Atlus Publishing PSP Games In PAL Regions Through PSN?

By Spencer . June 24, 2010 . 1:09pm

imageAtlus, unfortunately, does not have a European branch. While some of their games are published by companies like Ghostlight, Rising Star, and Nintendo of Europe, many Atlus titles are left in North America. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and the PSP remake of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, for example, still haven’t been picked up.


The latter game was rated by the Classification Board rating in Australia. Additionally, we also discovered a rating for Hexyz Force in Australia with Atlus USA pegged as the publisher.


Since Atlus USA is, well, in the USA, they probably won’t distribute physical copies of Hexyz Force. There is hope for a PlayStation Network release, though. Since two games were rated I’d wager the chance of that happening is pretty good.

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  • Yeshua49

    NISA don’t have a branch in Europe and yet they publish game in a physical format, I don’t see why it would be impossible for Atlus.

    • malek86

      Actually, there is a NIS Europe. They published Mana Khemia among others.

      • Yeshua49

        I know, I live in Europe and I have bought some of their games but their european branch is based in America also recently their published games are with the NIS America logo on the boxart ( like Ar Tonelico II or Sakura wars ).

        • Generally with physical formats, distribution (particularly in Australia) is the hard part. It’s a lot easier to distribute digitally, particularly if you don’t have good working relationships with the wholesalers to get your game listed.

          Or otherwise said, the relationship and previous numbers to prove the game can sell, of course.

          • Yeshua49

            Thats right, however they can let other company handle the distribution for exemple not long ago before they bought Eidos Square Enix published game in Europe but they were relying on Ubisoft or Kochmedia for distribution ( at least in France ), same with Namco Bandai before they bought the Atari’s european branch, currently Rising Star Game are relying on Namco Bandai Partner for distribution also in France NIS’ games has been published by NIS itself recently however they let Kaze or Kochmedia handle the disribution.

            If Atlus was to find a company to handle distribution then their games can be released in physical form, it won’t be an easy task for Atlus but it’s not impossible as well.

          • malek86

            Atlus has had several different publishers handle their games in Europe in the past. If none of them are interested anymore (notice how we haven’t got any of the recent SMT games?), I guess a single-company deal wouldn’t be as lucrative as needed.

          • Yeshua49

            In reply to malek86 ( the reply bouton didn’t appear in my screen ) : Before Atlus let other company for publishing and distribution, for publishing the american branch can do it just like NIS America handle the publishing in Europe after that rest the distribution. Just to be clear a publisher role is localisation and a distributor is to produce physicaly the game and to sell it to retailers. If Atlus was to publish themself game like Persona and Hexyz Force ( and since their are PSP game their will be no translation so localisation effort cost will be near to be zero ) they will have to find a distibutor and in Europe their company specialized in that such as Digital Bros or Namco Bandai Patner also some other company can do the same work like Ubisoft, THQ or Square Enix for exemple and for their game they can rely on several company for distribution and not only one they can let Persona for Square Enix and Hexyz Force for Namco Bandai Partner it won’t be crazy. Like I have said in my previous post it’s not easy, it’s possible that they don’t find a distributor for all pal country ( for exemple Mana Khemia and Ar Tonelico II are both released in Europe but not in France ), but it’s cleary not impossible for them.

    • Well, Atlus USA will be 20 years old very soon. I forget if it’s this year or next. For whatever reason their parent Japanese company hasn’t wanted to do business in Europe.

  • Just come out in PSN Uk or EU or whatever already!! This is unfair! I want to get my hands on it too!

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