My Wife May Not Represent Having A Real Wife

By Spencer . June 7, 2010 . 6:08pm

imageIdea Factory’s wife simulator, My Wife: A Bride Just For You begins with players creating their ideal mate. Like cold women that warm up to you? Then the tsundere type is for you.


After you make your match and exchange virtual vows these are the things you can do as newlyweds. In other words, these are the mini-games in My Wife.



Share a glass of orange juice together.



Go through a quiz game (a test on how well you know your wife?)



Play cards together.



Organize clothes in the closet. Fastest time wins!



Clothes play a key role in My Wife. You can pick her outfits.



Sometimes (if she’s a big sister type) she’ll check to see if you’re cleaning yourself.



We’re not sure if the little sister type is suitable to be a wife. She’s calling you big brother and that’s plain weird.


My Wife: A Bride Just For You cozies up in the Xbox 360 section on August 26.

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  • Aoshi00

    I’m going for the hot big sister type, then tsundere type lol.. it’s kind of weird they have 2 seiyuu voicing each character though (so you get to choose which voice out of the two), and the seiyuu are also voicing mulitple characters (like Otomedius) which I don’t really like. Also there are two versions for each type of girl, big sis, little sis, tsundere, etc… Dream Club was very fun, not sure about this one.. they have 3 artists designing the 6 chars too, each artist responsible for two, so it doesn’t look too consistent to me…

    • I tend to have a low tolerance for the tsundere types in anime and games in general nowadays. Just can’t take them anymore. That said, onee-chan types for the win! I always find myself going for the more “mature” looking ones.

      • Aoshi00

        I see it as a challenge though, bringing the mellow side out of the tomboy-type, like “you’re not so tough after all!” Yep, Onee-san for the win, especially the H-de kirei-na Onee-san, teach me, wash my back :)!, ah the devil in me… I can’t stand lil sis type though..

        • Try dating one of those irl and you’ll feel my pain. :(

          The mature ones just feel less stressful and more…relaxing? I feel like they’re the ones you can really communicate with. Imouto types are totally creepy though, yea.

          • Vino (Tim N)

            I’ve always liked the tsundere types even before they were being called tsundere. Like Naru from Love Hina.
            Never really liked onee-chans or imouto types either. But that might be because I have both irl.
            Well written girl-next-doors can be awesome too.

          • Aoshi00

            I hear you, some of them are evil, it depends, mature type can get on your case too, “like what are you doing w/ your life, you’re not getting any younger”. I’ve met a few that seem cold at first, but I worked my charm :) but hey, that’s why this is not real life lol. Any type in anime are good, kansai type, glasses type, tennen type.. Best tsudere was Mian in Dream Club, she’s an idol but she acts tough to try to hide her inferiority complex, tough nut to crack, but worth it.

          • Moriken

            If there’s one stereotype I totally dislike in anime it’s the glasses-huge rack-clumsy combination. Glasses are pretty cute (if they’re not those dumb-looking huuuuge one’s they always seem to use for their anime characters), so come on. It can’t be that the otaku who like girls with glasses only like that kind of character >.>

        • SeventhEvening

          Last time I went to Japan I wound up in an imouto cafe on accident thinking it was a maid cafe (I didn’t read the sign close enough). The whole thing felt weird, because it was very much like a maid cafe…Except a bit off. And I thought the maid outfits were strangely too similar to school uniforms. I enjoyed myself because my waitress/imouto was so polite and helpful (she didn’t call me oniisan, but given the situation, I don’t blame her). But after I left and realized that it was an imouto cafe, I was a bit creeped out.

          • Aoshi00

            I think the Butler cafe, w/ the extremely polite and androgynous shitsuji, is even more creepy, I guess I won’t understand because I’m not a girl.. You have a 360 right? Do you watch the Jpn Inside Xbox by any chance? They had a footage up several weeks ago visiting a cramped butler cafe, the butler talked like a lowly servant, and later he was playing Rockman 10 w/ the guests and kicking ass, it was hilarious, never imagine him to be an actual good gamer.

            I’m not sure if I want to go to one of these maid cafes even if I go to Jpn, I guess it’s just to experience their weirdness…

        • lol… I’m slightly amused by this discussion about different moe types. :>

          I like the strong, cheerful kind of girl that’s slightly tsundere, like Misaki from Maid-sama! I don’t think I’m gonna find that one in this game tho.. I generally don’t like Oneesans, except if they are slightly mean ones. :> And Imoutos are just creepy to me. But that’s probably mainly because I don’t really enjoy being called Oniichan… XD

          • Aoshi00

            I did a little search, there are 6 types to choose from (2 seiyuu for each char), childhood best friend, tsudere ojou-sama, emotionless, big sis, tennen (slightly air head), and lil sis, and more DLCs later. You can set their name/b-day/personality/seiyuu at the beginning. Then you start w/ the lover mode, and later the married mode. This might be as cute and fun as Dream Club :)


            Hm… haven’t seen maid-sama or much anime recently.. onee-san are lovely, I just finished reading the manga “Anedoki” (only 3 vol. by Ichigo 100%’s Kawashita Mizuki) recently and it was very cute and sweet. Is miruki the strong type lol :)


          • Oh wow, you have multiple seiyuus you can choose from? That’s pretty awesome. I wonder how much it cost them…

            Awesome find!

          • Aoshi00

            yea, but unfortunately they cut corners by having each seiyuu voice 2 chars, I’m not sure if they get paid double :) More DLCs coming though as usual…

          • Looks wise I like the Oujo-sama, the Emotionless and the Oneechan the best. I guess I’d go for the emotionless girl if I’d play the game, but I won’t anyways. XD

            Of course I’m the strong type. The strong, slightly tomboyish, nerdy and pervy type. Maybe. My personality varies, depending on the situation. Ishaan also keeps implying I’m weird. But I don’t think so.

            Where’s the mail you promised me? *sulks* (okay, I deserve the waiting, since it took me over a month to reply to yours…… ;_;)

      • Ereek

        I’m okay with a well written Tsundere, think Cloche from Ar tonelico or, hell, even Morrigan from Dragon Age is the western-version of a tsundere. Most of the Tsunderes in games aren’t really well written, though.

        I’m not big on the “moe” cliches, but if I picked, I’d like Kuudere or Dandere.

        • I think the last tsundere I genuinely enjoyed was Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari. But she wasn’t entirely tsundere either…she just had her brief moments. I think the problem is, I tend to associate tsunderes with Asuka Langley, who kind of drives me nuts.

          (I swear this has nothing to do with my dislike for Eva in general! ><)

          • SeventhEvening

            In reality, Asuka is the Tsundere-type taken to some super psychotic extreme. Rei is the passive-type taken to a super psychotic extreme. It boggles my mind that they are as popular as they are given that they, and almost everyone in that series, are completely insane (or driven insane by the end). And then everyone slags Shinji, who given the circumstances, is a pretty realistic character. That’s a fandom I’ll never understand.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, I argued w/ my friends for years who hated Shinji, I thought he took it in stride “given the circumstances”, and the whole world had to keep pushing him down. Yep, Anno is sure one psychotic SOB. Miyamu who voiced Asuka was pretty weird too… at any rate, Ogata Megumi who voiced Shinji and Kurama (from YuYu Hakusho back then) was my idol. I still dig the new movies on blu-ray, can’t wait for the 3rd one. People could diss EVA in retrospect, but I watched it at an important part of my life and enjoyed it then (I was a big fan of Gainax since Nadia and also loved Sadamoto Yoshiyuki’s drawing).

          • Toji is the only real awesome character in that whole damn series, tho what they did with him in the anime sucks big time, the manga is ALOT better anyways imo. I hate Shinji, but I hate whiny wuss “heroes” in general, …I hate almost every Gainax hero, but they have some of the most awesome heroines. <333

          • Moriken

            I associate them with Kugimiya Rie’s famous characters :D
            But I’m not sure if I could get close enough to such a person before snapping, I’m not Hard-M like so many anime/game protagonists seem to be.

          • Aoshi00

            Yep, Kugimiya Rie will be voicing one of the ojou-sama and lil sis (each type of char has 2 seiyuu). I thought of Hayate no Gotoku alrdy :) Megane-kko are okay, the obsessed booksmart scientist type are kind of cute, I think Dream Club had everything covered :) come to think of it, I really need to go back to that game..

          • holyPaladin

            Oh u dislike Eva?
            Too bad

      • Nothing beats a good tsundere, sir! Nothing!!
        Let us never forget Kyou from Clannad!

  • Ereek

    I’m not sure why, but this is hilarious.

    I kinda feel like an ass because I know that someone, somewhere will take this game seriously.

    How much depth does the “bride-creator” have?

    • Aoshi00

      I think the game starts off as you and your potential wife being high school sweethearts, then you graduate, work together(?), and become newlyweds or something.. that’s why the girls started wearing school uniforms at first (I was wondering how you get to marry an underage school girl). Anyway, I’m always going for the mature onee-san type, I need to be “taught” lol that means I’d be picking Nabatame Hitomi for the voice :) She’s very versatile though.. she can be a cold big sis type or cute Aya in Infinite Undiscovery. The mini-games do remind me of Dream Club, which exceeded my expectation and turned out to be really fun.

      • I thought in the big brother version you pick her up at a elementary school.

        • FHOIW

          Tru dat

    • How DARE you! I’ll have you know onee-chan and I share something special!

      • Ereek

        But. . .but. . .what about me?

        I thought we had something perfect. Something special. We would be together forever?

        • But…but…you said you loved Spencer…

          • Ereek

            Yes, but that was more the brotherly type of love!

            Ours is something different! But, I’m sorry, I can’t be your onee-chan.

          • That’s okay. If I have to pick, I’ll settle for the waifu option. <3

          • Aoshi00

            oh noes hitotsuma!! lol hawt…

  • nyoron

    You will never have a big sister wife that checks if you’re cleaning yourself ;_;

    You will never have a little sister wife that calls you oniichan ;_;

    • Moriken

      “You will never have a wife ;_;”
      would be the killing blow…^^

  • SeventhEvening

    Ah, bollocks. I hope that quiz mini-game isn’t mandatory at any time. Or if it is, I hope they have the decency to read it to me or it isn’t timed. Too many Japanese games have timed quiz mini-games. And they ruin my day. My Japanese reading skills get me through games usually, but quizzes just destroy me.

    Ah…who am I kidding..I’m probably not going to import this.

    • Aoshi00

      I hate “timed” quizzes too. I can read Jpn, but I still hate it when I need to pick the correct choice in a matter of 2-3 seconds (because my mind doesn’t think in Jpn you know), that messes me up too like in the original Idolmaster. yea, not sure if I’m importing this either. I hope it’s not timed like Dream Club, which was very fun, because you could get the girls drunk and see their other side :)

  • “We’re not sure if the little sister type is suitable to be a wife. She’s calling you big brother and that’s plain weird.”

    Are you kidding? There are tons of otaku in Japan who would love to have a girl say to him, “Onii-chaaaaaaaaaaaan”. You really don’t understand just how big lolis are in Japan, do you?


    • I think he pretty well does understand it, just like I do, but that doesn’t make the thought of your wife calling you “big bro” any less creepy.

      • Ereek

        Exactly. I’m sure anyone with exposure to that subculture is aware. But it doesn’t make it less creepy.

      • Exactly my point. She’s… supposed to be your wife.

  • kupomogli

    That girl in the second picture has a big rack(the one about the quiz game.)

  • fuzzy_hobo

    For some reason, I’m entranced by this game. But is there anything else to the simulation besides character creation and mini-games?

  • I’m so tempted to abuse my unique privileges and get the game sent to Australia and play it.

    Now what we should ask is… does the game recognize me (or at least ask) my gender before I start playing?

    … I’m probably asking for something a touch too creepy, so I’ll have to settle for moonlighting as a guy when playing the game.

    Or maybe, I have to hope there’s an option with the ‘Uh, isn’t this wrong?’ moments from your wife. If nothing else because it’d just be so much fun to play…

  • idofgrahf

    wow, just, wow. These companies are hell bent on making the Japanese people marry nonexistent/virtual things. Is this some sort of perverse population control? making them marry virtual mates so Japan can control its growing population?

  • evilmoogle

    So…which wife can make me a sandwich?

  • Have to give them credit, if they haven’t covered all the bases then they came pretty close with what’s here.
    That tsundere wife sounds fun! I think there’s a maid cafe in Akiba dedicated to that, then at the end they say they’re sorry for being a terrible waitress and to come back again… n-not that they like you or anything! It’s part of staying in business!!! Hmph!

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