Something You May Not Know About Atlus’ E3 Lineup

By Spencer . June 11, 2010 . 8:59pm




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Update: Hi, I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but this isn’t about a new game. Rather something about games in Atlus’ announced E3 lineup. If no one gets it by tomorrow I’ll post an answer.


Etrian Odyssey III on September 21. Knights in the Nightmare PSP on October 19.

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  • I’LL TAKE 4.

  • keriaku

    I don’t get it.

  • 9 Etrian Odyssey IIIs, a Knights in the Nightmare PSP, and a Pyro Jack next to the name of the arcana that Pyro Jack always seems to appear in?

    Yeah, color me stumped.

  • Code

    rar, if I’m reading this correct… I buy 9 Etrian Odyssey III and I get Knights in the Nightmare and Pyro Jack for free!? Hot damn +o+

  • Ereek

    Oh, I know what it is! Clever with the Pyro Jack, Spencer.

    I think some people will be happy about this. Not a big fan of it myself, but I’m not complaining about more games.

    • yeah yeah, “act like you get it” xD

      • Ereek

        No, I do. What, do you want me to give you proof or some nonsense?I just prefer to let people get it on their own rather than saying what it is immediately.

        Editing this, 2 hours later: Well, now Spencer has an update, in case you missed it!

        • Aw i see, i was just joking btw :P!

          • Ereek

            Oh sorry, my bad, haha.

    • Electrium

      So what did you think it was, now that it’s confirmed to be release dates?

  • Icon

    Something you may not know about Siliconera

  • Electrium

    Okay, this is a real stretch, but hear me out! I clicked on the gallery, and if you look at the thumbnails, they are arranged in rows of 7. So, they look like this:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ And after we play some fanboy hangman, we get:P E R S O N A F I V EHm? Well that’s interesting, isn’t it? I don’t have much evidence that supports this, really…but we do already know EO3 and KitN are confirmed for the show. So what’s Pyro Jack doing there, next to the name of the arcana? You tell me.The one major flaw to my reasoning (apart from the fact that it’s wild and ridiculous) is that the Pyro Jack image is from Nocturne.

    • Ereek

      The Arcana name has nothing to do with it.

      Well, actually, now that I think about it, it kinda does. It’s just a more subtle hint than the rest of the image.

  • OK!, THERE IS A ROW OF 3×3, WE CAN ALL SEE THE NUMBER 3 STANDS OUT, AND THERE IS A LATERN JACK, USING OUR DETECTIVE SKILLS, we all know this Jack in particular have a latern…. THIS LATERN EMITS LIGHT, the light is “luminous” (bright light, etc), in luminous arc 3 we use knights (here comes knights in the nightmare).YES!!!!! I THINK I CAN EVEN MAKE STUFF FLOAT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!ALSO all these characters have eyes, AND SO “Eyes” is the subtitle of luminous arc 3, all those nights with phoenix wright werent for nothing

    • And that’s by far the best credible explanation so far.

      Or at least I’m inclined to believe it, anyway. I’m only started so I’m not privy to much (I only officially started today!), but I’m willing to throw my opinion behind Luminous Arc 3: Eyes.

    • epy

      Lol. That was awesome!

      Now, I hope Luminous Arc 3 gets addressed at E3. It would be a shame if it never made it overseas.

    • No sir that isn’t it. This one is really simple in comparison

      • Darn… xD i guess we all see what we want to see uh?
        Then most probably some combo with the 3 games related, maybe they will just bring some of the ppl who worked for this? or knowing atlus some great goodies for the games? I cant think of anything lol.

        Maybe a book with the monster of the games or smthing…

  • Persona 27 Portable?

  • Immerwachender

    That’s a real pain in the ass…

  • 11 pictures… Inazuma Eleven ?

  • I know where we’re going!

  • Mazen

    Reading Spencer’s update I think its a small thing like 9 characters/items/things from Megami/Persona series appearing in EO3 and 1 in NitN,
    or maybe its date related like these games are releasing in September or in 9 days from now.
    this what I could come up with from his”something about games in Atlus’ announced E3 lineup” as he used the word “announced”.

  • malek86

    My brain can’t handle this much thinking.

  • Artavasdus

    Ahahah, that was easy Spencer, try harder next time :P(actually I can’t even begin to understand what it means, same as with every other Siliconera riddle ;___; )

    • Ereek

      Don’t worry, I’m not too good at most of these riddles, either. I think this one just popped out at me randomly out of luck.

      • Artavasdus

        It’s my fault, I should have spent some character points in that enigmistic skill back in the days >__>

  • shaffy_oppa

    Persona 3 Portable?

    After its released in ths US and EU there’ll be nine versions of the game… 3 in Asia, 3 in NA and 3 in EU…

    Knghts in the Nightmare is a port as is Persona 3 Portable.

    Pyro Jack is in Persona 3.

    I dunno much about Atlus, I’ve never played any of their games besides Pesona and I don’t think it was in their E3 Line Up shown a few days back.

  • Knights in the Pyro Odyssey 27

    • malek86

      More like Shin Megami Tensei: Etrian Nightmare.

      • That sounds like the greatest game ever to me.

  • Volcynika

    If you don’t know it, Atlus has already revealed what this is referring to. :p

  • Macstorm

    Clearly he’s saying that according to GameFly that KitN PSP is scheduled BEFORE Halloween and that EO3 is listed for the 9th month aka Sept.

    • Pichi

      Yeah, it does seem to link up with the release dates for both games.

    • It would definitely line up with the past Etrian games release time frame from the Japanese release.
      That always amazed me.

  • I am currently thinking of #Chunsoft’s 9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors, for the main grid, aside from the obvious Etrian Odyssey 3 and Knights in the Nightmare PSP.

  • eliel

    9 ds games and 2 psp games bein announced? OR there announcing 9 titles and 3 of them are persona 3 portable, Knights in the nightmare, and Etrian Odyssey III and the other 6 r a surprise maybe….? (i hope theres a Ogre battle game)…

  • TNA_Lewis

    …I’m completely stumped; all that training with the Professor Layton games was all for naught. D:

    …I’m loving the “Knights in the Ngihtmare” PSP cover, though.

  • Kuza21

    I don’t think Atlus has anything great going for them at E3 anyway. Eh.

  • Nico87

    obv a new 3×3 Eyes game

  • malek86

    I know! The next SMT will be developed by Sting! And it will also have 9 times the budget of EO3!

    I’m definitely right, so don’t bother telling me I’m wrong.

    • Landiur

      God how I want this to be true.

  • Spencer is saying that he will buy me 9 Etryan Odisseys, a copy of Knight in the knightmare and a Pyro jack plushie.


  • Guest

    “this isn’t about a new game”Well…..all my interest has left.

  • Spencer, you should be working with Prof. Layton team instead of challenging the puzzle skills of your readers :P

  • Code

    rarrrr, is it tomorrow yet T_T’ damnit Spencer, your crushing my dreams of being a space detective with your difficult puzzles! I’m hanging my detective hat up for good (and by good I mean, til monday). rar, the spacesuit I’ll keep wearing though, and none of you can stop me!

  • Chow

    It’s some sort of Silent Hill reference! That’s a reference to one of those mega save spots that scream out “SAVE YOUR GAME NOW!!” just before the last boss, since you see like nine save spots.

  • sambuque

    The only boxed games of the line-up, things related to special editions or preorder bonus? You’ll get nine more bang for your bucks with the CE of EO3 and a plush if you preorder KITN?

    Maybe something 3DS related.

  • They need to move that EO3 release date up by a week so it can be more of a birthday present for me!

  • OHHH it was just the date!? lol xD

  • Code

    rohnozzzz *falls to knees* detective skills faileedd T_T’


    SEPTEMBER SECOND herp derp


      Oh. *Facepalm* I am just now noticing the bolded AND italicized text at the bottom.

  • M_Deft

    Etrian Odyssey 3: the grid is 3×3 which is 9 and September is the 9th month in the year. adding 3 for each copy also is 27, which is the release day. 9/27.

    I cant figure out the Knights one at at all though.

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