Otomedius Excellent Shooting Up Xbox 360 This Fall

By Spencer . June 9, 2010 . 11:03pm

imageSo, Otomedius Excellent isn’t a localized version of Otomedius Gorgeous. It’s a brand new girls-meets-Gradius game for Xbox 360. Like the home version of Otomedius Gorgeous, Otomedius Excellent has online multiplayer. Three players can link up online and offline – that’s a new feature. Konami created a story mode too, which we hope explains why a Belmont is in the game.


Seriously. There’s a character with the last name Belmont, which is the lineage of vampire hunters from the Castlevania series. Meet Kokoro Belmont!




She’s one of the four new characters in Otomedius Excellent. However, Kokoro Belmont doesn’t come with the game. You have to download her. Arnval, Strarf (both from the Busou Shinki series) and a girl from Gradius Academy are the other three. Famitsu has pictures of them and a couple of screenshots.


While Konami hasn’t said anything about bringing Otomedius Excellent outside of Japan, Gamestop is taking reservations for it and pegs the North American release for September 8.

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  • deltazero

    Yay more shmups! Bought my 360 for the RPGs, stayed for the shmups :D

    • Aoshi00

      Same here, got it for DB and LO initially, but ended up getting into shmups :) The only one I skipped was deathsmiles II X..

      I knew it, as soon as I saw Belmont I thought of DLC, the first game had lots and lots of them, like music track for 600 pts, extra char for 800 pts, and we’re talking about precious Jpn MS pts.. no thanks :(

      Where’s my Guwange..?

      • Code

        rar, I’m currently looking into switching over to a J360 very soon, because of all those delicious shmups I’m missing out on TwT; rar, and DUO, I want DUO so badly >w<!

        • deltazero

          Yeah. Ideally, I’d want a j360 too, but it’s so damn expensive :(. And on top of that.. importing games = killer.

          • Code

            Yeahh, I’m having to sell my current 360 T_T’ and work out the difference. I’ll likely wait til post E3 hoping that on some whim, something’s announced that might change my mind. Importing isn’t too bad thanks to playasia, I’ve imported a fair amount of games in the past, but yeah it’s definitely more expensive then buying domestically, especially if your someone who looks for deals >w<'

          • deltazero

            I mean, in the past when PA had frequent GOOD deals, importing wasnt -that- bad. But now, they seem to have cut down on those. So yeah, importing seems crazy to me now considering I am a college student….and you know how that goes :P

          • Aoshi00

            I liked the first Senko no Rondo, but don’t feel like blowing $70 on the sequel just yet. I’m waiting to see if it gets localized, if not I might get it eventually. Deathsmiles II X is the only one I’m not that interested, 3D looks worse the the HD 2-D sprites in the first one.

            Considering the current yen/dollar exchange rate, P-A has kept pretty good prices for imports compared to other online stores like Yesasia or NCSX. All the better if you have a $5 coupon to cancel out the shipping. I had a Jpn 360 Blue Dragon bundle at first, but have switched to using a US system for a long time when I got the arcade HDMI bundle cheap (the old one was component and runs hotter, it eventually RROD but fortunately MS replaced it for me w/ another Jpn system before the 3yrs was almost up). It’s definitely better to have a Jpn system since most US games are region-free, but almost all Jpn games are region locked, w/ a few exception like Blazblue, Alan Wake, etc.

            If you plan on getting a Jpn 360, you might as well keep waiting a bit to see if they’re putting out the long-rumored Slim+Natal bundle w/ a big hard drive. Not sure how much money you would get by selling a used system though..

          • Code

            rar, yeah I’m not sure how much I’ll get out of my system either, although it is only just 6 months old at this point, rar, I’m pretty sure I can work a decent amount out of it, although I know there’s a lot of stigma around used 360’s T_T’ Also good to know most US-games are regional free most of my games I buy on 360 have been XLA, and I know I can carry them over, but didn’t know about US games for the most part being regional free >wm<Also I’ve noticed that in Japan, they appear to only have one 360 model, (I plan on keeping my HDD from my old system, any ways). So I’m not too worried about waiting on slim+natal since it might end up being awhile before that hits in Japan from the looks of it, plus natal isn’t really a big selling point for me. Although I love flailing wildly, pewpewpewing is what I’m buying it for >w<' Although I’m waiting for after E3 any ways, so I’ll see what’s what hopefully if they reveal it. Thanks for the advice, really appreciate that, especially the tip on the US releases — which is a good point and is pretty much just one more reason to make the jump!

          • Aoshi00

            yeah, I think if you import a Jpn 360 now, it would be the newest HDMI jasper chip model, and w/ shipping that would cost you around $300. I know Natal might not be for everyone (did you get the pewpewpew thing from VP Kevin Butler lol he’s awesome :) and you don’t need to waste your existing hard drive, but a more energy efficient newer slim w/ built-in HDD might cost about the same later, just like the PS3 slim and Wii now including Wii sports resort w/ the motion plus. But a Jpn system would cost a lot more than a US one because of the exchange rate.

  • malek86

    So are we going to fight with Moe Dracula?

  • Oh, ugh. Am I reading it right that the red-headed girl is a replacement for Goemon—the one character I was actually tickled by the presence of? (even if what Mine Yoshizaki did to him was pretty horrifying)

  • Kris

    Damn, the 360 has all these neat arcade games, I’m actually considering picking one up! But US or JP?

    • Aoshi00

      The US system is cheaper, but the Jpn system plays all Jpn games and 99% of the US games, so if you’re into shmups definitely import it, might want to wait for a slim if there is indeed one.

  • The latest news is that this is XBLA-bound (only????)

    please say it ain’t so, Siliconera.

    • deltazero

      Pretty sure it’s a full retail title, and 360 exclusive (for now?)

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