Limited Edtion Love Plus + DSi XLs Are Deluxe

By Spencer . June 2, 2010 . 10:55am

If new colors weren’t enough of a reason to buy a Nintendo DSi XL maybe Konami’s Love Plus + DSi XL bundles will convince you. Konami and Nintendo have three of them, one for each virtual girlfriend. Manaka blue, Rinko green, and Nene pink bundles cost 24,000 yen a piece ($260). Each one also comes with a copy of Love Plus +.


Manaka Deluxe

image image


Nene Deluxe

image image


Rinko Deluxe

image image


Look for those “deluxe” DSi XL packages on June 24.  “Deluxe” is in quotes because there is an even more limited edition Love Plus + DSi XL bundle. Konami also announced a Love Plus + premium pack, which will be sold on Konamistyle.


This unpictured set includes a Love Plus + DSi XL, the game, drama CD, fans with each of the girls, B2 size poster, three characters charms, and a book called Eternal Watcher Love Plus + for 28,800 yen ($312).

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  • The white on the silver looks pretty ugly imo, they should have just made a white DSi XL with the coloured print on it. ….also: $320, insane.

    • SeventhEvening

      That 320 number is really a pretty good deal. You’re basically paying 60 dollars for a cd, fans, an artbook (or guide?), character charms and a poster.
      Given the price of drama cds (~30) and guide books (~20)….you’re walking out ahead of the game. Also given how fanatic Love + fans seem to be, the resale value of that bundle will be massive.

      For a fan, the bundle is a steal (assuming they are a big fan with some serious disposable income) and for a collector it is a serious business opportunity.

      • But there’s so mch other stuff you could buy with 320 dollars.. like.. clothes. XD

        • SeventhEvening

          You can say that about anything though ;P. Why buy a 60 dollar game? That’s 6 meals at a restaurant or 60 items from a fast food dollar menu!

          Or a game console in general, my god, instead of buying my PS3 I could currently have 15 pairs of pants.

          Besides, the girls from Love Plus don’t judge a man based on his clothes (or lack there of).

          • A 60 dollar game could be just one meal at a restaurant too tho.. XD~

            It’s a different matter for the PS3 tho, that can play Blu-Rays too and it’s much bigger… but my first thought excactly was “Wow, that’s almost as much as a PS3 costs.”, I know there’s lots of extras and the reselling factor makes it also interesting for me, but still, the thought of spending that much money on a handheld creeps me out. The deluxe edition for 260 is insane to me too, DSi XL costs 190 usually so that makes it 70 dollar for the game. Ugh. I know, it’s a limited special edition with a “pretty” print on it, but we had a limited edition Crisis Core PSP for the normal PSP price over here and you can still get your hands on it for 150 Euro, that’s a price I’d be willing to pay. Just saying.

            But I’m not their target audience anyways. And I also don’t have a PS3 because I rather spend my moneys on new dresses and pants, haha. <3

          • SeventhEvening

            Well, Love Plus + alone is ~50 and the first Love Plus is ~60. A lot of DS titles debut for that kind of price in Japan and then change price depending on demand. So you only wind up paying ~10 dollars for the DS print.

            You also can’t underestimate the target audience. Real fanatics would have no problem with this. When [email protected] released on PSP, there were a ton of people who bought all three versions, and many fans who bought multiple copies of each version so they could get several stores pre-order bonuses. Then they resold the game itself.

            I’m not terribly interested in Love Plus, but I can see the appeal. The Konami-style bundles are usually real nice items. I wanted the Persona 3 one when it released, but I couldn’t justify the purchase since I don’t have a Japanese PS2.

            But to each his/her own, right?

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t like the color either, what’s w/ the grey/silver? Plain white background would be so elegant. If I don’t alrdy have a DSi (the Ace Attorney Investigation LE Blue Badger one, got it on ebay for ~$210 before) and didn’t know 3DS is coming, I definitely want a bigger XL. I usually like my systems plain anyway, and prefer decorating them w/ faceplates. say, like this one,…I got a Layton pink outer case before, but I didn’t end up using it because it can’t fit in the pouch, and I don’t want feel like breaking the hinges by snapping the plastic onto it.. plus the matte finish on the DSi feels nicer than the glossy surface of the faceplate..…I should’ve gotten the brown one :(

      BTW, I’ll write you later, too tired now :)…

      • Noooo, gosh, the pink one is lovely! Looks much better than the brown one imo.. but I’m biased, I love pink. XD

        I still only have my DS lite and I never once felt like getting a DSi or DSi XL… I’ll just wait for the 3DS and probably get the upgraded one that will come out soon after.. XD

        I’m still thinking of getting that Crisis Core PSP tho.. but it’s silver and I’m not to fond of silver handhelds/consoles.. I like the pearl white PSP.. or the turquoise one that gets sold here in Europe, that’s one damn lovely colour. *__*

        • Aoshi00

          But I like the gold Layton hat logo on the brown cover :).. I will try to stop myself from getting the first 3DS and wait for the next one like XL. I really want/need a bigger screen. I have the piano black 1000 and pearl white 2000, the blk one is a fingerprint magnet but looks better than the white border. The video out isn’t as useful as I thought because when you hook it up to a TV, the screen is all boxed in the center, only the UMD movies are full screen on TV…

          I thought about getting a silver one like Crisis Core bundle too, but the color is not solid, it’s a sparkly silver.. turquoise one is my favorite, even better than the Peace Walker camouflage one :)

  • They look nice but o.0 dont they get tired of the same girls after all this time? (i know this doesnt sounds good xD, but since is a game, it doesnt matter), is weird they still havent made a sequel

  • mirumu

    I kind of want the Rinko one, but have spent a bit much lately to spare another 24,000 yen. Argh.

  • Chow


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