Ni No Kuni Is Also A PlayStation 3 Game

By Spencer . June 22, 2010 . 6:41pm

imageNow we know why Level 5 kept delaying Ni no Kuni: The Another World.


Originally, Ni no Kuni was announced for Nintendo DS along with the first four gigabit cartridge. Today, Famitsu scans revealed another platform for Ni no Kuni – PlayStation 3. Get ready for Studio Ghibli animation in HD… someday


While Level 5 is starting to talk about Ni no Kuni again, the release date and price are still to be determined, according to the Famitsu info box.

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  • epiphaniesarefun

    wahoo :) I love me some level 5 ^_^

  • FireCouch

    Imagine how great it would look if they used sprites.

    • Moriken

      Stop giving me flashes of nostalgia! *.*; Spriteeees

  • WOW YES!!!!!!!!!!!! COOL! COUNT ME IN

  • nyobzoo

    nice, can’t wait. I thought for sure it would’ve been on the Wii for Wii/DS compatibility or something of the like

  • Vino (Tim N)

    They sure do like the PS3. I’ll probably pick up both games!

    • nyobzoo

      well, at least we know it won’t be on the 360 that’s for sure

      • Vino (Tim N)

        For something like this to ever come into existence…we should count our blessings. Level 5 + Studio Ghibli? And now it glorious PS3 HD!? Common, don’t be like that.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Whoops, accidentally hit “like” instead of reply. Anyway, isn’t there some sort of animosity towards Microsoft from Level 5 because of that canceled online game? I can’t imagine they’d make games for them if that’s still the case.

        • thebanditking

          Yeah I forgot all about that. True Fantasy Live online, was the title and it was pretty far along when MS suddenly pulled the plug on them. So yeah I guess that would make them pretty pissed.

  • I’ll be very excited when this is confirmed to be translated into English, looks amazing.

  • deltazero

    What. That is great news :O Looking forward to it!

  • Kris

    Wow. Just wow. The idea of a Ghibli-Drawn game in 1080p makes me very, very happy.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m very happy about this news too. I’ve always thought it would be a pity the Ghibli-drawn animation could only be shown in compressed pixelated form on the DS (like the Prof Layton cutscenes), or the Jade Cocoon intro on PSX. I still want them to do something w/ the voice acting though, namely stop using famous actors who have little to no experience in voice acting, they’re so stubborn insisting on not using professional voice actors, not just in their animated features but even for game cutscenes :(… one reason the more recent Miyazaki movies aren’t as good…

      • Moriken

        Well, Miyazaki isn’t the entire Studio Ghibli, but yeah, his movies aren’t as good anymore. Ponyo was fluffy but had no tension and the storytelling was a catastrophe, and Howl…lost it’s focus in its 2nd half as well. Maybe he’s getting old, all he himself had to say about this development “people who don’t get my movies are too lazy to think” lol

        I also wonder that there’s such a wall between anime/game-seiyû and “real” actors for big budget mainstream movies. Probably…because their voices are more well-known or their reputiation is more respectable?

        • Aoshi00

          I still liked the animation of the Ghibli movies, but I thought all his recent ones, like Mononoke Hime, Spirited Away, Howl, and Ponyo all could’ve benefited w/ better voice acting, I don’t understand their policy of not using VAs at all.. I know famous actors are recognizable, like Kimura Takua as Howl, or Yamaguchi Tomoko as Lisa in Ponyo (they were both in the drama “Long Vacation” lol). I liked them as actors, but voice acting is a totally different skill. It’s like if you have a good movie but the director picked all the wrong cast… and I don’t know who insists on the policy in Ghibli in never using seiyuu anymore (they used to for Nausicaa or Laputa) , even in this Ni no Kuni game. It’s a video game, Level 5 + Ghilbli, it doesn’t need big name actors, VAs can do much better voice work. But yea, many mainstream titles did suffer the same thing, like Otomo’s Steamboy or even Lost Odyssey (the Jpn ver.), using famous actors but the voice performance felt underwhelming as a result, making watching those movies less enjoyable.

  • jj984jj

    Hopefully this will blow everyone so far out of the water that they’ll never hype another Idea Factory game again.Day 1.

    • Artavasdus

      Is it necessary to use this announcement to flame other games? :

    • Hraesvelgr

      Hopefully this will blow so badly no one will ever hype another Level 5 game again.

      Day never.

      • jj984jj

        Level 5 is pretty good when they want to be, and Ni no Kuni will finally show us what they can do with cel shading on PS3. Plus they’re teaming up with Ghibli and Hisaishi to do so!

        • And what does this has to do with Idea Factory anyway?, i love both companies equally, i see no point in comparing them

  • Pichi

    Would be interesting if they used Move for the game. If its like drawing the runes and stuff for the DS.

  • Artavasdus

    It looks extremely promising ^^ I am really happy about this announcement and will surely support the game if it is localized (this could be a bit of an issue, seeing how Level 5 is rather slow in translating their titles :).

    That said, I am slightly bothered by the fact that Level 5 is constantly announcing new games without providing any release date for their older projects. Ushiro has apparently disappeared, for example :

  • YES!

  • FaL

    ok so how much of this new is rumor..!??!

  • azez


  • capristrider

    Very nice, I hope to experience some Stubli Ghibli magic all over again and on PS3 too!

  • I don’t care in what console it comes, i want it now D:

  • MisterNiwa


  • liamscanlan

    First, the DS version was announced, now this. I bet Level-5 will release this in the US and Europe with a movie produced by Ghibli following and then the movie gets released by Disney in the US with a trailer saying “the best-selling video game comes is now a major motion picture” or something.

  • RAVENKam

    I’ll pick em’ both up but the wait for something more substantial on the DS version is excruciating. TGS it is then, I hope.

    • thebanditking

      Actually Level 5 is scheduled to make an announcement this week concerning Ni No Kuni. So you might now have to wait long at all. Though don’t take that as gospel I am going off a translated source.

  • joesz

    Ni no Kuni on the DS is a game
    Ni no Kuni on the PS3 is a movie

    • thebanditking


      • joesz


        • thebanditking

          Oh OK sorry about that ;)

  • thebanditking

    I could not be more pleased with this announcement. The PS3 is the perfect platform for a title like this. Studio Ghibli’s art deserves to be seen on a HDTV and in all honesty having this on the DS is a complete waste of their talent and skills. Given that DS video looks worse then most youtube videos, it seemed like this project was too ambitious for such a lacking platform, especially given Miyazaki’s high standards.

    You know everyone is only assuming that the DS version is still even in development. Its possible that the DS game was canned and the art assets and story etc. were moved over to PS3, and after watching Ponyo on Blu-ray it only reinforced why I fell as I do.

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