Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light Rated By OFLC

By Spencer . May 10, 2010 . 11:03am

imageJust like we said before, Final Fantasy Gaiden is heading to the West and it appears its release will be sooner rather than later.


Australia’s OFLC rated Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. The cutesy Final Fantasy game was rated “PG” for mild fantasy violence. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is slated for summer in the West. Perhaps, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light will be released around the same time too.

  • malek86

    Ah, so they do have the Final Fantasy name… at least in Australia? Uhm.

    • I don’t know if it would be wise to not bring it out under the Final Fantasy name, honestly…

  • cowcow

    Why do the characters look like they are 4 years old. Thats dumb

    • kupomogli

      and the way the one on the left looks. Japan is full of pedos.

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      “that’s dumb”? well my dad can beat up your dad. sorry, that was uncalled for but it just gets tiring reading your hate in most topics. And yes, I can just refrain from reading your postings, you are right. But surely you could muster some kind of constructive criticism at least? I’ll get off your case now.

      • cowcow

        Thanks man best friends

  • kupomogli

    Graphically, it doesn’t look too good but there is a lot on screen at once and doesn’t look to have slowdown. However, with the amount of stuff on screen at once it just looks extremely cluttered and doesn’t look good.

    How childish it looks I wonder if it can even be halfway decent considering the audience it’s being aimed at. They already know most current FF fans will pick it up.

    • Jaxx-Leviathan

      It’s the art-style chosen for this game, personally I don’t find it childish, just a style reminiscent of the first FF Tactics, well at least in the case of character artworks. The actual character graphics ingame just fit well on a DS and what the DS can do with its graphics engine, if graphics is a major issue then you should have a problem with a lot of DS titles I reckon.

      • cowcow

        Then how come S-E’s Lufia (Estopolis) game and Tales of Innocence, Avalon Code, etc can handle real size 3D characters just fine?

        • Joanna

          ToI still looks chibi to me…. Avalon looks more realistic, but it still has a chibi-like quality to it. Estopolis is the only one that looks proportional and it has a very zoomed out look, so maybe they do that because it’s harder for the models to look proportional without having to zoom out?

          The chibi look doesn’t bother me, actually I quite like it. :3

        • Just because it can handle it doesn’t mean every game has to use such graphics, right? Now I’m not too fond of real looking 3D graphics, so I’m pretty glad Squeenix decided to be artsy with this game and gave it this cute, stylised look. Which, imo, looks alot better than their FF DS remakes too.

    • looks fantastic to me. but they better fix the damn auto-targeting.

  • Ereek

    I do hope no one screams “source or you’re lying!” again, because, quite frankly, this is hilarious.

    • Probably, the most surprising thing about this is the commenter who was vehemently criticizing us for the lack of a source e-mailed SE, today, asking if Dragon Quest VI is being localized.

      S/he didn’t start with an apology either, just that question.

      • Man, by SE I thought you meant Square Enix… and I was like WTF?

        • Ereek

          Yeah, it took me a minute to figure that out too, haha. I like MrRobbyM’s idea though!

      • MrRobbyM

        Silicon Era.. SE….Square Enix….IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

        • Chow

          That there is Batman logic. >:)
          Square? Circles! That starts with a C! C? C for Sea! The Legion of Doom’s secret base is under the sea!
          And then the most crazy thing about that is that he’s most likely correct.

          • Do not question Batman’s logic! :>

        • This brings up an interesting question. Who gets to be the hermaphrodite?

      • Joanna

        wow just wow. If it was me, I would be too ashamed to show my digital face to you Spencer, or the rest of Siliconera for that matter.

  • I guess it will soon be time to take another crack at fixing my NDS. Bad top screen… loose ribbon…?

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