PS3 title

    • nyobzoo

      well I doubt, if ever it was release outside Japan, it’ll be a blu-ray game and a PSN DL instead

      • Joanna

        I’d take it as a PSN DL, as long as the price isn’t the typical PS3 retail price.

    • Ereek

      It’s this attitude that makes it so difficult for smaller developers to release titles on “HD” consoles.

      • cowcow

        Then you know what> If you can’t make a quality HD title for an HD system like Demon’s Souls or etc than stick to the handhelds or Wii.

        • But… are you blind?….this was released to handled (psp) and then ported for ps3, what do you expect??? Demon Souls didn just appeared either, they had to make little works like this to get to Demon Souls. *sigh*

        • Sigh. Sorry cowcow, removed the two code-spam comments. You can try posting again to see if it works.

          • cowcow

            Why me???

          • I wish I knew. Your best bet is to get in touch with the people that run Disqus. I sent you an e-mail a couple months ago with the spam pasted in it. Forward that to them and ask if they have any idea what could be causing it.

        • Artavasdus

          Companies develop low-budget games for high end consoles because they want to expand their fanbase bringing their titles to new platforms and catering to favourable market trends (the japanese Ps3 userbase seem to favor even lesser known jrpgs with relatively good sales), the fact that you don’t like this doesn’t mean that there is some unwritten law that say they are wrong to do so. Presuming that every developer must have the budget for a game like Demon’s Souls or be confined to handhelds or Wii is simply an arbitrary assertion: you can refuse to support them, but those titles have their fanbase and their market, like it or not.

          Furthermore, publishing low budget titles helps small developers to generate revenues in order to try to push their standards higher. Look at Gust, for example: without the good sales of their many low budget entries they probably wouldn’t have had the budget nor the confidence to upgrade the graphics in their more recent Ps3 titles.

          Thankfully not everyone base their judgement solely on graphics: if your criteria were applied to the past we wouldn’t have had any home game from NiS, Gust, Career Soft, Banpresto, Success, Flight Plan, Idea FactoryCompile Hearts, Aquaplus and a slew of other japanese developers simply because they hadn’t the money to compete with high budget titles, losing in the process many games and series that are important to a great deal of jrpg players.

      • Well said. :)

    • Joanna

      I really don’t mind if not all games take advantage of the hardware. HOWEVER, if a company is going to make a graphically inferior game, I do think they should price it lower unless it has lots more content to make up for the graphics. Otherwise, it seems a little unfair…that and I think the 80-70 CAN dollar price tag for new PS3 games is already way too high. I never buy PS3 games day1 because I refuse to pay that much.

  • Gestahl

    Will probably import.

  • masuto

    I really don’t get why there should be a port.

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