The Love Plus + DS Reservation Line

By Spencer . June 4, 2010 . 6:00pm

As expected, those Love Plus + Nintendo DSi XL bundles are hot. So hot, fans in Akihabara waited in the rain to get a pre-order ticket from Softmap. Akibablog tweeted the story and posted a look at the growing Love Plus + line.


image image image

Photo 1 – Friday night, 20-30 people queuing up next to a telephone booth in front of Softmap.

Photo 2 (3 hours later) – Over 200 people in line.

Photo 3 (33 minutes later) – Love Plus + DSi XL bundles pre-orders are over. Not pictured: Konami executives and board members cracking open a bottle of champagne.

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  • Not sure how preorders work in japan but are they pretty much the same as online retailers when you have to pay for the entire game in full or brick and mortar shops where its $5 down or a percentage?

    • 500 Yen down and bring the receipt and preorder ticket back day of release. ANd people need to lay off, there are actually girls (yes girls) who play this game too. And people who just play it. Yes, this game seems to attract some people with psychological problems who bond with game characters. That happens in a lot of games, just more here for some reason (or maybe the media reports on it more). It’s no more or less sad than people who play WOW 10 hours a day, its just addiction to something. But the audience of the game is not 100% people who can never get a girl and fall in love with their DS. That’s jsut no true. I don’t like these games, and i only know 1 person who does and told me about it, and she is a GIRL who plays.

  • Aoshi00

    [email protected] the mosaic… isn’t it somewhat sad these are all grown men too?

    I have actually never lined up to buy a video game at launch, other than the Wii at my local Toysrus. If I don’t have a DSi and the Love Plus game alrdy, I might get this bundle just for the XL. I want a bigger screen…

  • Trotmeister

    So depressingly many of hopeless losers.

    • Honestly, you’re nothing special yourself. Don’t be an ass just because other people have differing tastes.

      • Trotmeister

        “Different tastes” is a pretty loose concept. Some men court other men and some also dress in women’s clothing – should we be nice to them as well? Oh, wait…

        • Aoshi00

          Some people might think of you playing video games as a waste of time and money as well, so yes different people have different taste and you should respect them. Why do we read books/manga, watch movies/anime, or play video games? One reason is to experience something we can’t in our mundane real life. Work, wife and kids nagging you, etc could be a bitch you know.So if you don’t want to be seen as a “loser”, maybe you should stop playing video games and start contributing to the society, the money used to buy games could be given to the poor to do some good too. Why are you dragging people’s life styles into the topic of hobbies anyway.

  • idofgrahf

    Can’t say I understand why people are into this type of game. I mean I play video games to do things I cannot do in real life (legally or simply impossible) but love plus is like the Sim’s, I can go out and do most of that stuff. But different stroke for different folks I guess.

    • Aoshi00

      Just remember though non-gamers could also say the same thing to gamers “Why do you play ‘video games’?” Dating sims are fun just like any other genre (why do people watch romantic movies?) I have to say though I was more into it when I was younger, like I don’t care much for such aspect in Persona 3/4 anymore. I still find some of them to be cute, like Dream Club, or the upcoming “Ore no Yome”. But mostly I’ve outgrown it, personally.I could see the appeal though, and like the above commenter said, some female gamers also like this kind of game in Jpn. As for doing this in real life, I don’t think many people had such wonderful and bittersweet romance during their school days.

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