You Are The Star Of The Next Fire Emblem Game

By Spencer . June 1, 2010 . 11:01pm

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Nintendo announced a release date for Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem – Hero of Light and Shadow and it’s coming to Japan soon. Real soon. July 15 soon.


This is a remake of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, a Super Famicom game only released in Japan with some extra features. One of them is Nintendo Wi-Fi support for two players. The other is a protagonist change. Marth isn’t the lead character this time around. You, a new recruit in the Knights of Altea, are.


Players create a character in the My Unit. Customization options include gender, eye, hair, and face styles plus a unit type. These factors will affect conversations with your fellow knights. Intelligent Systems also made new scenarios for the My Unit character. There’s a prologue which follows the My Unit character as s/he rises the ranks to Marth’s army and a side story with a new map.


Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem – Hero of Light and Shadow has not been announced for the West at this time, but Nintendo has a perfect opportunity to do it in two weeks at E3.

  • kupomogli

    If you can choose classes then it’s Myrmidon for me. I’ll end up as a Swordmaster with critical hits nearly every attack no matter the weapon.

  • Vanilla

    Sounds like a cool idea. I’m a sucker for character customization so hopefully there will be some good options.

    • Joanna

      yeah, me too.

      I wasn’t too excited for this before, but hearing about the character customization has made me excited!

      Also like LOVEoo mentioned above. I loved how FE7 included a tactician that was suppose to be you. It really felt like you were part of the story without pretending that you were the main character. Great approach, I would love to see it implemented in other games.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Alright, I was critical of this remake before, but this idea has really piqued my interest. Hopefully Nintendo will release it in English and won’t take too long with it.

  • why is it in 3D ?!?!?!?

    • cowcow

      It is???

  • Artavasdus

    As much as I am skeptic about this remake, this feature could be interesting if used well. Reading the description I think it’s possible that only Book Two will be included in the remake, which would be quite rational since the first part has already been covered in Shadow Dragon and the story apparently isn’t strictly Marth’s anymore.

  • If it doesn’t have those conversations and relationships like the newer Fire Emblem games have, I’m not interested. Even though creating your own character sounds very cool, the games just aren’t the same to me without relationship building that can effect character performance.

  • cowcow

    They should improve on the graphics

  • masuto

    Heh, a remake of a remake. I’m down.

    • Joanna

      Not really, Mystery of the Emblem had more new content than old. It was like having the first game as a bonus.

  • Guest

    I can live with the ugly graphics and art as long as hey advance the gameplay. Shadow Dragon was a huge step back for the Fire Emblem series. Hopefully they add some new elements to the game that actually make it enjoyable and move it forward even if it is remake. The My Unit aspect sounds great. I loved the tactician role from Fire Emblem (GBA) made you feel like you were really part of the story hopefully this does the same.

    • uhh a huge step back how?

      • Guest

        Marth the only character to open chests, virtually no story between chapters, that leads to no character development, which completely screws with what I liked about Fire Emblem so much. Deep characters you cared about so trying to keep them alive was thrilling. Hell I can’t even remember if had support conversations, changing classes made the characters feel even less real or important. I think they messed with the rescue part too. I forget the exact name but you could carry somebody to shield them and if I recall correctly they did something to mess it up. I only played about 1/4 or 1/3 of the game before calling it quits.Fire Emblem hasn’t changed much since the GBA version but this just felt stale and it was extremely boring to me.

  • Is it me or ever since Dragon Quest IX came out there been a “create a character” trend on ds games. I just they did this in the .hack\ series.

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