Namco’s Super Robot Taisen For 3DS Is Brand New

By Ishaan . June 16, 2010 . 10:32am When we put the list of announced third-party Nintendo 3DS (and DS, in some cases) titles up yesterday, a lot of you were quick to point out a Super Robot Taisen game mentioned on the list, and asked whether it was a port or something new.


Namco confirmed that they have currently have five 3DS titles in development: Ridge Racer, Pacman & Galaga, a new Gundam game, a Dragonball game and a Super Robot Taisen game. Both Gundam and SRT were specifically pointed to as new games that make use of the 3D technology.

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    • This is by no means an indication, but the PR was in English.

      That said, I do think the chances of it being brought over are pretty decent. The first year or two is when you bring over whatever you develop to see what sticks. They also only have five announced 3DS games in development, which means there’s a good chance we’ll see at least a couple of them.

    • Devonian

      Unless it’s an OG game, it’s never leaving Japan.

  • I predict #SuperRobotWars Original Generation 3DS.

  • Wow cant wait for it to come out.

  • Wow..Looking forward for the arrival of the game

  • If anything, I am already expecting Namco Bandai to replace Tales with Dragonball, as Namco Bandai’s flagship.

    • kupomogli

      It’s always over 9000 with you about Namco Bandai being over 9000 times busier with Dragon Ball isn’t it :P.

      • That is pretty much Namco Bandai’s worst-kept secret anyway.

        Honestly, though, had Namco Bandai promoted more Tales games than it should had? I don’t think so.

      • kupomogli

        Neither do I. Infact, I think if they’d actually promote their games aside from Tekken and DBZ everywhere, then they would actually get sales for the games.

        But as you know. Namco Bandai hates us and sets all their better games up to fail just so we don’t get any sequels. Or they give us a game like Gundam Crossfire and they wonder why it doesn’t do good.

      • Being overdependent on million dollar sales shows us the same hypocrisy Namco Bandai subjects itself. Heck, Raging Blast, last I checked, didn’t reach a million copy sales, yet Namco Bandai decided to make a sequel. On the other hand, overall Japanese sales for Tales of Vesperia just reached 500K, yet Hideo Baba decided to go Tales Nazi on us, by proclaiming, “NO PS3 VESPERIA FOR YOU!”

        Also, so far, Namco Bandai and Konami are two known companies who intentionally undermarket franchises Americans want, then sell substandard games from those frachises and use the sales figures on those games, to justify NOT bringing other games of the franchise over to the US.

        Cases in point: Namco Bandai brought over those Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games, knowing fully well that most Americans would be repulsed by the gameplay. As expected, it had low sales figures, and as a result, it’s not gonna bring over Gundam VS, to justify the low sales figures of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

        On Konami’s case, it pulled this off TWICE. First, the PS2 Beatmania US. It intentionally undermarketed that game, then as expected, it flopped and uses PS2 US Beatmania’s sales to NOT bring over IIDX in America. The second scenario is pop’n music for the Wii. Knowing fully well that it WILL NOT use the traditional arcade set-up for pop’n music, Konami decided to bring it over, while expecting low sales, because of the move.

        In other words, some companies can afford (or at least save some profit money) to sabotage themselves, solely to flip us the bird.

  • I think you kind of missed my point there.

  • raymk

    So one or two of these will be the first japanese only titles for 3DS great.

    • Namco Bandai would blow its chance to promote #SRW #SuperRobotWars by itself outside of Japan, should it keep SRW 3DS Japan-only. Should #AtlusUSA bring this over, they’d get the publishing and marketing credit, not #NamcoBandai #NBGI, who’s the IP owner.Case in point, the US and EU Ar Tonelico fans. They’re grateful to #NISA, because it went through licensing hell to sell us this game, instead to Namco Bandai, who owns the Ar Tonelico IP.Another case is #SummonNight. Atlus USA got all the credit for bringing it over, while Namco Bandai just reduced itself into a footnote.Heck, like I said before, Namco Bandai already owns Banpresto, Sunrise, and Bandai Entertainment, so it already has a headstart on licensing on the main SRW games.Hey, Namco Bandai, when in doubt, invite #Capcom to #SuperRobotWars #SRW. It already has 5 mecha titles in its history: #Cyberbots, #TechRomancer, #SteelBattalion, and #LostPlanet. The latter has crossover expertise.

  • allyourbase

    Hopefully Bandai/Namco wont use Atlus’ “localizations” like “lune”.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    On one hand, I am REALLY excited that Namco Bandai is working on a SRW game for the launch of 3DS.On the other, however, I am honestly VERY concerned as to what “make use of the 3D technology” actually means. I fear that, in order to do so, they might decide to use 3D SD models in the game like they did in GC and NEO….which, in my opinion, look horrid. Namco Bandai, please….either 2D SD models or 3D non-SD ones. Don’t make us suffer with 3D SD models. >_<

  • Scallion

    Don’t make me import this, Bamco…

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