The Nintendo 3DS In Four Shiny Colors

By Spencer . June 18, 2010 . 1:39am

In addition to the black and dark gray model we played with at E3, Nintendo had four other Nintendo 3DS color schemes in their booth. All of them have a shiny finish and a black top screen.


n3ds1 n3ds4 n3ds3 n3ds2



Out of the five models, I’m partial to the gold and black Nintendo 3DS since it looks so different from other handhelds.

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  • malek86

    I’ll take a non-shiny color, thanks.

    • Seriously, it’s the only thing that annoys me about the 3DS.. why does it have to be glossy? And even ALL of the models.. you surely wouldn’t want to take that out for a little gaming in the sunshine. :/

      I guess I won’t be buying it on launch date but wait until they get a matt finished (at least on the inside!) version out. ;_;

      • Aoshi00

        same here, I would prefer matte if possible.. looks classy but I can’t stand fingerprint, unless it’s glossy white then you don’t notice it.. the new 360 is glossy too at least you don’t hold that all the time. I have to say the blue and purple (Aoshi’s official color lol) look really great though, surprised so many people like it. But I think I would go w/ the more traditional black.BTW, any word on how much is this baby yet? If it doesn’t have new killer apps and mostly port at the beginning, I should try waiting for better valued bundles. *still owe you an e-mail, sry :) soon I tells ya!*

        • Gamasutra reported that an analyst firm expects the system will go for between $249-$299.

          Yikes. I don’t know about that, but it makes sense.
          Personally, as cool looking as these are, more than likely I’ll won’t pick one up right away anyway. If the past is anything to go by, Nintendo will release a different looking versions down the not-so-distant the road. My prediction is they’ll do the exclusive color thing in Japan (ones that paint me in envy), then later they’ll release it in other regions, and that will be a good time for me to consider picking it up.

          • malek86

            There is no way Nintendo will release a portable console for that price.

            However, I’m fully expecting a $199 price tag, which is just about as much as I’m willing to pay. Not more.

          • shoud be somewhere around that price it cant be overly priced because thats nintendo.

          • Aoshi00

            I fell into the same trap before, as soon as I got my GBA, 2 weeks later SP came out, then soon after I got the DS, Lite came out.. now I have the Phat, Lite, and DSi, if they haven’t announced 3DS so soon I probably would’ve gotten the XL :(.. Wonder if they would do a XL for the 3DS, but w/ the 3D thing the screen probably can’t be too big.. Like you I’ll wait until the inevitable improved and better version unless there’s some games I absolutely can’t resist playing, must endure… definitely don’t want them to do the region lock thing.. I know people want it to be around $200, but I think $250 sounds about right on day 1, even if it’s just $50 less than PS3/360.

        • RAVENKam

          If you notice, the matt black DSi casing is as susceptible to prints, only they come out as smudges ;)

        • Yeah, you don’t hold it but seriously.. I remember how our PS3 (the old model) was the most amazing dust magnet ever. Glossy black finishing = NO GO for home consoles. Fingerprints are also annoying. I realy like the dark-turquoise-blue’ish coloured 3DS tho… almost my hair colour <3 (well.. the colour of my fringe, that is.)

          I'd like a lime-green matte one.. *sigh*

          And hell yeah, you owe me an e-mail, I'm not even feeling bad about my late reply anymore, so you better hurry up before I get all sulky. :P

    • thaKingRocka

      i hate the look of the gloss. i hate the fingerprints. i hate the feel. glossy surfaces don’t allow heat to dissipate from your hands either. matte surfaces do. i hate that my black ds lite doesn’t have a matte bottom like the red & black one does. there’s a whole lot of hatred in this post. :P

      • Aoshi00

        Not at all man. For me gloss=sleek but dust/fingerprint magnet (PS3 phat and piano blk PSP) , matte= not fancy but very practical. you’re right about the feel of a glossy handheld, it wasn’t until I got the DSi I realized how much better matte felt compared to the slippery glossy Lite. Even the PSP-1000’s matte undersurface had a much more comfortable grip than 2000/3000 even though it was heavier. Glossy is impractical in every way.. and sadly I don’t like the new 360 being glossy either :( (the opposite of PS3 Phat to Slim)… I’m so picky I don’t even like reflective glossy faceplates lol (Eternal Sonata & Espgaluda II….), I even prefer the white disc tray to the chrome tray.

  • Does it make me any less of a man to say I really am diggin that purple color? Cause I am pretty much loving it.

    • EvilAkito

      Who says purple isn’t manly? It’s Samuel L. Jackson’s favorite color, and what’s manlier than an action movie star?

      And yes, the purple does look rather cool.

  • Vanilla

    Because purple and that particular shade of blue are two of my favorite colors, I honestly couldn’t be any more sold on this system (although I wonder how tacky they would look under different lighting).

  • I’m really digging that purple one. I want to take it home and name it Prince.

    • ‘Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life!’
      I usually for the blue versions no-question, but that purple one is real spiffy. I think the last purple Nintendo system was the GameCube.

    • sdragon21

      Being from minnesota, i find that extremly funny!!

  • SanityCrisis

    Those are really pretty and I’m loving the blue one… but the gloss makes me fear it’s another fingerprint magnet.


    That blue is really pretty, too.

  • Wait, is the US finally getting an all-red portable (well, as all-one-color as any of the 3DS units are) without any branding?

    Day 1’d.

    (…not really, but that is definitely super hype)

    • malek86

      Doesn’t the US have the red DS Lite? Mine is red, and it’s pretty cool.

      • There was the Crimson/Black model N.A. got (my only DSLite, as well). I can’t recall if there was an all red DSLite that we got.

      • Stop making me jealous! (kidding)But nah, we never got that. The closest we ever came was a rather limited NSMB package, containing a red DS that was Mario-branded.(Well, there was the all-red original DS that came in a Mario Kart bundle—I don’t think that was branded. But I must admit, that was before I was aware of the DS’s existence…or of any portables, really.)

        • Aoshi00

          How about the GBA SP, that was red :) I traded that in for the DS lite though..

  • holyPaladin

    The color looks like Carnival color for PSP

  • This DS is going to be released this year? O.0

  • Black n’ Gray for me!

  • Don’t freak out yet, people. These colors are not necessarily the official launch colors. Nintendo has even said that the system design is not final.

  • Oh my god, good launch colors? It is really going to launch with good colors? I even have multiple colors that I like so I will have to pick! Wow, Nintendo it has been a long time since you were so nice. Thanks!

  • neo_firenze

    Remember that they showed a variety of Wii colors at its reveal too. And the orange Gamecube never showed up in North America (even though we did get the orange controller from day 1). And we’ve seen plenty of GBA/DS colors at trade shows that didn’t show up right away at retail.

    I wouldn’t count on anything until release, and even then I would be somewhat surprised to see more than two colors at launch.

  • RAVENKam

    No nonsense black and grey for me.

  • discoma

    They all look great but Purple looks glorious.

  • YoFace

    Would have gone with black myself, but now that I see the red one I might go with that instead. Having the new Black Wii taught me how visible the fingerprints are shown.

    Also, they did say that this isn’t the final model. So let’s hope that’s implied for the glosyness as well.

  • Electrium

    Orange = Mine

    But Nintendo is only showing the Red, Teal, and Black ones are their website, which worries me…

  • I hope Nintendo would NOT do the whole region locking limitations again. >_>

    • malek86

      If they did it, that would be a serious party-pooper. How would I be supposed to play Atlus games, which are pretty much not coming out in Europe lately?

  • thebanditking

    Im saying it right now. This console will NEVER launch in these colors, especially not in the NA/EU. Nintendo always plays it safe (anymore) with colors, these look like something the old Nintendo (GBC/GBA era) would do. Sadly I would want one in each of these, and knowing we will never get them really sucks. I predict Black, White and Silver for JP launch, Black and Silver for EU and just black or just Silver for the NA launch.

    Spencer your not helping by showing support for the black one. Portable devices should come in loud ostentatious colors, its more fun that way ( Im typing this on a Caribbean Green Vaio ;) )

  • EvilAkito

    I sure hope that red is available at launch. I’m so sick of Nintendo not having their portables in red. I had to import my DS phat due to the lack of red in the US at the time, and I just skipped the DSi entirely when I discovered that red is, once again, only available in Japan.

    I’m pretty much sold on the 3DS regardless of the color, but I’ll still feel pretty bitter about it if Nintendo decides to employ their typical F-you tactics and deprive me of red… the same way they continue to deprive me of Earthbound.

    • yea really enjoying the red one lo

  • kupomogli

    I’ll probably get the grey and black version. With the grey and black version both inside portions are black and the outside portions are grey. It looks less stupid than the others.

  • crunc

    Woah. Those colors are pretty damn nice. I like them all.

  • StealthKnight

    I like the blue and the purple one but the black one is also nice. The red is too bright and flashy and the orange is ugly.

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