New Kingdom Hearts To Be Revealed At E3

By Ishaan . June 6, 2010 . 6:04am


It would appear some people have already gotten their hands on the July issue of Game Informer magazine, which features an interview with Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura. In the interview, Nomura confirms that one of the two new games in the series will be revealed at E3.


Q: Are there any hints you can provide about these new games?


Hints would give away too much, and for Kingdom Hearts we’re contractually obligated to keep any information that has not been officially released under wraps. However, I can say one of the two projects mentioned above came into existence because we wanted to do something for the North American fans, so we’ll be announcing it at E3.


This new title could, of course, be Kingdom Hearts: Recoded, initially hinted at on voice actor Phil Snyder’s personal web page. Considering Kingdom Hearts: Coded was was originally developed only for Japanese cellphones, a portable remake on DS or PSP could certainly be considered a favour to the series’ overseas fans. We say DS or PSP because Nomura confirms in the interview that the two new games aren’t in development for the Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 or iPhone. However, as Nomura goes on to state, Square are currently “discussing opportunities with various parties” regarding the future of the franchise.


This also means that the Square Enix Osaka team’s project hinted at by Shinji Hashimoto could very well be the second Kingdom Hearts game Nomura mentioned months ago, which is based around multiple characters.

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  • karasuKumo

    It’s all falling into place now :D only a few days.

  • evilmoogle

    ha! I freakin’ knew it!

    • Advent_Andaryu

      Me too! Even though the game play might not be the greatest, I just want to experience it for the story surely there are some secrets hidden.

      • BrotherCavil

        Lol, trust me. There are almost none in this one.

  • But… a cellphone game ported? wouldnt that kinda suck? unless they add more in the game of course

    • Honestly, I don’t think Nomura’s the type to do a quick and dirty port. :)

      • Yeah, i think this would be the first time happening, so lets better hope for the good xD

  • Kris

    How about KH3, Nomura?

  • Kuza21

    I’m beginning to hate kingdom hearts.

    • BrotherCavil

      You and me both, brother. :<

  • ElTopo

    Please let it die. Its like a nightmare I keep having. Bloody disney characters in my final fantasy. Next year, FF XV: Kingdom Hearts Linear Edition “We merged the two properties together and made it even more linear to appeal to western audiences!”

    • Zeik56

      I’d rather they just ditch all the Final Fantasy characters. The Disney aspect is probably the best part of Kingdom Hearts, all the Final Fantasy stuff is just superfluous fluff. They really add nothing to the game.

      • ElTopo

        I’d rather Square Enix invested time in creating new, non-disney properties.

        • Zeik56

          Considering they’ve only released like one good original title outside of Kingdom Hearts in years (The World Ends with You), I’d rather they continue making something that’s at least fairly decent. Not that it really matters what you or I think. As long as it sells they’ll keep making more.

          • ElTopo

            That’s a good motto! “Forget innovation, strive for mediocrity!” Yeah and people wonder why FF and KH are getting stale and derivative.

            And of course it doesnt matter what I think, that’s a fairly stupid retort. There’s a lot of things that shouldn’t exist but will continue to make money whether I like it or not. Justin Beber, Kingdom Hearts, mini game collections, heroin, and genetically modified foods all fall into this list. Its called an opinion.

          • Zeik56

            I’ve just come to realize that S-E is currently not going to strive past mediocrity, so why would I want them to get rid of the one thing they make that I actually enjoy? Besides, it’s not like S-E is remotely limited in their resources to make games. They can make 20 different Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games at once and still be able to release some original titles. Getting rid of either franchise is not going to suddenly cause them to release tons of great original titles.

            And wow, that was your opinion? I never would have guessed. That retort is clearly better.

          • ElTopo

            I thought I would point out the obvious for such a dull statement such as “it doesnt matter what you or I think, it still makes money.” And yes we all know you love KH, great. Its still getting more and more shallow and marks the continued descent into mediocrity for Square Enix.

    • Zeik56

      Well, besides giving overzealous Final Fantasy fans a hard-on at seeing Cloud and Sephiroth.

      Or making everyone’s ears bleed whenever Aerith talks in KH2.

    • BrotherCavil

      A sympathetic, albeit misguided comment…KH ain’t “Disney in FF.” It’s “FF in Disney.” But yeah, it’s high time they move on.

  • DemonicX

    I love Nomura creating more KH games, but just give us KH3 already. That’s what we really want.

    • I don’t get this kind of thinking at all…define “KH3.” Birth by Sleep was treated like it was Kingdom Hearts 3 right from the get-go. It’s supposed to be even better than 1 and 2 from all accounts.

      • BrotherCavil

        No Kingdom Hearts game after 1 was even close to as good as 1.Fantoids can say whatever the hell they want. Nomura can label it however he wants….but logic usually tends to speak for itself – BBS is a non-numbered prequel; that effectively makes it a SPIN-OFF.And for the last….uh, five years, there have been nothing but crappy spin-offs. And that isn’t likely to change.

        • So, what you’re saying is, effectively, Metroid Prime doesn’t count as a Metroid game because there isn’t a number on it. And yet, it defines modern-day Metroid to the point where the original director is now borrowing elements from it.

          This is a ridiculous notion imo. I thoroughly enjoyed 358/2 Days…I think it’s one of the best RPGs on DS. Birth by Sleep also looks fantastic. I don’t think putting a number on either of those would change a thing about them, frankly. Especially BbS, which is about as important to the story as a KH game could be.

          • BrotherCavil

            Well, you’ve got your opinions, and I’ve got mine. Don’t try to justify quality with an opinion.If I had stated my opinion on this to begin with, I promise you, it’d send you into an enraged coma. What I’m saying is from a technical standpoint… The repetition and sheer lack of…anything, really, in Days makes Dynasty Warriors seem like Bayonetta.From a TECHNICAL standpoint. Now you’ve got that. Do you still want MY opinion, that is mine and mine alone? :3

            And yeah. Prime isn’t a main game. It’s a re-imagined continuation. It’s its own numbered series, even.

          • No, fair enough. If you think 358 was technically inferior to other games, you’re entitled to that opinion of course. I guess we judge games on different grounds. I loved that 358 was very episodic and none of the missions really overstayed their welcome. It was a pick-up-and-play RPG, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time.

          • BrotherCavil

            :/ I can name at least half a dozen portable games that fulfil your very yearning, that utterly fart at Days…

            Crisis Core, Portable Ops, WEWY, Devil Survivor, Jump Stars games, Battlefront II, Peace Walker, P3P.

            Just cause you have particular tastes, is no reason to demean your gaming….ahem, dignity, under the illusion that presents lack of options. You’ve got plenty of options. :3

        • What do you mean when you say Spin-off? Aren’t all the games still part of the same universe? The only real distinction between what would be a numbered game and a “spin-off” seems to be that one takes place later in the timeline. That doesn’t make the spin-off in any way inferior to the original by default — and with the KH series, the post-1 games (including BbS here) are all holding up the KH title quite well. The only thing they’re lacking is that number in the title; but when 358/2 happens before 2, what does that make it? 1.5-2? (since 1.5-1 is going to be CoM)

          Judging a game purely on its being a numbered title or not seems a bit harsh to me…

          • BrotherCavil

            I don’t judge games if they’re numbered… I judge quality (which KH games have been lacking as of late, btw).

            I just hate the fact that fantoids try to justify quality of a game by likening it to a “main title”, when BBS, in fact, is not. It’s a spin off, pure and simple. Different timeframe, different characters, different story. SPIN-OFF.

          • KH2 is also a different story and timeframe and characters than KH1. From the speculations I’ve heard about KH3 (granted, they’re just that: speculations), it’s going to be even further removed from KH2 than 2 was from 1.

            I won’t really say anything about quality, since that’s very subjective, other than that I’ve played them all and I find them fun, even if the stories are just OK.

            It’s true that games shouldn’t be judged based solely off a franchise title. However, that also means that just because it’s not numbered, it doesn’t mean it won’t be good. You don’t really sound like you’re going to play BbS or (Re)Coded, and no one really knows about KH3, so just saying one is going to be good and the others are bad is kind of…

          • Aoshi00

            I haven’t followed KH too much since the first game either, would like to see KH3 w/ “Sora” on PS3 (guess it’s like waiting forever for Blue Dragon 2). I don’t even know who the other guys who look like Sora are anymore.. Maybe we’d see it in 2020 after VS XIII finally comes out lol..

          • BrotherCavil

            Personally, Aoshi, I’ve had enough of Soras. :<

            Or should I count the number of Sora clones – LITERAL clones – throughout the games.

            …I count clones. Oh, whoops. Did I say clones? I meant "plot points." :3 Cause, you know, you can never offend the fantoids.

          • BrotherCavil

            Crap. Small error in my last post.

            Meant to say “I count eight clones.”

      • DemonicX

        Well, a lot people want the Kingdom Hearts series to continue mainly on the consoles. Go back to the main storyline, and let us enjoy the sequel. Birth By Sleep may have been treated like KH3, but it is not KH3, no matter how hard people look at it. Yes, the secret ending to KH2 led to Birth By Sleep, which also threw a lot of people off, but we want the sequel of Kingdom Hearts 2, not another game that doesn’t continue from the story line. I’m glad that Days got released and now Birth By Sleep, but enough is enough..Coded is fine as well, since it was already announced when BBS and Days got announced, but two more new games? Are you telling me that you don’t mind this at all?

  • BrotherCavil

    I really hope they make some MAJOR changes to coded if they wanna bring it here, cause, well, as it stands, not only does the gameplay majorly suck, but the story does NOTHING for the canon.

    Worst filler material since Rurouni Kenshin’s third season.

  • holyPaladin

    Hmm nice info but I want next sequel..

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