Tetsuya Nomura Working On A Number Of “TBA” Titles

By Ishaan . June 6, 2010 . 12:47pm


In an interview featured in the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, Final Fantasy Versus XIII director Tetsuya Nomura gave GI a vague update on the project, but also mentioned that he has several titles scheduled to be announced, starting with E3 and going through winter.


“Developement is progressing smoothly, but starting with E3 and through winter, there are a number of titles I am involved in that will be announced. And of course, the company as a whole has many upcoming projects, so we’ll take it one step at a time. We do have plans to officially showcase the title at a certain point.”


What other projects could Nomura be talking about? Well, there’s one other Kingdom Hearts game that he’s already confirmed in the past. Aside from that, Nomura is a character designer for both Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Earlier in the year, Nomura also said he would “do his best” with regard to a Dissidia: Final Fantasy sequel.

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  • BrotherCavil

    Nomura can go straight to hell, AND shove his Versus XIII up his ass while he’s at it.

    Fool can’t prioritize to save his godamn life. When was Versus announced? WHEN?

    Now, what have we gotten since then? I’m betting we’ll see Final Fantasy XV, and maybe five more Kingdom Hearts games before we see the game’s first gameplay footage.

    • mach

      Seriously. They need to let someone else take over design duties so that Nomura can get his ADD under control and actually finish something on time for once.

    • evilmoogle

      i agree.
      seriously, square ENIX show some freakin’ gameplay.

    • Kaoro

      I understand how annoying it is that they continue to shy away from giving us tangible Versus info, but I really doubt Nomura is in control of these things.

      While I don’t claim to know how game development companies work, I would assume that the executive teams decide what projects are made and who works on them. Maybe Nomura does control when Versus is (re)revealed, but I have the feeling the decision is not his to make.

      • Vanilla

        From a public viewpoint, I don’t blame him. It really does look like Nomura is just kind of trigger-happy about directing new titles–especially the KH spinoffs, which I have a time believing Nomura didn’t make those decisions himself since he’s so in love with his own ideas–even though his plate is full, a kind of pattern I find unique to Nomura himself. And Nomura isn’t any small fry–he’s pretty high up along the executive ladder, so I’d assume he’d have enough say as to whether he wants to work on a game or not. I mean, imagine the situation:

        Wada: Oi, Tetsuya, do this one.
        Nomura: No I don’t want to.
        Wada: DO IT.
        Nomura: NO I DON’T WANT TO. I QUIT!
        Wada: ….
        Wada: …F**K!

        And though it might something that Nomura&co. have agreed upon, I don’t really see the reason why the (re)revelation of Versus needs to be put off any MORE if the reason isn’t because the project’s premature at this stage. I mean from the get-go they’ve been doing nothing but saying, “Uhh, we don’t really know if we have enough material to show this to the public at ____.”

        So…yeah. Maybe I’m just being ignorant but that’s really what it looks like to me.

      • BrotherCavil

        Projects get green-lit from anywhere down the road, but it could be years before development even starts depending on when a director steps up.

        Wada and Co. don’t just “assign” a director to a project – they let a good chunk of the upper ladder staff know, then someone has to step up.

        Nomura is very much at fault, and very much a dickhead, for going trigger happy with the green lights. And it doesn’t help the fact that he’s in love with his own handwriting, and moment one of his ideas is greenlit, he immediately goes to work.

        He’s like a kid at a candy store. “For a whole month now, I’ve wanted that jaw breaker. But, ooh, wait! There’s some taffy there!” *five minutes* “Oh,, oh, oh. Chocolates!”

        • Kaoro

          Love your analogy, haha. I stand corrected then.

          Either way I still agree with you that it’s ridiculous Versus was announced 4 years ago, and yet SE is so tight lipped. As much as I hope Vanilla isn’t right about Versus currently being at a premature stage, that may be a possibility.

          • BrotherCavil

            Five years ago. :P

          • Either way, given the problem with how little information there was between everything else and KH2, I ended up defecting over to Atlus and have been enjoying their Shin Megami Tensei series far more than I have any Final Fantasy.

    • iusedtoplaywithlegos

      WOW…Whiny little bitch much?

    • CrimsonFlamesX

      “five more Kingdom Hearts games before we see the game’s first gameplay footage. ”

      Well I lol’d, cause it’s true!

    • thebanditking

      I blame S-E not him. They have made him their only go to guy and as a result he is stretched too thin. It must be flattering for him, given that he created most of what has made them popular in the last 10yrs. Though that kind of attention usually leads to taking on more then you can/should handle. Even with that said he is just an employee, its S-E’s job to manage his project load and think about the likelihood of success is he is overloaded. Though S-E has not been doing much “thinking” this gen so its not surprising.

  • karasuKumo

    A HD Dissidia would be beast!! With more characters and a better story (Very disappointed with the story in the first.) He is awesome but “progressing smoothly” doesn’t cut it.

  • Eddie

    I just would like for the upcoming games to be good games…

  • keyboy7

    no no no no. rediculous. If square was working on 1 or 2 projects maybe they would get a friggin game out within five years after announcing. but no. they have to be working on an upwards of 7+ projects (FF V13, FFagito13, Parasite EVE, 3 unnanounced KH titles, FF14) and then what do we get for a wait that encompasses quite a chunk of our lives? half assed creatively bankrupt games.

    quality over quantity SE, quality over quantity.

    • Aoshi00

      That’s what I thought when it comes to the quality of FF13, just resources too spread out. I want one good FF, not a couple of mediocre ones. Look at Remedy (I know they’re a smaller compnay), poured their heart and soul into Alan Wake, and we got a masterpiece. S-E is doing many spin-offs, and their name does not equate to quality anymore.

      • Ereek

        FFXIII isn’t a really good argument here, though. Despite what you may have felt for the game, it really was well made and a “quality” title.

        • Aoshi00

          I didn’t totally dislike FFXIII, I thought there were unexplored potential fleshing out its world and the numerous characters w/in the game, but did dislike many things about it and felt potential squandered and not enough effort has been put into it (half baked last minute sidequests most obviously). It wasn’t a quality title if you just take the graphics away, that’s what I think personally, everyone was just wowed by the graphics. Swap the graphics btwn Nier and FFXIII, and which RPG is better and more fun is immediately evident. I don’t know why, it just didn’t make me “feel” like other games, even though the “themes” were there.

          • Ereek

            I think you’re mistaking what quality means.FFXIII is a quality title because a lot of time, effort, testing, and yes, love, went into it.I can put all the love I want into making a cookie, but if I’m a horrible cook it doesn’t make the cookie will taste better than a professionally made cookie. The feeling you get from eating it might be better, but the overall quality will be lower.The same goes for students. They can put as much love and effort as they want into writing a paper, but if they don’t spellcheck and proofread it, it still won’t be a quality paper.FFXIII is a quality title. It may not have been a title you enjoyed, but there is no doubt that it is quality.

            Also, funny you should mention sidequests. I loved Nier, but come on, that game has some of the worst and most uninspired sidequests I’ve ever seen.

          • Aoshi00

            Quality is “result”. Cavia had much less resources to work w/ than S-E but they managed to make an awesome game, just had to cut some corners w/ graphics, but still managed to create a spell-binding world, even more artistic and atmospheric than Cocoon. When it comes to quality w/ a game. I want to replay Nier more than once, I want to watch many movies more than once. But w/ FFXIII being a movie and barely a game, I neither want to watch it or play it more than once, that much I know (ironically I did anyway because I wanted to hear the Eng.dub, but stopped after ch 10, couldn’t take it anymore). I know not all games necessarily have replay value, say Phoenix Wright. When I said resources spread thin, they have concentrated on the games looking good. Many other developer are able to make the games look good and play fun at the same time. But it seems like S-E just can’t do it. It’s like if graphics needs to be good, then it’s 70% graphics and 30% gameplay.You mentioned you liked the 1984-like theme, I felt that in that movie, I felt that in the movie Equilibrium, but I felt only a tiny bit of it in FF13, other themes and characters felt unexplored as well. Bioshock has audio tapes, Alan Wake has manuscripts, Lost Odyssey has novellas, they all add another layer of depth to the game’s story and immerse players into their worlds and history (I hardly call the datalog summaries interesting, it was lazy and redundant). But w/ FFXIII I hardly felt that, at least not until I read the extra novel that not in the game. I had a blast w/ Alan Wake, felt like I was in the haunting Pacific Northwest (how the game presented to me anyway). Going to read the book that came w/ the Limited edition and can’t wait for the subsequent DLCs, even more intriguing story content. W/ FFXIII, it doesn’t feel memorable and felt like it came and gone, disappointment for the most part. I wanted to like FF13 and felt that it “could’ve been” so much better. I guess I just expected too much from S-E these days now.. I just watched the behind the scenes videos from Alan Wake, the Remedy guys said their brand comes w/ expectation, and meaning to their fans, and I certainly felt that. S-E, seems like too many mediocre games these days, milking existing franchises and being complacent w/ it.

      • mach

        I still don’t think you understand. Out of all 10 dev teams, only one of them worked on FF13. Square Enix is big enough that it’s perfectly appropriate them for them to work on multiple titles at once. It’s not an automatic sign that they’re spreading themselves too thin.

        • Aoshi00

          That’s how I felt. If FF13 was the best they could come up w/ in 4 yrs w/ 1 out of the 10 teams, then maybe they should have 2 or 3 teams working on it. Like VS13, maybe 2 more teams adding to Nomura’s team and we wouldn’t need to wait 5 yrs or more? Kitase said a FF7 remake would encompass 10x more work than FF13 (10x being literal or figurative), that really cast a doubt on their team(s)’s ability to make quality games in a given amount of time.

          It’s like a manga author drawing 2 to 3 manga simultaneously, you think the quality would be as good as them concentrating on just one?

      • keyboy7

        yes i completely agree with you. I would also list atlus as a company that knows hoe to put an amazing effort and care into everything they develop.

    • Ereek

      You are now aware that SE Japan has over 10 development teams.

      • keyboy7

        I was aware of that before, that doesn’t change anything. maybe if they had less development teams they could have all their talent more condensed, and focus on one game at a time. therefor giving us games faster, and possibly better.

  • Eddie

    It does seem like they have been doing the whole quantity over quality thing for a while now. I love Square Enix don’t get me wrong but there is more to a game than pretty graphics. I’ll keep it short but I just feel like Square Enix has lost much of the “magic” in storytelling they use to have. I feel they can take as long as they need with their games as long as the final product justifies the wait.

  • You gotta wonder if Nomura know hows to say “No.” sometimes.

    I mean the guy is in so many projects, WHERE does he get the time to spend on ANY of it all?

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